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Puncture (2011)
Good watch for the intentions !
6 August 2016
Saying about the movie, when you look technically into it - There is no concrete story line help up, though the story revolves around the protagonist Mike Weiss, it doesn't stick upto the thing. It swings to many corners like

Mike Weiss personal life - drug addictions

PaulDanziger family and problems

Jeffrey Dancort

Nathaniel Price's character exposition

The nurse's story

May those are the things that was the take away from the true incidents but which in-turn didn't make us to hold firm to the one-liner of the movie or build up the intensity in any point of time.So, technically I would rate 6.5/10.

Still I prefer to rate high for the intentions of the movie to bring the facts to light.(I didn't know about the safety needles until I watched it!)
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Visaaranai (2015)
Brace for impact of reality!
24 February 2016
The movie revolves around four youths who went out of their homes to a foreign place for working, but what it takes in it's course of orbit is pretty heavy. It takes the entire system that's been there for decades in a country and more to it is there is no hiding from showing how flawed it is. Having such high intensity in subject, there is nothing less that you can expect visually! The core cast has defined nothing but the definition for reality on screen. Their hard work is visible in every frame. Introducing a pair and a love bud to the lead wasn't really needed, if it was for making the climax more powerful then I feel the effect was meager. The BGM by GV is very subtle to grasp during the watch(First time at least). But it helped in a great way to reduce the intensity, without which it could be intense a few folds more.

This movie will stay with you! This movie will affect you! This movie will make you think about the entire system! This movie can make you get obsessed !

So I would say to be prepared for all of it before you decide to watch it.
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Deadpool (2016)
Movie to chill and laugh it out ! ;)
15 February 2016
It's been sometime where there was a movie u go, watch and enjoy and not to think about too much. This is one such movie where the mood that is required for the movie (Relax and enjoy buddy mood) is set by the end of title cards!

"directed by -an overpaid tool" :D

As much as hilarious with the black comedies for a parody, it also contains elements for making a story line unlike many other movies failed to do. Most of the voice over's interacting with the audience did work but few of them where very anticipatable(But who cares :P ) . But overall whether or not you are a comic lover, this is a movie that you can laugh out, enjoy and relax watching this movie.

Not the one you would want to miss !
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Creed (II) (2015)
Worth watchy for the music and performances !
9 December 2015
There is always a first thing that comes to your while the movie ends, the very first thing that came to my mind was one of the sound track. The movie is revolves around a "orphaned bastard child" by one of the late most famous boxer.

However not portraying the transitions of the angry young child to a self made aspiring boxer is a major betrayal to script and the reason I believe for not creating a major impact on the audience.

The female lead character Bianca, seriously? Slam the door on hero-----Go out for a dinner----Sleep with him---One encouraging dialogue--fight-One loud cry in climax. Olive in Popeye does more than this!

The two main characters Adonis and Rocky had a huge scope of acting with the action and both actors have grabbed the most of it.

Having the support of a sport in the play, the movie doesn't disappoint at the end.
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Movie that touch you by lines
5 July 2015
This is an average movie considering the plot and narration. But it scores with the lines which are so honest, sharp and brutal. The movie is different from the conventional movies in having the Socrates character along with his own conscience character that haunts him.

The ideas by the Socrates are never spoon fed or rushed through. It is a modern art exhibited to Millman (so as to us) is much like a modern art where someone can take what ever you want and some of it can be similar to the creator's.

Even though the lines are excellent, it doesn't take us into the world of Socrates or Millman which why we the film doesn't attach to someone watching. But it's worth watch for inspirations like living the moment and rising from the fallen!
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Fair horror mostly with the narration style
26 May 2015
It's a good break to the chain of horror comedies. There isn't much elements that will make u jump or scream from your seats but it will hold u in the edge of your seat in the second half.

The first is very average becoz of the over exposition of the characters which wasn't needed for the rest of the movie. It could have been used for adding more elements of horror instead of starting the story in the second half. With the good camera work the BGM is good to create anxiety but it's very normal, (And it's really not needed to tear the audience's ear drum even when its on the script).

With many of the horror sequences present in the narration are highly inspired from Hollywood and visual effects just supporting it and not lifting it up Demonte Colony is one time watch for sure!
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Good Script - Average execution - Bad Casting
26 May 2015
The movie doesn't stand strong with the communism principles or in the entertainment angle. The first half is terribly boring with some good dialogues reflecting communism. Only the director knows why in the name of god the songs where even there in this movie, if it was under the producers pressure I feel bad for the creator!

The good thing about the movie is that it shows both the sides of the revolutions. There has been a great effort put in to make the jail realistic and it has been effective. The Tamil conversations between the peers from Delhi could have been in English/Hindi and subtitled in Tamil to make it more authentic.

Coming to cast they have tried their best to fit Arya in the character with the looks, but it didn't just workout. For such a important character in the movie the casting could have even been a well suited new face. The character of Karthika appears just not to make the movie so dry. The costumes and dialogues for the pair during the expedition just don't gel up. Vijay Sethupathi and Shaam has done justice to their characters.
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OK Kanmani (2015)
An absolute lively entertainment
17 April 2015
I can promise this movie is going to stay young for a decade from now - MINIMUM!

Starting frame one with the animated game in title cards, there is freshness till the end card, a whole hearted thanks to the cinematographer. Mani Ratnam proves again a master of the screen play. Beautiful flawless performances captured in best possible way with the extra- ordinary BGM with songs, Needless to say AR Rahman has given feet taping tunes and life giving BGM to the movie- this movie is completely lively and all the qualities to make your day.

Should watch feel good movie for sure PERIOD!
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Cold in July (2014)
Good run through with a bit emotional detachment
4 April 2015
The story line is simple and clear but not completely convincing in all aspects. But the screenplay is the one that makes to hold on to the movie till the end without letting you think about the logics. The music and some of the performances like Sam Shepard's have been partners to the screenplay.

But towards the end of the movie, You think about Richard's involvement to the plan is so lightly touched making the characterization contradictory to itself. A citizen with clear records, a responsible family man who tries to safe guard the family under any circumstances turns out to be warrior keeping aside the family for a while. That itches a bit ! Doesn't it.

Other than that, it is a movie that you can watch for once without much regrets.
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Great emotional action flick !
7 February 2015
Yennai Arindhaal - Perfect start in 2015 with the action and emotions..

With a hero like Ajith, GVM has given a clean cop story without any ingredient for the image of hero. A part of the credit goes to Ajith himself for giving the freedom do that.

It was a good decision to have the flash back in one complete stretch. The power packed flash back helps actually to keep up the pace of movie without any lag. Harris has given a very powerful BGM and apt songs though one or two remembers some old tunes.

There are three relationship tracks in the movie. The light touched Anushka's track, a matured Trisha's part and very lively emotion sequence with the daughter. All three handled so well.

The performance of Ajith is remarkable in the character. The very care taken for every frame is visible on the screen. Both the cop sequence as well as the romantic part is very well portrayed.

Arun Vijay's character is a great scope for exploiting his acting skills that was under-seen for a long time in limelight. This might be a turning point for him.

One thing which can be improvised is the character of Arun Vijay's wife. It's given more importance in the script but not enough exposition.

Yennai Arindhaal - watch worthy emotional cop entertainer !
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I (2015)
Great work except the element of surprise missing.
20 January 2015
I - more than 2+ years of making has given a great result on screens.

The story revolves around the body builder who aspires to become MR.India. When his long time fancy girl gets into his life, the drastic changes to his life is rest of the story.

Vikram, undoubtedly there ain't any Indian actor with this much of dedication for a movie in present. He is a Christian Bale to Indian cinema. Notably in the role of the model one can't take eyes of him even in the presence of Amy and the make up along with his efforts to change the body shape for the hunchback is mind blowing.

P.C.Sreeram, haven't seen anyone in recent past who can play with colors as him. His camera has helped to elevate the characterization of the movie a level up.

Rahman with yet an other exhibition of feet taping tunes and BGM has given a lively experience through out the movie.

The flaws that I felt in the movie are : There is no real suspense in the Suresh Gopi's character. Its very evident from the very beginning.

The sync in the beast song, the voice didn't suit for the beast in any point. May be a performance without singing might have been better or the song even can be trimmed off when it comes to extended length of the movie. But it's a tough decision that has to be taken with the actor's body transformation specific for the song.

There is no solid villain in the plot. Its diluted to too many characters which is one of the reason for the movie's length too.

With all the above "I" is a great experience and a must watch !
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Pisasu (2014)
A take light horror comedy driven by emotions at the base
21 December 2014
Pisasu - saying it as a horror comedy, there is slight dominance of comedy in the movie, but its completely planned in the script. Because the ghost is not intended to scare you but it might end up you might start loving the character as the film progresses. Inspite of the fusing genres, it is strongly driven by emotional concept of "Forgiveness".

The music and camera work is notable, in way I see a part of story telling is being done through camera. Radha Ravi scores with his performance even if it was for a lesser time scope. Why the ghost decides to stay with the protagonist is a little unclear, Because of love? or to protect him from her father?

It's not a completely screaming horror, laugh out comedy or tear wiping emotional. Its a blend of all that makes it entertaining .
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Lingaa (2014)
Movie that should have come before 2007 (Sivaji or Endhiran)
16 December 2014
With all the big names in mind (SuperStar,Director-Ravi Kumar, Music- A.R.Rahman,Camera- Rathinavelu) If the movie has to satisfy, It has to make the audience digest all these names while watching the movie, which is not a easy task to do. That is exactly been experimented by this movie. This script might have been Rajinikanth script if it was revised more and worked out well.

The sense of urge is seen in every scene. Dialogues aren't interesting and predictable in most places. There is no special attention given for the styles and punch dialogues for SuperStar which is most expected from him.

The comedy track didn't work out, Santhanam has tried his best but there are barely any place to laugh out. Brahmanandam is added for multi lingual promotion. There isn't any foot tapping tunes as well. You can't get more from the man who takes months for scoring BGM to a movie that was completed around couple of months.

This flick should have scored much better if it was in mid 90's or early 2000's (before Sivaji or Endhiran).
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Visually brought Egypt in front of your eyes but not the story in your mind !
9 December 2014
The movie stays strong visually in almost every scene, Not with the 3D Effect and CG but also without them, The camera angle and movement that has been chosen is the mostly lively way. Needless to say about the performance of Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton also had given a good performance.

Even with all these, the movie lags in stressing emotions between the characters which sometimes gives disinterested feeling. There are many scenes around 30 minutes that might have been included in the extended version and slacked off.

Exodus, is a visual treat in more than few places, though invariably it isn't interesting.
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One Time watch - if it was 15-20 mins shorter !
1 December 2014
Kaaviya Thalaivan , to be honest the movie is NOT naturally interesting from start to end.It portrays the ancient stage performance artist's life with struggle of independence flavour, giving a vast scope for proving the acting skills for the actors which most of them have scored good.

But the so believed suspense in the plot can be predicted so soon in the movie, makes us wait expecting when it will happen. And it happens as expected without making anyone disappointed. Musically Rahman has given his best to keep the songs interesting even with a historic plot. This movie is not a commercial movie, not a message oriented movie, But there is content in the movie. The screen play is just not strong to hold the interest of the audience all through. There is no strong scenes showing the freedom movement. The lead role gets involved in freedom movement just because some prison partner told him. Vedika's dying love for Siddharth might have been elaborated more...

Its a one time watch if it was further trimmed by 15-20 mins . May be the over hype in promotions made it a little boring movie than it is actually.
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Gone Girl (2014)
Worth to add in your classic watchlist
27 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Without having read the book, the movie was just awesome through out except ...

The positives are the characters of the movie, they all are very powerfully written. The to say the writer/director had succeeded in what they wanted. They wanted to hate Nick for some time, the audience did it, they wanted to hate Amy then , well the audience did so. Well, I can can say they had the complete emotional control over .

There are few places of doubts where we might feel that there was not proper justice done. For example , the detective asks about the gun and Amy fades out. Afterwards the complete department seems to forget that something ever happened. May be justification to "Amazing Amy" was a bit less on the screen.

The ending is very debatable, but I feel it's very apt. With the uncertainty of Nick at that point of time, he couldn't break it in the interview and He wouldn't kill her for sure.

The secret of making the audience ask and expect something and you half give it - impacts more !

except ... the surveillance camera in Neil Patrik's home, what happened to it? It might contain times when Amy acted happy with him or the time when she entered. Amy is intelligent enough to murder in a blind spot, but not all of the events .
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Kaththi (2014)
Strong message covers the screenplay lag
26 October 2014
The movie firstly needs to be applauded for the social message which has been picked and conveyed. The messages are sensitive and strong. The first, the corporate acquisition of agricultural land, this is a very happening case in India which is basically a country with agriculture as backbone . Second is the negligence of media for the social responsibility.

Considering the aspects of movie, the there isn't much entertainment factors in the movie. So is it complete social movie? No, considering the mass factor of Vijay(the lead), there has to be scenes compromising the expectations hard core fans. So there are dialogues and scenes for this aspect also. So the emotionally strong dialogues gets diluted for the expected result. So both the commercial/social impact is not complete in a way.

Considering the casting there is no real need of a mass hero like Vijay for this script. With all this there is a considerable drag in the screenplay which gives one to many thoughts of "when the film will end" as the result of over exposed result to the audience. With all these the message that is delivered is very sensitive and needed in this time, so the movie scores for the brave attempt covering the cinematic components needed.
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Mary Kom (2014)
Decent biographical movie missing some intensity where it needed most !
7 September 2014
Mary Kom - The efforts and dedication that Priyanka Chopra. The performance of the cast, Camera work and editing are the major efforts that can be appreciated in the movie.

Every advantage of having a movie that deals with sports, nation and patriotism applies for this movie too. You can except a handsome number of emotional moments in the movie, esp with the training scenes.

There is a lot of places where the are commercial products(Iodex, Tata salt etc..) being advertised in the movie. In few places they are very evident!

But where it misses a pinch of salt is when Mary Kom decides to leave her carrier which was her lifetime dream, goes for a marriage and When she decides to enter back into boxing leaving the twin infants -- there is no real depth in scenes justifying these decisions. In fact her husband who is very instrumental and encouraging her to get back into boxing, why would such a person let her know about the operation of one her babies when she was about to take her World Championship finals!

It's yet a other Bollywood movie that you can enjoy watching, But not a great biopic that you can expect !
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Very realistic on screen translation of the love
7 September 2014
After a very long monotonous period of showing love mixing with humor or making either of the pair a dumpster.. this movie gave a break to that and brings back the mood of early 90's. But along with that comes the very familiar story line. In 9 out of 10 places you can guess what's going to happen next.

The artists have given apt performance fitting the role very perfectly. The music and dialogues are very natural, never felt it overshadowed the screenplay or the script. The camera work is also very notable except that few times in the beginning I very it very bleak in many places.

The factual contents that are present in the script helps justifying the screenplay. So if u are one of the love story lovers, this is a medium paced love story that is very much acceptable and practical worth your time !
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Jigarthanda (2014)
New genre of movie !
9 August 2014
The first thing that anyone can say after watching the movie is that its a new genre of movie.Its a story of an aspiring director who attempts making a action movie on a don's life, decides to follow such a living rowdy and in the attempt gets caught by the group. Till this point the movie is paced with good action, seriousness and leaves the audience in suspense for the interval.

After the interval, the movie has dynamic change in the direction of the story where in the gangster (Assault Sethu) himselves gets interested in the movie on his life and gives all the detail that the director wanted. But what happens after that is completely what you will never expect. The humour has worked out in an extra ordinary way that your hands might pain clapping and ur stomach might pain laughing.

The notable performance by Simhaa (Sethu) is added advantage in the movie. The characterization is so powerful that even after seeing him as a comedian in previous movies, you wouldn't feel it anywhere in the first half.

I can certainly say the movie has all the gripping elements to make the audience to be involved with the script from few mins from beginning till the end. The movie has achieved what was intended and defines to the meaning of the title (Hot-Cool) (First half-Second Half), But you cannot make a clear choice whether it was a complete movie in spite of the efforts put in the climax to justify it. And the most powerfully introduced character gives all the details of his murders as a recording which also adds to contradictory facts.
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Arbitrage (2012)
Character driven story nicely executed
30 July 2014
The story is about the businessman Robert Miller - how he sees things, how he hears things, how he thinks! And he thinks "The world events all revolve around five things - "M" "O" "N" "E" "Y" . So he takes a great risk in his business investing a huge amount and it turns out to be a failure. So he now falsifies his company accounts and try to get a good deal with which he thinks his problems will get solved. He is so desperate to conclude the deal and it keeps dragging a bit. His personal life threatens with more problems that might cancel the deal which is the most important thing for him now. How he handles them is the story .

The story is a kind of drama but never lags in keeping the audience interested and engaged anticipating whats gonna be the next move by Miller to solve his problems. Very interesting aspect of all is that his wife and daughter are equally as smart as him making him difficult to handle. The political move which Mrs. Miller makes towards the end shows the smartness in the character after showing most of the ignorance from the beginning.

Holding the story causing no harm to any character with his major fraudulent act is something positive to look upon .
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Fandry (2013)
Authenticity at its peak for a movie !
27 July 2014
I can even say this is the only movie that I have seen till date which is so authentic in its execution. The story revolves around a young boy(Jabya)who is a victim of the social inequality due to casteism in a village. The entire film drives in a direction where the group of people in the village infuriate the boy by abusing him and his family with his caste calling them "Fandri" (Pig), but he remains calm as his family is dependent on the village. The accumulation of all this anger, fear, fury get outburst in the climax act.

Everyone in the cast has done a extraordinary performance, there is nowhere where you can see any cinematic sequence. This credit should go the director of the movie (Nagraj Manjule). The amount of ground work that is there in this movie is enormous. Every single detail on the character, or the locations and sequence is something really unbelievable. One thing that can be quoted for instance is the place where Jabya's sister asks water in one of the homes when she runs and gasps. The anonymous character from the home doesn't hands over the water to her instead keeps it down to avoid the touch of inferior caste.

In the era of highly moving camera and fast action cuts, the camera work in the movie just shows the power of still cinematography which elevated the movie to the much higher level.

The movie is just one great masterpiece from the debut director !
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Action drama with man-wild emotions .
25 July 2014
The movie briefs the two ways of living with Man and Apes in the first half. The Apes are isolated themselves in the forest from the humans colonized. The humans in abandoned cities with decreasing resources day by day. When it happens when some man happens to enter the forest and make contact to the Apes one shoots down one of the ape in panic. The leader of the Ape has family values and peace on top of the rivalry and sends them back.

The story begins there and travels through a series of events involving trust and Anti trust between humans vs apes and also within the same species.The second half keeps you occupied with the action sequences but there is no suspense element of what will happen next in the movie that will keep the audience in the edge of the seat. With especially betraying clever traitor Koba on the characters it could have been any way the story could have been taken but it was taken in a very predictable way. There was some intelligence in the climax making path for the sequel .
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The Shining (1980)
May be a good thriller back that time ..
21 July 2014
With the low frequency string, the movie start on a family with a deliberate husband searching for job hoping that will give the isolation and environment for his writing with a homemaker wife and a little son who talks to his own calling to a character Tony.

The casting for the wife is a interesting one. The cast makes the character is physically weak, and not of a great beauty that adds to the disinterest of Torrance in his life. The conversation between the couple shows her as always trivial with Torrance making her puny. When this family goes to a isolated hotel for maintaining it through out the winter which already has spooky history. During the period Torrance turns insane and attempts to murder his own family.

But there is no real shots or space in the script that shows the change in the character of him, how insanity acquired him with the isolation and obsession on his writing. The concept of shinning that was fresh in the movie and having a positive ending with determinant Wendy Torrance character are aspects that can looked on the movie .
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Antitrust (2001)
Happening movie till it ends
7 July 2014
The computer software giant firm spies illegally and murders even on the top programmers of the world who works with the open source policy "Human Knowledge is for the world". Two friends Milo and Teddy gets offers in the top software company. When Milo accepts the offer considering the benefits Teddy has his open source policy front of the offer and rejects it. Milo enters the organization and in the while when Teddy gets murdered back in his place. Teddy gets suspicious of the firm and what he learns after that and how he breaks the hurdles with diplomacy and opens up the truth to the world is the remaining movie. This movie contains details that comes from the in depth ground work behind. The dialogues are really good and sharp in many places. The movie has many twists and turns but one deficiency in that is it's much predictable after some point of time. For example the character Alice true face was really interesting but when it comes to Lisa it becomes predictable. If there was some more attention given for these in the script it would have been a excellent movie.
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