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Match Point (2005)
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9 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I think this small critic doesn't need a spoiler because it's better to go to cinema and to watch 'Match Point' without know his plot. Well, guys, seems incredible that the good Woody Allen came. And he didn't came alone. He came with Johnathan Rhys Meyers, Emily Mortimer, and the BIG, SEXY and PROVOCATIVE Scarlett Johansson. 'Match Point' is the story of Chris, a lucky guy that becomes rich from one day to other, just marrying a rich woman, Chloe. The problem is that he's in love of her sister-in-law, Nola Rice. The rest is pure cinema, it's like if you mix Hitchcock and Woody Allen in a same cooking recipe. The result is perfect and you're glad anyway even minutes before the fantastic and awaited end. I'll tell you that Scarlett is the best of the movie. Her femme fatale role is so perfectly written, and she's got a look so sexy, hot and provocative that gives you Out of Kombat when the movie ends... She's pure Oscar WINNER.
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3-Iron (2004)
Keep silence, please
17 April 2005
Kim ki-Duk is one of the most provocative directors of the world. I remember "The Isle", his sexual and beautiful movie, a tale that a lot of people didn't understand, and since then, I'm a big fan of this Korean man.

This new movie, "3-Iron", shows the best of ki-Duk's soul and senses. The loneliness where the characters live is a sea of dreams, like empty houses of golf balls without have been used. This movie should be considered like one of the year's best. I hope that the people in USA will see it because it's totally beautiful. Like in all the ki-Duk movies, the violence is an essential element, that can't appear hidden, because in this time, the violence is the gun of the characters.

I'm looking forward to his next movie, "The Bow", but before, I've got to see "Samaritan girl", that has been released in my country this weekend.
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Habana Blues (2005)
Cuba in the blood, Music in the heart
20 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Although "Solas" (Alone) was an incredibly wonderful movie, "Habana Blues" takes our breath away AGAIN.

I saw this movie in Seville, last March 15th, in the Lope de Vega Theatre, because it was a Premiere. First of all, the movie looks interesting, but in the first 30 minutes, you are tired of listen songs (all them with the same rhythm) and watch people dancing.

This is a good movie about relationships between friends, but, as the movie's tagline says, "Vivir es elegir" (To Live is To Choose), this is the lead topic of the movie.

Two music men dream with to rec a CD and become famous. But the things aren't like they thought... they must have some conditions for to become famous, like to be stranger, haven't never done a gig...

This movie is also dramatic but sometimes funny. The director washes the story with small pieces of humor (Luz Maria's character is simply there for to make funny the sad moments).

The end... oh what a sad end. The family breaking all the rules in the middle of a river, and the friends saying goodbye. Never a movie wasn't as dramatic as boring.
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An Unhappy Family
14 March 2005
Patricia Ferreira has got a lot of interesting things to tell in this movie, but she can't. Unfornately, the story goes of her hands like fresh water. Although the actors are brilliant, for example Fernando Fernán Gómez, who is absolutely wonderful in this character, or the beautiful Emma Vilarasau and the young Marta Etura...

Like always, Patricia Ferreira tells the story of a characters nothing lucky and the sadness who is between their lives. This time, the story of a family in a time of destruction, starring by the son, who wants to live alone with his girlfriend, the grand-father, ill, and the mother, a woman in the middle of her dreams.

You will spend your time if you go to see it. It's an advice, and you ought to know right now that this kind of stories in the hands of directors like Patricia Ferreira never end of a good way.
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Vera Drake (2004)
Mothers and Sons
14 March 2005
I saw this movie in a dark cinema, with only five people. Everybody was in silence. I didn't know what was I doing there, in the middle of a impressive silence. Then, the movie started.

Mike Leigh tells, with his master hand, the story of a woman called Vera Drake. This woman is 50-year-old and loves her family. She's a good mother, a good wife, a good person. She helps everyone with her sweet intelligence and the things change, miraculously.

But then Mike Leigh bang us. Yeah, he hurts our hearts when, then, we know that Vera is doing "bad things". Here, the "bad things" are abortion. I say "bad things" because in the 50s in Britain, this was a murder. Vera does abortions to poor girls. But one day, everything change.

I think that the whole idea that Mike Leigh had on his head when he was writing the story was to tell the story of a mother and her sons, the relationships between families and girls, like always, poor girls, poor families and poor sons.

This time, Mike Leigh makes his best movie in years. I don't remember nothing like this. Not even the wonderful "Secret & Lies". I think "Vera Drake" is his best movie ever, and of course, one of the 2004's 5 Best. Imelda Staunton is, like almost 100 millions of persons have said in the world, perfect. She gives Vera Drake the passion of a woman who, like the trailer said, sacrificed everything for something what she believed.

Don't wait to see it. You will never forget the story.
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Astronautas (2003)
Man on the Moon and Woman on the Earth
15 February 2005
Daniel is a 40-year-old man. He's drugged and has got a bad life. But one day, he decides to start again and become a new man with a new ORDINARY life.

The ORDINARY LIFE is the lead topic of this movie. How can you be ORDINARY? Is dangerous to be ORDINARY? It's good to be ORDINARY? Daniel doesn't think so. He just plays his role in the real life, acting like somebody like me, like us.

One day, He finds out a little girl, played perfectly by the young Teresa Hurtado. She's the person who will take Daniel to the Earth. Just enjoy the movie. A good ACID comedy about to be ORDINARY and have got an ORDINARY life.

I think this movie could have been called ORDINARY PEOPLE.
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Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
12 February 2005
This movie showed me the Heaven. LEAVING LAS VEGAS is a dark movie, a lovely movie, a wonderful story. Shows the story of an alcoholic man (Perfect Nicole Cage) and a hooker (Elisabeth Shue, more than perfect). They both are wonderful and, it's a dream, but they deserved to won the Oscars (Only Cage Won). The movie is beautiful because tell us the love story, a really dark love story, of Ben and Sera. I will never forget this names, Ben and Sera. and Yuri... what a bad character! I hated this character, it's the villain of the movie. That's the only I disliked of the movie. And the last scene... oh my God... sometimes you find out love in the places you've never been before, like Ben in Las Vegas or Sera in Las Vegas.

I cried when Sera gives Ben his present. It's a moment... oh, I cried.
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Ray (I) (2004)
Hit the road Ray, and don't come back no more, no more, no more, no more...
12 February 2005
Don't come back no more, Ray. This movie is awful. Jamie Foxx's pretending all the time and his performance is awful, disgusting, pathetical and tiny. The other actors, like Regina king or Kerry Washington, are great. Sharon Warren is the surprise of the movie. Oh, the 2 stars that I've rated to "Ray" are for Mrs. Warren's performance. She's wonderful playing Ray's Mother. What a love story between mother and son.

This biopic will be liked by the Hollywood Academy, and Jamie Foxx will win the Oscar, but he doesn't deserves it. Clint Eastwood deserves it. Jamie is too much beloved, isn't it? I think he does horrible in this movie, maybe because "Ray" was released in Spain after Oscar Noms, after Golden Globes, after the awards that Foxx won. I hope Jamie will not win any of his 2 possible Oscars.
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Amor idiota (2004)
Again, Please, Again
12 February 2005
This movie's radical because has got a lot of sex scenes. Ventura Pons doesn't know what to do: he doesn't know what to tell us with his new movie. Always the same story, between 2 characters and their obsessions.

This movie's the story of Pere (Santi Millán) that falls in love of Sandra (Cayetana Guillén Cuervo). Between they will appear the obsession, and after, the love. The only think I liked of the movie was that I watched more than 10 sex scenes without close my eyes. What a lovely movie! The performances are good, but not great. Cayetana is the best of the movie, because Millan does bad.

I think Ventura Pons wanted to show us the intimacy of this two people. Good Intimacy with 18 sex scenes.

My rating: 5
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My name is Sara Goldfarb
12 February 2005
I think this movie is important for two reasons: 1) The sensibility of Darren Aronosfky telling stories like the story of the alone Sara Goldfarb 2) The narrative destruction of all the characters, including the best, Marion Silver

What a great movie! I enjoyed all the time watching it, because of a lot of reasons: fantastic performances, great direction, a perfect screenplay and a special effects simply PERFECT. I don't want to say, I wanted to see a good movie and that's what I did. This movie, is, like another translation, Desilusion over Addiction. A perfect narrative and a magical sound. My favorite sentence of this movie is when Sara says "My name is Sara Goldfarb". Oh, what a great movie. I don't know what to say. Another topic of the movie is the relationship between a mother and a son, both destroyed by the drugs and their addictions.

It's obviously that the story and destruction of Sara Goldfarb is real because of her loneliness and the death of his husband. All the actors are fantastic: Ellen Burstyn, Jennifer Connelly, Jared Leto...

The music is always perfect, always the melody, stunning, powerful, taking us to the end of the character's nightmares...

The only thing I disliked was that Ellen burstyn didn't won the Oscar for Best Actress. What the hell did Julia Roberts in ERIN for be better than Burstyn in REQUIEM? What the hell?

It's a perfect movie.
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Good Night, Tokyo
12 February 2005
I laughed when I saw the first scene of the movie. I cried when I said the end of the movie.

This movie make laugh and make cry. Because of this, I don't know if it's a comedy or a drama. Maybe a bit of each one. Has got comedy scenes (the film-making of Bob Harris) but sad scenes (the loneliness of Charlotte). This movie is just perfect because of his power of tell us how two people can be in love in the most radical possibilities: finding themselves in a hotel in Tokio. The beautiful of the images and the sound of the music (what a great song, the song "Girls" of DEATH IN VEGAS).

When I saw this movie, I asked myself "What is love?" I tried to answer myself, but I couldn't. Days after, I thought love is ILUSION, POWER, BEAUTY, FREEDOM... What is LOST IN TRANSLATION? Lost in Translation is more than love. Is, like this movie's song, MORE THAN THIS. It's more than you can think.

The beauty end makes this movie the best of 2003.
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Solas (1999)
A Mother's Love
12 February 2005
When I saw this movie, nobody told me his plot. I just watched it and at the end, my heart was broke, but was too stunned. The story is so hard of tell, and Benito Zambrano, the director, does it slowly, showing all the sensitive possible, and making cry everybody.

But... what wants to show this movie? Only one thing: A mother's love. The performance of Maria Galiana is absolutely PERFECT. Ana Fernandez and Carlos Alvarez Novoa are correct, but Maria Galiana is better than they. I cried watching the movie because of the end, just look the scene when the mother's sleeping in front of the sunset. Just beautiful.

The powerful of the images and the impact of the performances make of SOLAS the best movie of 90s in Spain.
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Good Spanish Thriller Fiction
2 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
It's stunning and wonderful to see nowadays in Spain a TV-movie or series like this, MOTIVOS PERSONALES. I think it's a great opportunity to see the good film-making of the influence of American series like "24" or "C.S.I.". Of course, "Motivos Personales" isn't like this series.

"Motivos Personales" starts with a suicide, or a murder. The most incredible thing of the series is the wonderful cast: Lydia Bosch, Fernando Guillen, Chema Muñoz, Begoña Maestre, Concha Velasco, Gines Garcia Millan, Pedro Casablanc, Daniel Freire... I enjoyed yesterday crying with the character of Casablanc's wife. I think she doesn't love him. But this is not a love story. Lydia Bosch is STUNNING, INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL, GREAT, SURPRISING, MESMEREZING, BREAKTAKING and FABULOUS. I didn't thought that she was going to do it as better as it's.

My favorite scenes of the chapter of yesterday were when Natalia Nadal (Lydia Bosch) discovered that her husband is unfaithful to her, and the last scene, when she looks to the camera "live" in the news on TV. Great scene. I hope Lydia will continue like she's at the moment in this series: PERFECT.

My rating of MOTIVOS PERSONALES: 10.
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Bad Education (2004)
The GOOD Education
2 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Although I know that Pedro Almodovar lives since 1999 a great success with his new movies like "All About My Mother", "Talk to Her" and "Bad Education", I think that the darkest movie of Almodovar is "Bad Education". This movie is dark because shows a small part of Spanish live: religion, church and faith in God. Some people I know didn't watched the movie because talked "bad" about Catholic religion and God and Christ. I think that's not the lead topic of the plot of this movie. It's a dark plot that tell us the DARK love story of two boys of 12 years old and the changes of their lives years after. The secrets, the silence, the film-making... everything is excellent in this movie because you don't wait the end... the most stunning end I remember of a Spanish movie I've actually seen.

The actors, of course, are great. Gael leads the movie like an angel, doing three different characters. The character I liked of Gael was Zahara, a typical Almodóvar's movies character, but in this time very female and beautiful. I didn't like his other characters. And of the other actors I can say that they're so GOOD. Fele Martínez feels like reading the screenplay but does bad the character in some moments, Javier Cámara, THE BEST OF THE MOVIE!!! See Him Acting like "Paquita"!!! You will laugh a lot and enjoy watching his performance!!! Other actors like Lluis Homar and Daniel Gimenez Cacho are too wonderful. Francisco Boira like Ignacio is an absolute revelation... ummmm. Ignacio. I don't know what to say. I don't want to show the end of the movie.

I'm sad because this year nobody has looked Almodovar's movie with good eyes. Everybody loved Amenábar's THE SEA INSIDE, the true opposite movie to BAD EDUCATION in 2004 Spanish Cinema.
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