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The Level (2008 Video)
I like it
3 July 2019
Always happy to find a movie I've never heard of with a good script, good acting and good pace. This one is a low budget thriller that will keep your attention all along with many twists and surprises and a global quality of acting and direction. There are some similarities with Usual Suspects in the outline, but enough differences to be considered original in the general theme of torture and lies. I read the comment by members of the crew above, if you still read the chat It still rocks 10 years after, good job !
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Black Prout
29 June 2019
I really wanted to enjoy this because I like Thomas N'Gijol on stage, but... it seems to lack some work to make a real movie. A few (rapid) smiles but it definitively misses the point. I hope the next one will be better.
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Ménage (1986)
One of the best Blier
23 March 2019
Except some early works, Bernard Blier's movies are clearly recognizable by the peculiar tone and pace of the dialogues and the surreal plots. His filmography is erratic but the best movies (Les Valseuses, Calmos, Tenue de Soirée...) are true masterpieces. I will not talk much about the story, that is very incidental, because Menage is above all a swirl of memorable lines and great acting that a simple synopsis can't describe. It's like a waltz with a unique tempo that sweeps the spectator away in a wild ride. Enjoy.
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Burning (2018)
22 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry for the high ratings, i tried high but nothing delivers. Just a weird kid taking a long long time to stab a man. All is highly predictable and the characters are caricatures, 2-dimensions, unlikable and manichaens (the rich is bad, the poor is a spooky masturbator, but cool). Don't expect any mystery, you know what will happen in the first 15 minutes and it's quite long to happen. I give three stars for some scenes that were correctly shot but it's not enough to make a good movie. I usually enjoy slow burners, but this one is just slow and nothing really burns.
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Love it or hate it
18 September 2018
In my top 10 french comedies of the last 20 years, Maybe not for everyone but quite funny if you are in the right mood.
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6 July 2018
This is not for anybody, but if you are in the mood for a movie mixing amateurish horror/comedy short films and cute fluffy rodents, you can't miss it. First I must say that the general idea is pure genius : I love horror anthologies but the uninterrupted succession of concentrated violence can make people switch off. The answer here is to bring the spectator elsewhere with a radically different tempo, and it works pretty well. Now about the short films, you know from the first images that what you're about to see doesn't fit in Hollywood standards (especially the acting). Anyway, a few stories are rather good with some unexpected twists and you can feel overall that everybody had fun on the set and made their best to bring Horror and Hamsters to your screen. My 5/10 rating is probably a bit overvalued but I really had some fun, and I would have given 10 stars if a friend of mine was involved in the making. And I hope they'll do a sequel with kittens.
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Bad Buzz (2017)
Hard to defend but I'll try
2 November 2017
This movie has been a big flop, but if you are into brainless (and sometimes dark) humor, you will probably find a few laughs inside. Eric & Quentin are much funnier on the big screen than on TV (it's not that difficult) and I must say that I smiled a few times and liked the general spirit of the story. If you don't expect Citizen Kane and have an appetite for bad taste, you will possibly have a good time with this burial of a Nazi grandmother where nothing happens as expected. I precise that I'm not a part of the crew and don't know personally any member involved in this movie :) My rating of 5 is maybe a bit exaggerated but the current 2.6 is too low in my opinion.
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Kuso (2017)
Zits !
22 August 2017
Not for everyone, but if you like pure experimental trash, you have here something to enjoy. Don't expect any coherence, it's just a stream of weirdness happening after a mysterious earthquake, that gave to almost all humans some pimples all over the face. You have 3D cartoons (something between Terry Gilliam and Cool 3D World), multi-dimensional roommates, strange foreplay and you will know what's hiding in George Clinton's colon. Don't take it too seriously and you'll have lots of fun !
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Blood Simple (1984)
A movie I can watch again and again
3 May 2017
I saw Blood Simple in 1984 and it became immediately one of my favorite movies. I watched it a lot of times since and always found new subtleties at each viewing. Though it could maybe bore people that are used to more mainstream Coen movies, Blood Simple is a remarkable piece of indie art, with a surprising maturity for a first try. Every shot, every editing, every line, every set is skillfully designed with an obvious talent that transcends the classic Noir mainframe. With its hypnotizing pace and music, it delivers a really original experience that gets better and better with time. Even if their later work was always OK (even if I'm really not a fan of their burlesque approach of comedy) the Coen brothers have never been more inspired and inventive than on their three first movies. I hope you'll enjoy Blood Simple as much as I do !
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Moonwalkers (2015)
Great fun !
13 September 2015
Seen at the Etrange Festival where it won the Audience Award. One of the coolest stoner comedy with a - as always - fantastic Ron Perlman and a Rupert Grint who obviously wanted to exit from the Harry Potter era. Regardless of the subject, this movie was for me an enormous laugh from the opening credits to the very end. It was even better because I didn't know anything about it, in particular that it was a comedy. Ron Perlman is sent by the CIA to England to shoot a fake movie of the moon landing directed by Stanley Kubrick in case of failure of the Apollo 11 mission. Of course, nothing happens as expected. Don't expect Citizen Kane, but I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
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Not that bad
7 July 2015
As an old fan of Ganja & Hess, i was very curious to see Spike Lee's take of this arty oddity.

Very few things changed from the script, except the part of minor characters : the slow pace, the theatrical acting and the general mood are scrupulously respected, so you must expect an art-et-essai movie rather than an usual vampire flick.

I didn't found it as bad as the other reviewers, even if I can express a few reserves : the score that sometimes looks like a sort of car play-list (the original was quite experimental), or the lack of twisted shots that made the first movie so unique.

However, I hope that it will encourage the new generation to rediscover the 73 version that still shines like a black diamond, with its strange mix of perversity and religious knick-knack.
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Vinyan (2008)
Vinyan : a different ghost movie
11 April 2009
The great mistake in Vinyan is to have tried to sell it as a classical horror movie from Hollywood, like The Ruines or The Grudge.

Don't expect any cheap thrills or funny Fx, it's a deep drama about an occidental woman in Asia, falling into madness after the loss of her child, with a post-tsunami background.

I can understand why some people are so disappointed, the subject is disturbing and unusual : how can you accept the loss of your child without a clear evidence of his death, and how can you express your own pain in a devastated country where most people are going through intense sufferings, violence and poverty ?

Even if Vinyan is not perfect, i really liked the very dark atmosphere that stay with you long after the end of the film. I'm not a huge fan of Emmanuelle Béart but I think she is quite convincing in this role, far from her usual characters.
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Very good movie
5 October 2008
I saw Dernier Maquis (or Adhen) at the last Cannes Festival. It is a strong political movie about a palette factory, where the boss tries to solve the social conflicts by opening a mosque and imposing an imam under his control. But a few rebel workers occupy the factory and begin a strike.

Once again, Rabah Ameur-Zaimeche cleverly mixes fiction and documentary, and offers a realistic vision, far away from the usual stereotypes, of the everyday life of illegal immigrants from Africa, easily exploited by the means of religion.

He also delivers some very interesting and unusual questions, with the freedom for each spectator to search for his own answer.

A spiritual movie where you can learn and think, which is quite rare at the moment.
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Martyrs (2008)
This is not Pretty Woman
13 September 2008
Martyrs is probably the most extreme movie ever made in France, and cannot be compared with any other flick I have seen before.

It was a unique and traumatic experiment to watch it in a theater where half of the audience left before the end, while the other half was feeling very uncomfortable. It is NOT for everybody, and you can really be upset at times, even if you are a basic horror fan as I am.

This movie is not made to please the audience, especially the second part, except if you are seriously disturbed. I couldn't help thinking about The Screwfly Solution that Joe Dante made in reaction of all the gratuitous violence made to women in horror movies.

Fortunately, the end of the movie gives enough meaning to what you have been through, watch the whole thing if you can.

I gave a 7 because it's not a movie that you can really like or recommend to your friends, but I think it's a real milestone in horror, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre was in his time.
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Storm Warning (2007)
Nothing new
10 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Just another survival movie where some naive people on holiday are terrorized by degenerated Ganja-smoking hillbillies.

Don't expect any surprise here, the couple will be badly tortured then will get a bloody revenge.

It's a sort of Hills Have Eyes with regular people instead of mutants.

I gave 5 stars because :

  • the photography is rather nice for this kind of movie

  • the actors are quite convincing

  • there are 2 or 3 fine gore effects.

Not bad for its kind but don't expect much.
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600 seconds : an excellent short !!
16 July 2005
Very good short movie by the french director Etienne Labroue (remember "Agence Lambert, L"...) Wonderful performance of Franck Olivier Bonnet (Amélie Poulain, Betty Blue, Astérix et Obélix versus César, Palace...) as an evangelist playing with the fears of the believers.

The story is really original (with the help of Marc Brucker) and explores some new fields in religion.

"600 Seconds to Change the World" is both funny and scary, with a lot of excellent second roles, especially Denis LEFDUP (the organist), a half of the LEFDUP BROTHERS and one of the best french sound engineer from the studio THE SNARK.

Don't miss it !!
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French Twist (1995)
Good films about lesbians are rare...
7 February 2005
I read the user comment for this film, my point of view is quite different :

1. I am surprised to see that Gazon Maudit was rated R and 18 in most countries. I saw this movie at 20:30 PM, on Sunday evening, on the main TV french channel, and I don't remember any scandal for this (and we have our share of intolerant bigots in France too...). OK, this picture is about sex, lesbians, homosexuality and triolism, we can see a few times Victoria Abril half or totally naked and Josiane Balasko smokes a lot of pot, but it is basically a comedy with no real provocation. I find much more vulgarity in, mmmh, let's say, the "American Pie" pictures - even if they don't show nudity - than in Gazon Maudit.

2. This movie is funny. No big laughs, but a good story and brilliant acting. We know that the situations are implausible (a nice married woman falls in love at first glance with a butch-lesbian-truck-driver, who will have a baby with her husband) but the characters are funny enough to forget minor errors in the script and you will enjoy the way of cross that the unfaithful husband (Alain Chabat) will have to go through.

3. I gave a rating of 6 because it's not a masterpiece. But if you find the plot outline attracting, if you ever wonder "What would I do if my wife leaves me for another woman ?", or if you want to see an uncommon film about relationships, you will not be disappointed !
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Catwoman (2004)
Shooting the ambulance...
7 February 2005
I am very disappointed by young french directors pictures in Hollywood, from J. P. Jeunet (Alien 4) to M. Kassovitz (Gothika), and now Pitoff with CatWoman. They all directed their worst movie in USA, and I still wonder why.

About CW, I strongly suggest to all people above 14 to watch any other picture where she appeared (including Batman The Movie !) instead of this terribly boring stuff.

Some parts are just ridiculous (the basketball scene...), Benjamin Bratt seems to come from a pathetic sitcom with no more than 1 and a half expression on his face, and above all, Halle Berry is a basic wrong casting. She is not a CatWoman, if you remember M. Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt or Lee Merrywether...

Her Cat Gesture - she raises her elbows - repeated with a total lack of 2nd degree on almost every scene where she appears will make you laugh at first, but quickly, you will feel sorry and ashamed for her.

The score is mostly R'N'B soup, and you will often have the feeling that you are watching an extremely bad R'N'B video-clip on MTV, with pointless "modern" camera moves and jerky editing to hide a very bad script.

The only good point I see is the couple Sharon Stone / Lambert Wilson, that could have been good villains if all around was not so weak.
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