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Movie Surfers (1998– )
6 February 2006
I currently HATE Movie Surfers! Its really boring and they play it too much! Ya know the Chicken Little Movie Surfers thing? That was WAAAAAAY overplayed! They play it every single commercial break, and after the DCOMs, when I am hoping that they will play a music video of one of my favorite singers, what do they show instead? Movie Surfers. I'll agree, once or twice is helpful, but every single freakin' commercial break? I did the calculations. They play Movie Surfers 28-36 times a day. And its usually the same one, over and over and over again! I love Disney Channel and all, but personally, I really love the Disney411's. And I know that if they played that as much as Movie Surfers, I'd get sick of it. I liked Movie Surfers when they played it less. Now its just plain annoying.
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So much better than expected.
21 January 2005
So a revolting villain has custody over three rich orphans whose parents have died in a fire. Sounds horrible, doesn't it? It is. BUT WHO CARES? This movie was SO awesome! Jim Carrey did an amazing job as Count Olaf! I could hardly tell that that was Jim Carrey! When it was over, I whispered, "ENCORE" to my cousin! It is so my favorite movie now! The kids who played Violet and Klaus Baudelaire did a fantastic job, but Kara Hoffman(Sunny) and Jim Carrey(Count Olaf) stole the show!!! I would for sure recommend this movie to audiences of all ages. Of course, younger children may feel a bit uncomfortable when they see the "unfortunate events" happening, but it is a movie worth seeing!
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