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A boy and a girl fall in love.
27 June 2014
The Fault in Our Stars in an amazing film made from a dreadful book, which is strange because it's usually meant to be the other way around. The film brought the characters, that lacked depth in the book, to life. Though the plot and monologues in the book seemed a little to convenient and predictable for literature, it was perfect for the movie. I do give a congratulations to Josh Boone, Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort for resurrecting a plot, with great potential, from the grave and, to the stars for their amazing performances. The Fault in Our Stars is worth seeing but I do recommend that you see it either(A)on your own or (B)with anybody that is not a teenager girl that read the book and says,"This is going to be best movie ever!", until Mockingjay comes out in the fall, because she will ruin it when she stars crying in an obnoxious matter at all of the obvious parts of the movie. I also recommend that unless you want to be disappointed with this amazing film DO NOT READ THE BOOK FIRST IT WILL RUIN YOU!
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East Los High (2013– )
A group of high school seniors, living in East Los Angeles, face obstacles that lead them to learning life morals, finding themselves, and realizing their true potential.
4 July 2013
East Los High is nothing like I have ever seen, now a days directors and producers only want to make films or TV shows that focus on first world problems; not being the coolest person in school, or the guy or girl you've been crushing on is not responding to you. East Los High shows problem that are common for this generation with teen pregnancies, death, and drugs. The characters feel so real that if you don't like them you will punch your screen, I know I have, or if you fall in love with one of them your heart will sink when they face the problem that changes their lives forever. East Los High teaches the viewer on how to avoid the mistakes they have made, i would definitely suggest this series for pre-teens that are hitting "That Age". East Los High is the complete package it has revenge, sex, and love.
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American Teen (2008)
A group of teenagers; a rebel, prom queen, geek, jock, and bad boy/ player, all got though their final year of high school.
3 July 2013
In my life i have seen many movies about teenagers from Sixteen Candles to High School Musical, and in all the movies i have seen, none have compared to American Teen. American Tenn is the most phenomenal film of the decade. This film truly does define an American Teen. Most films exaggerate or over expose the "Typical Teen" but this film shows a high school life from every angle in a beautifully crafted way. This film changed my life and opened my eyes to another world. The main protagonists are so full of personality and very unique. This film shows you morals and makes you think back to when you made their mistakes, achieved their successes and fell in love like they did. The film is so perfectly edited they filmed every scene as it should have been and glued all the scenes so that it's just a continuous stream of beauty. This film made me cry, laugh, and scared. mainly scared because it made me think about my senior year and if it would end up being that catastrophic, but in the end it gave me hope. I would watch this film when i'm happy, when i'm down, in health and in sickness. The If there is one movie to see it is American Teen.
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