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One of my all-time favorites!
30 December 2007
This film has to be in my top 5 all-time favorite movies. The singing, the spirituality, the scenery - there is something amazing in this film for everyone. Yes, Hollywood, films without violence and bad language can be wildly popular (even though I am a firm believer in free speech and that there are times for which an expletive (sp?) is certainly called). This film also recalls a time when it was made quite clear that if you didn't stand for something, that you may be in mortal danger of falling for anything, i.e. Hitler's insanity. Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrew's performances here are without equal. This is the perfect family film!
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My Favorite Movie Ever, Ever, Ever!!!
14 December 2007
Bless Frank Capra for this most excellent, hopeful, hope-filled film! The themes are eternal: "Don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle," and "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem," and even, "yes, in fact, miracles do happen." I agree with another contributor's comments in that it is not Christmas until we've watched "It's A Wonderful Life!" Because, in fact, it is a wonderful life, corny as that may sound in such a cynical and treacherous time as we live in. The only part that is still so very difficult for me to watch is the scene with the druggist (when George has yet to deliver those pills). I won't spoil it for anyone who's not yet seen it, but it speaks volumes of a different time that has thankfully, for a lot of folks (sadly, not everyone), passed.

This film also cemented Jimmy Stewart as my all time favorite actor (yes, I cried when he passed). He and Donna Reed were just about perfectly cast, at least I can't think of a better pairing. And I cry every single time I see this amazing work of art. It is truly a must-see, one-of-a-kind quaintly classic movie and a priceless gem. And a real Christmas miracle kind of film. Everyone should see it, at least once, even if you must watch it chopped up by commercial interruptions on a major network (yes, I'll go even that far!!!).
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The critics are spoiled and jaded...
14 December 2007
This movie is a hoot! It just tickles my funny bone, and at the end, had my friend and I laughing so hard we were crying (partly because, like Dupree, we were bustin' a move!) It brings joy to my inner "hobbyness" (you have to watch the movie to get that comment) and Owen Wilson is just so gifted, as are the other main characters. The chemistry between Matt Dillon, Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and Michael Douglas is just fantastic (well done, casting folks!). Why this only received 2 stars on comcast is sort of beyond me, but I hardly trust the critics opinions at all anymore as it is. If you like light comedy, you will almost certainly enjoy this film, in spite of the critics...
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Catch and Release (II) (2006)
Cute romantic comedy, but...
11 December 2007
Two things: if you want to loose me, throw in an ill-mannered brat. Like was done in this film. The director may as well have thrown in nails on a chalkboard for the effect out-of-control children have on me. Secondly, Miz Garner, I realize that this film was basically shot in "Patagonia Disneyland" (Boulder), but while you truly are pretty without make-up, don't let anyone do this to you again (unless, of course, absolutely necessary to a particular storyline). You are a knockout with a little make-up, and wearing virtually none in this film was a bit too much for my taste.

Otherwise, this film was quite entertaining, even with the cliché California massage therapist that Juliette Lewis presented. (I'm a fifth generation Californian and take a bit of offense that we are often characterized as mashed turnip eating, chakra searching, yoga practicing, out-of-touch-w/-the-rest-of-the-planet nitwits!!!) Kevin Smith was his usual hilarious self, and some of the scenery is so beautiful as to make watching this film worthwhile in and of itself. Yes, it's a tad predictable, and like I said, I'd rather hogtie that child than watch him act out, but all in all, an entertaining and quite watchable romantic comedy.
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Helps if you were raised in the 70's...
10 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I think that those people who don't get this movie did not live through the 70's. There were more than a few people doing plenty of very strange things back then, and this is just one poor dear young man's story. I found it very entertaining, and at the same time, terribly tragic. But it was funny too. Certainly puts my childhood with alkie parents into perspective (they were nowhere near THAT colorful, thank the Lord!).

The soundtrack was fantastic (Year of the Cat was one of my faves back then, so it was nice to hear it again) and the house in which the good doctor lived, well that was so perfectly telling (as if having a masturbatory room off his office didn't tell you all you needed to know about his mental health, or lack thereof). The cast was amazing and all played their roles with such authenticity, although that word hardly says enough about how I feel about each and every performance in this film. I think it was a thing of beauty and truth, but like I said, you probably had to live through the 70's in order to truly appreciate it (it was such a decade of following the threads from the unraveled fabric left by those wild and wacky 60's).

Anyway, I loved this film and would recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor, probably not anyone from a red state though (although we aren't supposed to use that red state/blue state stuff anymore, are we? Who cares... works for me).
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Much funnier than I expected...
1 November 2007
Honestly, I can't recall laughing out loud as often in a movie since "Something About Mary." I thought this was just a hoot and a holla! Kathy Bates is wonderful (makes me wish she was my mom) and Terry Bradshaw is just simply so naturally funny that they alone are worth the price of admission. SJP is her charming and talented self, and who can say enough about Matthew McC? He is the quintessential not-quite-bad-boy, but bad enough and charming enough that you cannot help but LOVE him. He is a real gem - as meant to be doing what he's doing as my fave, Jimmy Stewart was in his day.

Yes, this film was a bit formulaic; however, the writers and director are clearly a cut above your average romantic comedy artists. My gentleman friend said "good find" as credits rolled tonight, and he's pickier than I am. It was definitely and hour and a half well spent!
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Any film with a ferret in it...
27 October 2007
.. is all right by me! But this gorgeous epic tale that was given but 2 stars on the comcast system has crushed any faith I had in critics opinions. This movie SO deserved (and won) the Oscar for cinematography - it is a five star visual feast and is done much more justice on a large screen than anywhere else. The cast is spectacular, and whomever it was that casted the roles as they did simply could not have chosen better actors than they did. This was my first encounter w/ Aidan Quinn, whom I've adored ever since, and Brad Pitt IS Tristan. Anthony Hopkins was perfect as the Colonel, the patriarch of the family. This film makes me wish I'd have moved south and gotten into the "business" vs. staying up here and squandering my talents in the Sillycon Valley (still the Santa Clara Valley to those of us who are natives). This must have been a fun and enchanting set on which to toil. It also (the film) has my eternal respect for the honor and respect it pays to those who's land upon which we thrive, the Native Americans. This is a wonder of a film, nothing else like it out there. I am so grateful to all who put their hearts and souls into its creation.
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I was class of '76 and...
15 October 2007
While this is a pretty accurate picture of high school at that time, some of the music was off, at least for a "class of 76-er" from Nor Cal. We were listening more to Jackson Browne, the Eagles, CSNY, Linda Ronstadt, Dave Mason, Neil Young and the like. Sure, Lynryd Skynyrd (sp?), Frampton and Foghat were a part of our soundtrack, but where were the above mentioned bands, and Robin Trower, Led Zepplin, Kansas, and many, many more? Still, all in all, I love this film - especially I loved seeing young Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey (Matt's hair cracked me up 'cuz I knew guys who wore their hair EXACTLY like that!! - sad but true). The cars, clothes, and general scene/look of the film was dead on - kudos to the art department on this pic. It's a wonderfully enjoyable flashback to a time that was both special and sad all at the same time.
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Invincible (2006)
Can't say enough about this film!!!
12 September 2007
I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! I met Dick Vermeil in '75 when he was recruiting my h.s. boyfriend to play for UCLA just prior to his leaving for Philly - nice guy (but the boyfriend went w/ Mike White at Cal - GO BEARS!). Dick is a class act; that he gave the time of day to me, a high school wide receiver's girlfriend says something about the man.

** SPOILER ALERT ** Thank you, too, Mark Wahlberg! Excellent performance. I felt the despair of Vince after his (short-sighted) wife left him so clearly. And the uncertainty of laying it all on the line to try out for your beloved Eagles; that was amazing. You all were faithful to that mid-70's vibe as well. It was huge for me that you included Jackson Browne's These Days as part of the soundtrack. That was one of my top two favorite songs in high school. The whole local boy makes good thing is always a joy to behold. This film has heart and soul and it bothers me that on comcast it rates only 2 stars (who are these critics, anyway?!?) - I'd give it a solid three and a half. If you love football and like a great underdog story, then this is the film for you! I so enjoyed it and send my thanks to all involved!
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Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990–2000)
Love the early episodes
28 June 2007
Right now, (6.28.07) Soapnet is airing the first season of BH90210, and in retrospect, they are just so quaint and charming. I am just loving them! I mean, I was a fan from early on, but must have become very busy in the 90's, because I really don't recall watching more than the first couple of years. I just love how innocent Brenda and Brandon's family is, straight out of Minnesota, and it's a joy to see all the characters, Jenny Garth, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling and Ian Ziering when they were all SO young! These episodes are great fun to watch, if you've got the time. Thanks to all involved in creating these wonderful shows!
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Big Love (2006–2011)
What I truly LOVE about BIG LOVE!
18 June 2007
Yes, it has a nice complexity of characters, who are ever being revealed to us. Yes, you really don't need to know much about the Mormons to get this show. But what I really love is how it points out how very few people in our supposedly "free society" are truly free to be who they are without fear of judgment, or worse, legal hassles and entanglements. Little by little, our freedoms have been whittled down by those among us who think they know best for ALL of us. If you don't believe me, go find a cancer patient who wants to smoke pot for their nausea and pain. Go ask the Californian who adores their pet ferrets but must hide them from the dept of fish and game. Ask the person who exclusively prefers the company of someone of their own sex yet fears losing their job if the wrong people find out.

This show is for anyone who enjoys great television, but it is mostly for those of us who know what its like to not be truly free to be who and what we are without fear.
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TV Junkie (2006)
Held my attention, however...
23 March 2007
It was like listening to a bad AA or NA speaker, that is to say, someone who spends 97% of their time telling what is was like, and somewhat glorifying (as best one can) the so-called "high times" while spending only 3% of their time focusing on the solution and how truly life changing recovery can be when one puts as much effort into it as they did getting high.

That said, it was like a car wreck that you don't want to see, but from which you simply cannot avert your eyes. Which is why I rated it as I did - had it not held me I'd have scored it much more harshly. Rarely have I seen a person so far afield from the concept of personal responsibility, which I realize is not the typical strong suit of your average addict, but I've known far more than my fair share of alkies and addicts, and this poor guy just seemed to feel that life/the employer/the wife/anyone close at hand was doing it to him! And I literally screamed at the set at one point where his son is terrified and sobbing "WILL YOU PLEASE give that poor child a hug?!!??!?" There is no doubt that the insanity that is addiction was accurately portrayed, but it was a bit much to take for the majority of the documentary. And did the wife EVER once go to Al Anon/Narc Anon? That made me want to pull my hair out as well, that she was helping him stay sick and cluelessly allowing herself to be miserable in the process.

All in all, I'd recommend it, but brace yourself. I kind of let it blind side me a bit, I suppose. And it was hard to watch. The last 5 to 10 minutes was my favorite part.
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It was too hyped, therefore disappointing...
7 March 2007
I am the last person one would think of as prudish; however, there was something about this film that just left me flat, and I can't put my finger on what it was. This surprised me, since I've been a fan of "Da Ali G Show" from day one. But this movie was vulgar - I thought it made the low-brow comedy classic "Animal House" look elegant by comparison! There were parts that made me laugh, but all in all, I was disappointed. Perhaps my expectations were too high. And I really thought the jokes about the Jewish folks were in particularly poor taste (I'm not one of those overly sensitive types either, for racial slams say more about the person doing the insulting than they do about anyone else). The only comedian I've ever seen do racial humor really, really well is Carlos Mencia, and that's because a. he's really funny; b. he leaves NO ONE out, and c. he also pokes fun at his own race. To pick on one group to the exclusion of everyone else is just sometimes in poor taste, as it was in this film. I doubt I'll ever watch it again.
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The title was a bit unusual, but...
26 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
If you want to be catapulted back to the first time you fell in love, this is your movie. And here, 18 years later, it stands the test of time, and is partly such a joy because it contains so many performances from actors we've all grown to know and love. I especially like the twist of how Diane's dad earns his living. But the real star of this film is the ever-so-young John Cusack, with whom I've fallen in love somewhere between this film and Ice Harvest (not to worry though - I'm not THAT kind of wacky; no restraining orders necessary). There are so many noteworthy performers and performances here; I cried a lot, and quite unexpectedly. It even has a cute ending.

Hollywood seems to be very fond of the I, II and III (ad nauseum) versions of a number of its products; this film ought to have had a follow up (and if it does and I simply don't know, well then, my goof), but hey, you're all still around and it's not too late, is it??? I hope that more people will check out this film; I can't believe I didn't watch it sooner, being such a fan of the Cusack clan (Joan, your role may have been small, but you looked especially lovely in this role). Thanks to all who put their BS&T's into it!!!
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Casino Royale (2006)
I just wish that Clooney had been cast as Bond
18 November 2006
Yes, this is a fine movie, but to me, Craig is simply NOT believable as James Bond. I mean, blonde Bond?!? Come on! Personally, I think George Clooney was born to the role (yet, I've NO idea whatsoever if the role was offered to him or if he'd even be interested in playing it). Clooney would be the perfect blend of Sean Connery's rugged yet sophisticated manner, coupled with Roger Moore's good looks (yes, I prefer the old school Bond, although Pierce Brosnan was perfectly likable as 007). I will always watch the Bond films, regardless of who plays the role; it's just that I'd possess a whole lot more enthusiasm for the film if I agreed with the casting choice for our favorite Bollinger sipping, martini swilling secret agent. I do hope the powers that be will re-think their casting choice. Lastly, and I say this sincerely, Mr. Craig, I mean you no offense, for I think you are a very talented actor and have enjoyed a number of your films.
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LOVED this movie
4 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Reese Witherspoon is a delight, as is Mark Ruffalo. Their chemistry on-screen is terrific. My gentleman friend and I thoroughly enjoyed this film. There is one little "blooper" that we came across, however. There is not a native San Franciscan worth their salt who EVER ever refers to our beloved city as "Frisco", as was painted on the side of a van towards the end of the film. A little thing, but anyone writing a script centered in San Francisco, as was this one, would do well to make note of said fact. Otherwise, it was a couple of hours very well spent. Thanks to the writers, cast and crew for putting their best foot forward and bringing this together!
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Pretty Woman (1990)
I adore this film!
11 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I still get tears in my eyes 16 years later when Miss Julia steps into the lobby in that red dress - she is simply breathtaking (and I'm a woman, no less!). This movie has a charm that so many other works just do not capture. It is, and always will be, one of my faves, in my top 20. I mean, you don't have to be a hooker to know what being disrespected by a man feels like, you know? I think that is it's feminine appeal. For men, it's as simple as JULIA ROBERTS (at least that's what I've been told). That's Mrs. Moder to the rest of us. Another thing is what woman hasn't dreamed of just one day crossing paths with that certain someone who sees the beauty and value and unique characteristics we each possess? The writer of this script really gets it. Love it love it LOVEIT!!!
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