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26 February 2014
2001, A Space Odyssey is a science fiction classic and not just one of the greatest examples of the sci-fi film genre ever produced, it is simply put one of the single greatest films ever produced over all. It is that good.

The soundtrack is amazing with a lot of classical music underlining the scenes in a perfect way. Kubrick was a perfectionist and that extended to the songs he used in his films, and also to the great use of shot selection and lenses etc that are also obviously on display in this wonderful film.

The story is engrossing and seems much shorter than the actual run time of the film which is about three hours.

The effects were amazing and even after all these years they still hold up as being really good. Some of the lights-flashing special effects scenes come off as a little dated but considering how old this movie is they did a really amazing job.

And the ending is one of the best you will ever see, it is open to interpretation and brilliant!
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Snap (III) (2005)
19 November 2008
This is an independent short but it has a decent look and obviously some money behind the production. It was available for IMDb users to view on IMDb for free but I don't know if it still is any more. It is an okay thriller/drama type movie with like I said a good look to it and the acting is okay. The serial killer who is a cop is a good angle and the short movie kept me interested the whole time even though it wasn't good enough to give me chills or anything, it wasn't boring and was worth seeing. The jumping around back and forward through time in the movie was kind of annoying because it was unnecessary and that kind of thing has been done too much before. The twist at the end wasn't predictable so I liked that a lot.
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Robin's Nest (1999)
hysterical if pointless
10 February 2005
i don't understand fully how she ended up in the situation she did. can't she just lock her door or decide not to open it especially when it is obvious that it has to be the same guy again and again? or if she called the police sooner it would be more believable and there would have been a potentially even more funny scene with the police talking to the guy and probably ending up arresting her instead. but the gags were all hilarious and bang on. not believable although not entirely unbelievable, but i think none of that matters so much it is just like a snl skit with the jokes obvious but still hilarious anyway. saw it on tmn if you see it listed do yourself a favor and watch this short the physical comedy and faces alone will kill you and the chemistry between the neighbors is perfect. just the way they talk and how that psycho seems to understand then continues driving her nuts is awesome. and what a party scene! "wowwoo wooo! who wants another mini bag of chips?" i give it 10 but by rights it is probably about a 6 as a film because of how it is not very realistic but as a comedy it is at least 10 i laughed so hard. i wish i had known it would be good, if i see it again i will tape it for sure. - greg
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