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Downton Abbey (2019)
Full of fun, quick wit & pageantry
13 September 2019
Everyone is back! If you love the Crawley's, you will love the movie. It's fun, full of glamour & pageantry, and a few twists & turns. It's a little predictable, but who cares. It's fun. Violet, our lovable dowager, is her quip usual self, & thank goodness. A few new characters have entered on scene that are delightful, and hopefully will return for the next movie.

To be a set designer & purchaser for this film must have been a fabulous treat! Oh, my. If you like antiques, this is the movie for you. Also, the lighting in several scenes were simply extensions of the moment. They were just perfect. Be prepared to be pleasantly entertained and enthralled by it all.
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Fun, A Ride, and Loads of Fun
27 August 2019
I gotta say I'm biased even before I start. Love all these guys- Johnson, Statham & Elba. If you've seen any of their movies before you know what you are getting into- A fun, edge of your seat (oh, dear, how did they do that) ride. And of course, there are laughs! I'm sure these guys were cracking up as they did some of these scenes. It's totally crash em up Movie. Oh yeah, Kirby is great! Can hardly wait until the next one! Please hurry up.,, or rather .,, get it done Fast & Furious style!
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