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Lincoln Heights: Pilot (2007)
Season 1, Episode 1
Love to see African American Drama on TV
9 September 2007
Too bad it's on ABC Family. Before this show, I never watched ABC Family. Maybe this is a sign of things to come with a predominately African-American cast. The cast illustrates the various beauty that comes with the multitude of shades and hues we come in. The plots are not too corny, a bit contrived and overdone, but it still refreshing seeing African-American's tackling some of these issues. I like how the family is shown as not another exaggeration of us all living in the hood trying to overcome severe poverty, skirting the lines of legality just to "survive". This show is a delicate balance of working class genuine family life. I'll keep watching...
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Oobi (2000–2005)
Great Show
15 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have an Autistic six year old son that has been in love with Oobi since its inception. The fact that my son uses his hands and often stares at his hands, I supposes, brings a familiarity to him through this puppet show. Now his younger sister watches with the same awe and seems to relate to her brother using his hands a lot more often. Besides that the show is very responsible in the way that the characters interact with each other and the situations the characters are often in. My daughter's favorite character hands down is Ooma and Kako. I love GrandPu's crush on Inka, Oobi's piano teacher, great touch for the parents. I love Oobi and can't wait until more episodes grace our small screens. Thanx
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Cute farce about creatures on the perimeter of the suburban dream
21 May 2006
I found myself totally engaged in this snippet of the lives of these creatures. I usually have more fun than my children during these animated romps. This story had a very good subtle message about the excessive consumption of snacks and food in general that the "humans" consume. Typical sequence of many kiddie yarns, establish the good guys, identify a problem that needs to be solved, and attempt to align all arrows in that direction; this is followed by the sub-suspenseful scenes where the protagonist almost gets what he wants (just out of grasp) but eventually succeeds in overcoming all obstacles and being labeled the hero in the end. Over the Hedge is a good way to spend your money if you don't mind being told the same story over again but with different voices. I'm personally a fan of Bruce Willis ever since Bruno the Kid.
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