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Sting: Moment of Truth (2004 Video)
Shows what it is really like being a wrestler, great life story!
29 December 2004
This movie was great! Loved the music. The movie takes you back through Steve Borden's wrestling career and even includes his days tagging up with the man who would later become the Ultimate Warrior. And all the way through his career to this point. This movie showcases how it really is most wrestlers, outside of the WWE, most wrestlers have to travel all around just hoping for a break. This movie is a Christian movie, but not too overly Christian if you know what I mean. Really enjoyable! As a wrestling fan you will just love this movie as it shows highlights of the Stinger against Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Randy Savage, and even some updated footage against some of the NWA-TNA stars.
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