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Boss (I) (2013)
Akshay is Back in to Action with BOSS But need to work hard to be Action king in India Again
8 November 2013
Actually when it is being considered about the Movie it is actually quite good & beyond my expectation. Anthony D'souza has done a horrible job in Blue (2009) but in Boss (2013) we see some good evolvements. I expected something cheesy acting like Khiladi 786 through this movie also. Actually Boss is better than Khiladi 786. I am a Martial Artist & Learnt many Martial Arts In fact I would like to depict the fact that Akshay is the reason that I learnt Martial Arts. He is such a passionate Actor. When it is considered about the Bollywood Film Industry of 90s there are only 2 Action Actors, who has got Actions worth watching those are Sunil Shetty & Akshay Kumar. While considering about the Sunil Shetty's State I can clearly emphasize the fact that Akshay is in a good state overally. When it is considered about this movie Akki's action is in good state but fighting has got some cable sequences which makes really boring to watch the actions. Actually Akshay has performed some decent sidekicks, Flying Kick & some decent Turn Crescent Kicks within the movie. Akshay is back in to action he looks seriously nice in this movie, but although he tries to gain his position as the action king in India he is not the king of action in India anymore now because Bollywood has got Vidyuth Jamwal who is a way much great martial artist than Akki. Now as well Ran Charan has also entered to Hindi cinema with Zanjeer. At least it would be better if Akshay can perform the action sequence without cable like he used to do in the past. So in the future we would be able to see some great competition for the Action Movies between these actors in Bollywood Especially I really appreciate the acting of Mithun he has done a marvelous job within this movie. Shiv Pandit acting is not bad. Ronit Roy's acting is awesome he is really doing a great job as the villain but it can be described that there is a certain lack of main Heroine in this movie. When it is considered about the story there is a simple story (Like a movie in the 90s). But it is better if they could add some more interesting moments for the movie (because after all it is 2013 not 90s anymore). Music is not bad, got awesome energetic theme music & got good dialogues (not the best but OK) Overally it is watchable. If you are a fan of Akshay you will like it. I would like to give 7 out of 10. If you are wondering whether to watch this one or not, go ahead make your move Watch it.
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Not Bad ( Watchable)
3 November 2013
When it is being considered about the movie i can clearly point out the fact that this is not totally a bad movie. But I prefer the first movie rather than this one. But when it is being considered about the actor ( Scott Adkins) I would state the fact that it is some certain waste of talents. Actually he is one of the best martial artists that i have ever seen in my life who performed mind blowing action in Movies like Undisputed. Within this movie it does not have that much of action. When it is being considered about the movie i feel that it is better if the director is has paid some serious attention about the dialog & action sequence of the movies. Anyway I won't discourage you to watch, It's watchable.
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