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Swamp Thing: Worlds Apart (2019)
Season 1, Episode 2
So she barely knew this guy and "liked him a lot"?
12 June 2019
I like this show, but people accept some bad and forced "romance" just for the sake of it? She met the dude and the very next day he is dead and she was like "but I liked him so much", even rom-com doesn't try to fool us like that.

Also the kid sick seemed quite healthy and if the wasn't for the paler make up, she could have passed as any other kid.
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Swamp Thing: Pilot (2019)
Season 1, Episode 1
A epidemiologist doctor with no knowledge to hazard protection?
1 June 2019
Why does the doctor perform an autopsy with no protection? She is dealing with pathogens she has never seen before so why is her hair and, more important, her face uncovered? It seems unnecessarily risky.
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We have a Captain Marvel, she can't act but her powers though
8 March 2019
The main actress did an average job as Carol Danvers, there is not a single moment where her personality was shown so it is kinda hard to relate to her. However, I think young girls might see this film with a less critic eye and see Captain Marvel as a bad ass that kicks everyone's ass, and it is a valid reason to like her as well, even though a shallow one.

Three other characters stood out more to me and they were: Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson and Annette Bening. Hands down the best acting done in the film, Annette could have been better used, though, too little scenes of her.

Story wise, it's an origin film that unfortunately was crammed in so she had the chance to show her powers, why she wasn't in the events of Infinity War and appear on the next Avengers film to save the day. It really feels like Disney didn't think it through when placing this film because it feels rushed.

90's reference wise it is okay at most.

I would just like to point out that there is a scene with Samuel L Jackson that I had the impression they used a similar soundtrack to the film Shaft, if so I found it quite cool.
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Castlevania (2017– )
The animation is great, all the rest is bad or cliche
17 November 2018
I didn't like season 1, but decided to give season 2 a shot, needless to say I was disappointed. The animation is good, the drawings are great, but there seems to be a serious issue with dialogues, lines that don't match faces and emotions of the moment, which could also be tolerable if it wasn't too bland and emotionless delivered. Since the dialogue is bad, the story is poorly developed - not to talk its reliability on cliches. Netflix should have aimed at Hellsing, instead we got something plain and boring.
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Peaky Blinders: Episode #2.2 (2014)
Season 2, Episode 2
What's the deal with Polly?
23 July 2018
The first season Polly wanted to pass as the "matriarch" of the family, however as the season passed she seemed as spoiled as Ada, and she is supposed to be what in her early 20s?

In 2x01 she once again had shown she isn't suited to be on a role of relevance, the only compliment we heard for her is that she "always understands matters of the heart", but that ain't what their business is about, and now on episode 2x02 we are reinforced of her inability to take any responsibilities.

Aunt Pol is a bigger hassle than Arthur, because the latter still has brawls that can be used on battles. I really wished they made her a more reliable character, specially after Tommy said they believe in women equal rights. (BTW Ada could suit this role, like a Michael Corleone kind of thing, being a natural even though nobody knew that)
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Rushed, bad acting, but it can be saved - with better work - if there is a continuation.
21 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The series is too long to be just one film, I even thought that a trilogy like Rurouni Kenshin would fit better, but it would not be able to explain what it needs to be explained for the diversity of arcs.

For instance, it is mentioned in the film, at least three times, the Ishval Civil War of and it doesn't go beyond that, Chekov's gun for what? I can not go without praising Sato Ryuta's acting, he knew exactly how to portray LTC Hughes; besides that, they brought well the Alexander + Nina chimera scene, which was once again disturbing and sad to witness.

They must have some troubles with the children interpreting Edward and Alphonse - or the test-scene wasn't well received -, for we don't see the kids suffering the consequences of human transmutation, what we got was older Ed being the target of what happened with him when he was a child in the original, in my opinion, it doesn't have the same impact.

There is a post-credits scene, but I would go with two - which would occasion on some changes in the film's plot. The first post-credits scene would show after the initial credits, with the name of the main actors, then the second would happen in the end where we would see Scar, Nina and her dad, that would make sense for the before mention Ishval Civil War and would open a possibility for a continuation, even pleasing the fans that disliked this film.
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Family of Lies (2017 TV Movie)
"Thriller", someone must relearn what film genres are
7 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids".

The acting is bad, it's no where near a thriller and the story is appalling. Everyone is so naïve, specially Emily which was supposed to be the legal guardian of her siblings. Her brother is able to hack into the PD database, but she starts working in a company that doesn't even exist? Worst, she even applied for a job there, go figure...

By the way, her relationship with that Shane guy she met him and three days later was already having sex with him and brought him home? Specially when she knew there were people after her family?

The cherry on top was "if something happens, don't go to the police, come to me and I will do something", she didn't have a job, no expertise in self-defence nor weapons, how is she supposed to defend her family from "professional killers" that the FBI have informed the police and they have proof they were around the city. "Professional killers" that's a new one.

And her boss starts babbling about her plan, how she started with a terminal patient and kept doing insurance fraud and that Emily would be the next one, it was so annoying, it felt like watching Scooby doo, but it wasn't nearly as fun as watching the cartoon.
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Amelia 2.0 (2017)
A good example of a great idea poorly developed
13 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Another approach for the Theseus's paradox, what makes us "us"? Is it our bodies? Our conscience? Our memories? If we maintain our conscience, but change the body, are we the same? If our memories are implemented in another being, do we "die" and, at the same time, reborn in another body? The film uses this complex discussion and distillate it - a lot - for the viewer, it is so watered down that we can't even consider it with a philosophical concept anymore.

(here I start nitpicking, if you don't like that skip the next paragraph)

Maybe it happened like this for plot reasons, but some things didn't make sense, for instance: when Amelia (android) had her first contact with Amelia's (the deceased wife) memories, everything was fine until her system conflicts with the fact that the deceased wife is dead. The android believes that she is still that Amelia, but how come can she be that Amelia if she shouldn't be awake? So her system enters in a breakdown and so does she. For me, understandable, the android would have access to an early memory that is triggered by two events: in school when a little girl approaches her and at home when she faints; fast forward to the android getting better acquainted with her body, and here starts the "plot-holes", Amelia known she is married, but doesn't know who the person she is married with, which doesn't make sense, a huge event such as a wedding isn't something that she should understand and even request for "my wedding ring". She must know what a wedding and a wedding ring represent, thus knowing that she has to be married with someone, being married implies that she has spent sometime with the other person - cue the memory she has of someone she can't remember her face, but makes her happy. It is highly unlikely that she only had one memory of that person, she must have done several other connections to connect someone as her husband, otherwise she wouldn't be able to recognise herself as a married woman, nor the value of her wedding ring.

Story wise I believe the script seemed rush, they tried to use a lot of different characters and it felt over-saturated, for instance the political part was rushed in some moments and wasn't used in its full potential. The characters development, considering those that have, is limited, some are out of nowhere as Max in love, others are expected as Paul being a greedy (companies and money vs. Science and patience). Some of the acting is distasteful, even though I didn't have my hopes high for some actors and actresses.

It is a 90 minutes film that will pass and you will feel like nothing changed in your life, as I said before the philosophical idea that could have been a mark of the film on the viewer was watered down, thus a plain film that will be forgettable for most.
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Lincoln (2012)
It's not because it is called Lincoln, we should expect a film about Lincoln
8 August 2017
The film is about the 13th amendment, that is clear, despite the fact that in the trailer we are shown outside scenes, combat scenes, they are not what you will be mostly seeing here. It would be better translated as "the backstage for the 13th amendment", because we see how people are convinced to accept it.

Now, something that disturbs me is one of the top reviews (and controversial), even though I believe he is right at some points, such as in the "no sense of space", he truly believed that this film was about Lincoln's life, he was under the impression that he was probably going to see a biographical film, his infancy, his time at the army, probably the years and years he tried to get elected. Nothing explains his misinterpretation of the film for his score, he probably read "Lincoln" and thought "oh this is a film about Lincoln's life", when his expectations were not fulfilled he demolished the film with his review, I don't think a generalised title such as "Lincoln" should make you believing that you would be seeing all about his life, it would be the same as being annoyed when you watch "The Neverending Story" and the film ends, but isn't it "neverending"?
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The Awful Truth is that this is their first, best and only performance together
16 July 2017
Cary Grant had his best performance with Irene Dunne in this film, they are both humorous and seem to share a bit of what they find funny. Not only that, but we can see that they are definitely in synchronisation, their teasing and sarcasm were much better delivered and developed than, say, "My Favourite Wife". Too bad they only did three films together, I would love to see more comedic performances from him and her as they were shown in this film.
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Just another teenager film (good, rebellious and redemption)
16 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Emilia is a 15 years old that lives with her dad and her younger sister, Elsa,(oh yeah she also has an older brother, but we don't know why he was there because he is more life a chauffeur for Emilia), she is a great student, she is also a part of her school's running team, her boyfriend is one of those "cool"/jerk guys. Emilia does everything that she is told by her father and she doesn't seem to care, she goes shopping, clean a closet for her dad's new girlfriend, reads for Elsa.

One day her boyfriend and their friends bring Emilia to a pool party, then they tease her saying that she would never jump from one of those platforms and, as a teenager, she fell for this defiance. When she reaches the top she finds Siiri, the rebellious and this is where the toxic friendship starts.

Siiri has a kind of good-bad influence in Emilia because she thinks that Emilia should just do what she is told by her father,that's why she is "boring". However, Siiri is limitless doing stupid things, and inciting Emilia to do the same, or worst.

Siiri never recognises the wrong-doings that she does towards Emilia, Siiri seems like a broken adolescent crying for help - since her mother doesn't seem to give her any guidance, and only appearing once in the film (by the way, Emilia's mother doesn't appear in the film at all, only mentioned twice, could we understand that the lack of a mother presence would be a differential to a teenager girl upbringing?) - and Emilia is always the one approaching Siiri when you expect the other way to happen.

Emilia searches for approval, Siiri searches for companionship in her madness and self destructive behaviour. We can see that Emilia sets her free from this need of approval when she climbs that same platform again and Siiri is there and instead of sticking around with that "friend" who tells her "if I asked you to jump with me, would you?", Emilia caress her head, because she cares about Siiri, but she can't keep up with her anymore, she doesn't need her approval, then she climbs down the platform.

The film doesn't bring anything new in the teenager world of films, the acting isn't bad, but the actress that played Siiri stands more, the story in some parts doesn't the realistic even teenagers have some moral and limits. Would I recommend to teenagers? No, it would take a bit of thought to understand the meaning of the film, also most of Siiri and Emilia's misbehaviour go unpunished, thus teens could understand the film as "wow, so I can do some bad stuff and never get caught".
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Cringe is the keyword
16 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There are five important characters in this film Anne, David, Julia, Julien and, believe it or not, Gabriel, that won't show up at any time.

David is the best example of cringe-worthy material, it was, at least for me, really hard to deal with his lack of stand by himself feeling. Anne has a comic aura surrounding her, but she seems too artificial, as she didn't played her role willingly. Julien is the douche - I, for a moment, thought that Julien and Gabriel could be the same person. Julia is the pretty face that doesn't speak, she suffers from the "Lady and the Tramp" syndrome, girl that is rich ends up with poor dude. And Gabriel is really important because, without him, we would feel pity for Anne, and even though her artificiality transpires through most of the film, she still has some sincere moments with David, when they talk about their loved ones.

Maybe as the other said, I didn't understand the film in its full content because I'm not fluent in French, maybe someday I'll re- watch it with a better French.
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