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Vertigo (1958)
Beyond Amazing
25 October 2005
Over the years, this film has been regarded as one of Hitchcock's masterpieces. Its been called the most personal, emotional, and complex of Hitchcock's films. I agree with all of these things except for one, this film IS Hitchcock's masterpiece work. All of the others pale in comparison to this. There are phenomenal performances here by Jimmy Stewart who plays the biggest anti-hero of his career and Kim Novak whose stunning beauty and exceptional personalities shine through this dark film. Barbara Bel Geddes provides great support as well. Everything about this film, the cinematography, the story, the depth, etc. leaves you mystified and transfixed on this dizzying, surreal artwork of a film. It truly is flawless. If you are a Hitchcock fan and haven't seen this you need to get up right now and buy, not rent, this as soon as possible!
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Deliverance (1972)
20 June 2005
Many people in this age think of true movies as foul language, sex, and ultra violence with a few explosions thrown in. This movie proves that cinema has really changed over the last thirty years. The movie could not be made now. The story is mostly plausible albeit a little over the top in several sequences. All the performances are really superb, especially Voight as the conflicted Ed. The musical score is very catchy yet is creepy after watching the movie, sort of like The Exorcist's Tubular Bells. The cinematography is equally unnerving through its beauty and harshness. This is probably one of the most brutal movies you will ever see. This movie will haunt you for a REALLY long time.
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powerful and captivating
21 February 2005
This movie has literally changed my ideas on relationships. This is definitely one of the greatest movies of 04 and all time I might add! The movie itself is confusing to a lot of first time watchers so you have to have a deep concentration or you will not connect with the movie on as nearly a personal basis as myself and many other people have through watching it. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet both give amazing performances, (Winslet is Oscar-nominated for this and Carrey SHOULD be as well), you truly feel for them as they experience what all couples shouldn't. The movie is extremely powerful and will not be erased from any viewers mind. Bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to this one!!! It will bring you two closer together!
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