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Enjoyed it more, than I should have?
12 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Colleague mentioned this movie to me and was not impressed. I expected nothing and was positively surprised to like this movie more than most people apparently do.

What annoys me, is that a lot of people give this movie shit for missing logical explanations and not explaining everything that is going on by scientifically correct and accepted theories, but those same people give every super-hero movie a 9/10, that have the same problems.

This a JJ Abrams movie and JJ doesn't give a shit about logic and accuracy. He presents a premise, that could work and then puts all his weird, unexplained stuff on top of it to make it more mythical. Clearly this strategy worked a lot of times, so why stop now?

Most of what Hollywood produced over the last ten years is borderline cliched, illogical, pretentious and downright stupid, but they raked in Billions this way, so at least some of you pay for this crap (and seem to like it very much!).

I liked the intro and first climax, where the hell is earth? And of course the crew is panicking. They are tense and frightened, locked in this space station for over two years. A lot of people (back on earth) believe, that what they are doing could end all existence, so maybe, just maybe you snap, when something seems to confirm your worst fears.

They couldn't navigate and determine their position because of the missing gyro-thingy, another chance to fuel the panic well taken.

Maybe Im more used to the whole dimensions-colliding-and-weird-stuff-happening, but to me the premise was quite clear. Reminded me of the great Event Horizon.

After the space station collided with another dimension (not universe!), all hell breaks loose and very strange things start to happen. Here it starts to feel a little bit like Donnie Darko. You are not supposed to mess with other dimensions and the crew is experiencing this first hand "This dimension is eating us alive!".

Very typical JJ here! Take an accepted scientific theory (multiverse, dimension travel, etc.) and garnish it with some religious, mythical evil (your not supposed to do that, the other dimension "defends" itself). Either you go back to your own dimension where you belong, or you will be destroyed.

People have no problem with Cthulhu appearing out of nowhere in the first movie, but an arm eating wall it stupid? Does anyone here know, what happens if two dimensions collide?

And to top it all of you have people arguing about the science in this movie (just why even start?) and cite wrong facts by themselves (the water freezing scene was great and would work exactly like that. who locked her in and started the water flow? we will never know and we don't have to).
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In the Fade (2017)
Almost too real...
2 January 2018
Only after I saw "Aus dem Nichts" I realized the distance felt watching foreign movies, that keeps me safe from too much emotional contact. As a German this movie felt so real, depicting real events (apart from the ending) and knowing these evil bastards are still among us, planing their next move.

The ending could have been more satisfying, but this was probably the only realistic conclusion for a mother and wife, that lost everything.

Diane Kruger was amazing, tears were shed and after the credits rolled, I needed another 10 minutes to get up.

Very powerful movie, but you should be in the right mood.
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Pacific Rim (2013)
Very entertaining, if your prepared for it!
1 February 2014
I had to wait a certain amount of time, till I was ready to give this movie a try.

When I first heard about Del Toro doing a NGE styled movie I was hooked. After the movie hit the theaters, opinions where mixed. A lot of people (me included) expected more from him, maybe something deeper and more refined.

Had I watched the movie right after the release, I had given it a score of 4-5. But as time went by, I still liked the concept and a lot of friends said the usual stuff like "you have to turn off your brain and enjoy the ride" and I responded with "Oh, is it that bad?". I watched to many bad movies to waste my time with another one. But then a friend got hold of the Blue-ray and I watched it. I knew what I could and could not expect and the most important part, I accepted this for myself.

I have to admit I enjoyed watching this movie! Nothing brilliant, no surprises, but in the end more then I hoped for and over two hours of visual stunning action. This movie certainly isn't boring! Why did it work for me this time around? Because the movie never tried to be more than it was. It doesn't take itself seriously and feels more like a comic with its share of humorous moments.

The more important part for me was the revelation, that you can't rate a movie once and for all. Your life changes, your behavior changes and also your thinking. How many things do you like, just because you where there when they got created? How many of those things would you experience in a completely different way, if you would encounter them now, for the first time?
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