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Elizabeth I (2005–2006)
Absolutely Brilliant, A Masterpiece!
6 October 2005
I have to say, that this 'TV Film' was 110% better than some major Hollywood blockbusters I have seen.

The atmosphere and intensity of the life of Elizabeth I is portrayed in a gripping and beautiful manner in this TV film, mainly due to the perfect performance by Helen Mirren, I cannot think of a better person to play Elizabeth I, she really got into the queens skin and has gotten into my 'list' of the best actresses, she was fantastic!

Jeremy Irons and Hugh Dancy also gave a great performance, I think all the actors/actresses did!

Although it was a tad gory at times, that did not matter at all as it added to the whole atmosphere.

Anyone who says this wasn't good should be hung, drawn and quartered! A masterpiece, 10/10
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Superb, More Than Just A Film..
4 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I believe that (as usual) George Lucas has done an excellent job telling his story, in a way which keeps you gripped and takes you through a wide array of different emotions.

The visual effects are fantastic, and definitely not "over-used".

I believe all the characters and actors playing them delivered to the story, especially Haydn Christensen playing Anakin.

** Possible Spoilers ** The part which made my stomach feel funny and almost made me cry was when all the Jedi were betrayed and murdered by the clones, and it took you through different shots. Just the music and the expressions on their faces as they were confused but tried to battle the clones off added to the emotional effect.

The only bit which i wasn't that keen about was when Mace Windu died. I just thought he went a bit out of character.. when Anakin cut his hands of he started really screaming like something out of a horror movie, i know most people would go crazy if their hands were chopped off but i think he went a bit over the top for a character portrayed as wise. Dooku didn't make that fuss when his hands were cut off.

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Ghost Lake (2004 Video)
Very Poor Movie, Would NOT Recommend
8 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
What a terrible film, it looks like neither the visual effects staff or the sound staff have any experience in the industry. The acting was "satisfactory* but the zombies and dead bodies where out of date, as in they looked like they were borrowed from a film made in the 70's. The visual effects look like something off a scary 80's series. The storyline doesn't make sense and is no way original as it babbles on about some sort of curse where unless they kill someone they will die on the 13th hour or something.

The cover image of the DVD looked good but when i finished the film i realised that quote; "never judge a book by its cover" is true

To be honest, i got half an hour in and skipped through the rest. I also understand why this never made it to the big screen.
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