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Ponderosa (2001–2002)
Interesting connections here....
13 November 2005
As I watched the ponderosa, I noticed a few things. First was the way they explained how Hoss and Little Joe got their nicknames. The next thing which struck me as interesting was how one ranch was named the Green (Lorne Greene) Ranch, how the big guy has the name 'Big Dan' Larson (Dan Blocker), Mr. Orowitz is the owner of the store (Eugene Orowitz was Michael Landons real name!), and another character with the last name Roberts (Pernell Roberts). I thought the show was interesting to see, especially how Hoss was cast to be very similar to the original Hoss. I wish there were more than 20 episodes, but it is interesting to see how they are explaining how Ben Cartwright gained his fortune, is widowed, and other simple hints of the original unanswered questions of Bonanza.
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House (2004–2012)
House is educational.
3 May 2005
It is interesting. I have been attending pathophysiology for a nursing degree. All during the season so far, I have been astounded by the parallels with what we are studying in class to the actual topics of the show. Whether there is drama, conflicts, or seemingly impossible situations with the symptoms and diagnosis, it has actually helped me in my class. The other shows on TV haven't even come close. Grey's Anatomy is the closest. After the discovery of this show, the whole class tunes in to learn more about pathophysiology. Who would have thought that education on TV would be actually entertaining? Tell me, how many people who have watched the show actually think they are getting educated? Education on TV without being on PBS. Amazing!
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The Red Skelton Hour (1951–2016)
what made it last so long?
30 December 2004
Red Skelton was watched weekly even before I was born. As I watched the shows, it was if he was part of our family. My father would laugh and giggle along with the rest of us. What made the show funny was not only the rehearsed script, but the ad lib comments. He included us as if we were right there with him. While some considered him as unprofessional by causing others to crack up on stage, we the audience found it funny to see the serious characters laughing and smiling on screen. I am sure the performers came on the program to enjoy a bit of lighthearted performing. If the program had been a professional polished perfect performance, I don't think the program would have lasted as long. It was funny, entertaining, and at times, very poignant. I think one of my most memorable performances was Freddy the freeloader with the Raggedy Ann doll that changed to a 'live' partner. It taught me that all people crave someone. It touched my heart then and every time I think of it. It was a Yuletide performance and it is in my memory as a child. Red Skelton wasn't only a performer, but a human being to share his humor and wit. It is one of the programs such as Leave it to Beaver, Father knows Best, and others to build a set of standards that make me a better man today! The statement God Bless was a statement at the end to wish everyone in every aspect of life to have their life improved.
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