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Hello Ladies (2013–2014)
The only good comedy on TV!
30 October 2013
First of all let me say i love this show, and it quickly turned into my favorite comedy show this year.

Basically the show is about an English guy, who has absolutely no self consciousness (a lot like the boss in "the office") who is desperately trying to hit on hot (and some not that hot) girls on every single occasion he has. the combination of the two results in disastrous embarrassing situations over and over again.

Just like "the office", this show grows on you and it gets funnier and funnier each week, the character played by Merchant is hilarious and the side kicks are also funny and memorable characters.

I can only recommend this show to people who like "embarrassing" type of humor, and my advise to you is to give it at least 4-5 episode before you decide if you are going to commit to it!
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