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Black Sails (2014–2017)
Loved the Historical Drama
19 April 2018
Black Sails is a historical adventure television series set on New Providence Island (present-day Bahamas) and a prequel to the novel Treasure Island. The plot revolves around the pirates of the 18th Century. The show uses real names of pirates, historical figures, and events from the time although in fictional plots, still overall it sticks to the truth when portraying the life and working of those times.

The visuals are stunning, with great details going into building the ships and costumes of the time period. The cast and their performances are perfect. The storytelling is interesting, with lots of dramatic events and twist n turns happening but nothing is rushed. Every plot is developed and matured and then only comes to a crazy conclusion, at times this approach does give the series a feel for being too slow and getting dragged. This is an intelligent show with more talking, plotting, intrigue and less action. I for one found it to be one of the most underrated series, the direction and pacing to me felt like Rome meets Breaking Bad.

Season One (8/10) - The plot revolves around Captain Flint's hunt for Spanish treasure galleon Urca de Lima. Add to it the politics of Nassau town and rivalry between different crews we get to see how a pirate's life looked at the time. I did take time to develop a sense of belonging for the characters and their wellbeing, also the initial time taken in developing the plot didn't help the matter either as the mysterious past fuelling Flint's action was kept in dark till the season's end.

Season Two (10/10) - This is the season the show really comes on its own, besides Flint and his crew I started enjoying the other Pirate characters. Also, we finally get to know about Flint's past and what fuels him. Most of the episodes were like a boat in thunderstorms, dark, full of turmoils, nothing is sure and spectacular to watch. The crazy start and finale are mind-blowing.

Season Three (10/10) - The show continues its great roll, it brings in a new plot, theme, and characters which only increases the stakes in an appropriate manner. This is the season where the pirates come together to fight against the British Empire and legends are made. Black Beard & Governor Woodes Rogers are introduced and the turning of Silver into Long John Silver was truly a marvel.

Season Four (9/10) - The masterpiece ends, an appropriate and perfect ending, maybe too perfect. Ultimately the season ends with the bells ringing to the closer of the Golden Age of Piracy.
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Marco Polo (2014–2016)
Excellent Historical Drama
9 April 2018
The show is loosely based on the narration by Marco Polo, it is more about Kublai Khan the Mongol Emperor and workings in his court than about March Polo himself. I got into the series thinking it's about Marco Polo, the only thing I knew of him was that he was a merchant who traveled the Silk Road, was not even sure if he was a European or Chinese. So it was interesting to find out about his beginning and the part he played in Mongol politics.

The show is a true masterpiece when it comes to production value, the cinematography, stunning vistas, periodic props and the clothing feel and look authentic. It's no wonder it's touted to be the second most expensive series televised. Also, it just might be one of the only truly international production, there was no whitewashing of the Mongol characters, everyone looks and seem genuine as if they were made to play the role. What this means was the production was destined to fail, as the largely Asian cast and theme would not work for the Western audience and the English speaking dialogues won't work for the eastern audience.

(3/5) Season One is about Marco Polo's rise in Kublai's Court, at the same time showing us the unique Mongol & Chinese culture of the 13th century. We see court struggles, assassin attempts and the conflict between the Mongols and Chinese. The first season is slow to start and gets sidetracked too often in the middle with too many plots in play, by the end you are unsure of what the show wants to tell. Still a great watch.

(5/5) Season Two rights all the mistakes it made in season one with the highlight being the gripping storytelling, central plot and grand visuals. There are many crazy cringing moments leaving you stunned. The plot focuses on others attempts to claim the throne of Mongol Emperor, one by-election another by betrayal. This series really came on its own this season, sad it got discontinued right after.
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Jessica Jones (2015– )
Review Season 1 & 2 (Two very different seasons, from refreshing to boring)
3 April 2018
7/10 Season One Was refreshing to see a Superhero series without any spectacular action or CGI effects and still being good. Marvel's Jessica Jones is a Drama relying on good acting, solid plot & Detective PI work to get the work done. The series is targeted at adults with believable action sequences and depiction of sexuality & the darker side of Crime. My complaints are the show could have been shorter, could have easily given us the same story in a crisper manner. Also, Jones always seems to be using her super power in a very controlled manner unlike the brazen use by the bad guy. I felt it's more to do with the lack of CGI budget, why make a super hero action show and skip out on action sequences!!!

Jessica Jones with her abrasive personality is a difficult role to play but still, Krysten Ritter does a good job of it. With Jones what you see and what you get are just opposite, she looks delicate with her petite body frame but has super strength, she is an alcoholic but got a quick mind, always sarcastic & rude but got a caring heart.

David Tennant's shines as Kilgrave, the smartly dressed bad guy who has the power of mind control. His portrayal of a narcissistic sociopath is the best part of the series.

The show got great supporting characters that give excellent performances and each and every one have this unique/weird chemistry with the Jessica Jones. Mike Colter as Luke Cage brings in the guilt ridden love interest, his intriguing past and characterization propelling him to get a show for himself. Rachael Taylor is great as Trish "Patsy" Walker, step-sister & at times side kick and the emotional pillar for Jessica Jones, her charming characterization at times overshadow the Jones. Carrie-Anne Moss is good as the cold blooded lawyer although felt she was underutilized.

This is a not a Superhero series, it's more a vigilantly PI vs Super villain series and a good one at that.

4/10 Season Two I found the season to be too long, underwhelming and missing a climax, its lack of a bad guy didn't help it either, the subplots were not needed and the main plot lacked focus. It was nice going while we had an element of suspense on who is the powered killer, but ones we get to know that it all went downhill. The relationship issues bought up are complicated but dragging it along for so long and ending it the way it did just didn't work for me.

In the earlier season I had loved Trish Walkers role, in this one we had an overdose of her. Still with her headstrong personality and wanting to play a hero it would be interesting to see what Patsy does in the future. The show hangs on Krysten Ritter performance but even she couldn't interest me to binge watch it (First Marvel Netflix I haven't binge watched)

Also, what was it with no mention of Defenders & no cameos by any one of them, the inter connection of the Marvel world of Netflix makes it more interesting and fun, this was such a let-down.
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The 100 (2014– )
Keeps getting better season on season, dark post-apocalyptic science fiction drama
27 February 2018
The 100 is a post-apocalyptic science fiction drama, it got an interesting idea working for itself. The story revolves around on how humanity survives on a space station called the Ark after a nuclear war has made Earth inhabitable, the rules are strict, everything is rationed and there is less than four thousands of humanity left. After 97 years the Ark has run out of time so they decided to send a group of 100 juvenile criminals to Earth to see if it's survivable, their crimes are simple stuff like stealing food or getting drunk.

(3/5) Season One: It was good, with lots of action and events happening both on the Ark and the ground. The episodes revolve around the question of leadership and survivability. On the ground there are the grounders hunting down the 100 and on the Ark there is a race against time with limited oxygen supply. All the characterizations are good, no straight good guy or bad guy, making for complex and compelling characters.

The season was full of cheesy dialogues, poor script and some minor plot holes but it still manages to give us some gems and plenty of unexpected moments. The season ended on a high note with the introduction of the mountain man.

(2/5) Season Two: The story revolves around the three distinct groups struggle with each other - Sky people (People from Ark) vs The Grounders vs The Mountain men. Alliances are made among them and how this brings internal divide among each of the individual group.

The plot holes and character flip made me frustrated. In trying to surprise us they just threw storytelling and plot out of the equation. Yes, there are plenty of twist n turns, gritty scenes and many gems but overall I was annoyed. That didn't stop me from binge watching it, its entreating but vexing.

(5/5) Season Three: I loved it, the AI A.L.I.E bought the craziness to a whole new level, we also get a lot of historical background on what actually happened to lead to the apocalypse. With a distinct central villain who is someone other than a human, we can blame all the mess and suffering on someone other than mankind for change. Also, the city of light brings in great world building to this dystopian world.

This season is full of edge of seat situations, emotionally fuelled confrontations and central cast members getting killed. The plotting and pacing are extremely fast paced with plenty of well-crafted fight sequences and superb unexpected benders. I did feel some of the dialogues and question on moral boundaries was not needed this late in the series but they were just a few minutes of those. This was by far the best season for the series yet.

(5/5) Season Four: The end of the world is here ones again, with it the race to save humanity with each clan trying to be the one to survive. Alliances are made and broken frequently, people drop to new lows to survive. Loved how they make these people turn into what they fought against in earlier seasons.

The series keep growing on me, by now I have stopped vexing when a nice character takes questionable decision on matters of life or death. The ground rule is clear the creators of the show will keep throwing the question of moral dilemma, the human brain vs heart, the complexity of personal emotions and the conflict of what's the right decision, where to draw the line. This series had some popular one-liners one of them being "Maybe there are no good guys" which best describes everyone in the series.

The season ends on a high with some crazy twist n turns.
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Drifters (2016– )
Nice Anime & Plot with scope in storytelling.
16 February 2018
I loved the plot and the animation itself is great, got lots of violence and humor too. It's the terrible storytelling and characters along with the dub and sub which spoiled the experience.

The setting is a medieval fantasy world with elves, dwarves, orcs, humans, and dragons. There is a war going on between the humans and the rest of the species. The twist is famous personalities with military background from earth are transferred there after their death, these guys are called Drifters. It's interesting to see how these famous people change the world around them with life-giving them a second chance. Facing them are Ends, these again seem to be famous personalities but ones who died a painful death. The ends also have mystical powers to supplement their personality.

My complaint with the anime is the focus on Japanese personality which the people outside Japan won't know about. The ones known the world over like Hannibal and Joan of Arc are given weird personalities. I would have loved it if they would have pitted a Hannibal vs Rommel. These unknown famous guys from Japan just don't hold the interest for me.

The Eng dub for the anime was missing for most of the episodes so I had to shift to sub, even that use to skip out on 2-3 minutes of gag scenes.
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All Out (2016–2017)
Mediocre Anime based on Rugby
30 January 2018
For some reason the series has high ranking on the site I watch amines on, so I ended up picking it up, turned out to be mediocre at best. The sports anime is based on rugby, I didn't know much of the sports but thought to give it a go to learn more about it, yea it's an interesting sport, but the anime is not to my taste.

Plot (3/5) - As the plot goes it's your typical shounen sports stereotypes story, a team of underdogs trying to excel with their determination and hard work. With some new team members and a coach they make the first strides towards their goal. The first season's 25 episodes were all about getting the team ready with just practice matches and such. This was an average first season without any humor or emotion, there was not even one hard biting match which matters.

Characters (1/5) - Well, this was what put me off with the anime, they all seem to have weird characteristics, none of them seem normal run of the mill guy, too many blushes and bro love for my taste.

Anime (1/5)- Actually the anime itself is not the problem, its actually good, but it's the character sketches of the people that were terrible, most of them look same, so one can't differentiate between them and the worse part they all seem to be pumped out models acting girly, rugby is a rough sport right?
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28 January 2018
This is my first anime series based on music & slice of life theme, it's the most realistic anime I have seen and I loved it. I had already read the manga it's based on so I had high expectation and still, it was able to deliver. The surprising part was the anime was made in 2005 and it still has an appeal to it.

The story revolves around the formation and struggle of a rock band, it takes its time with the process so it does feel slow at times. The main protagonist is a 14-year-old kid, he is an introvert who gets introduced to the rock, we see his growth both as a singer and a guitar player, adding realism to the story is his otherwise everyday life such as him getting bullied at school and such. The other highlight of the anime, his bittersweet love life.

In the second half of the story, the involvement of Mafia and goons to control music business did feel a bit overboard, well this is anime and it can only get realistic to a limit.

The animation itself was great, very different from what we are used to, the colors used were muted dull & dark, going with the underground music theme. The music is good and does grow on you over time, still other times it felt repetitive.

Not sure if it's meant for everyone, but I for one really enjoyed it.
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Good Animation with Food being the star
26 January 2018
An anime on food sure piqued my interest. It was good enough for binge watch, the highlight is the display of one scrumptious dish after another. The animation is real good in displaying the dishes, from presentation, to aroma, to inside filling, it's able to capture the essence of well-made dishes. The story itself is straightforward, a young boy's dream of becoming a top chef, it covers his growth and battles in a culinary school against others with similar dreams, although unoriginal it works. The characters come in different colors and unique personality but in the end are all likable, there is no evil person here. There is one problem with the anime, it may be the highlight for some or put others off, the extra dose of ecchi and fan service, it does go overboard in expressing characters' reactions after they eat the food, still, it's an anime, and is kind of expected. In the end, it was a very entertaining anime for me, I ended up watching both the dubbed season 1 & 2 and am looking forward to season 3.
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Great action focused Anime
18 January 2018
The movie is only for those who have watched the series as it starts off with a belief you know the characters, there inter relation dynamics and how this world and its technology works. There are enough references from past for fan service while giving us a new setting and plot. For me it's been few years since I watched the show, forgotten many of the characters and the story, I felt like I missed out on elements when they get into past talks and such.

The movie is based in Cambodia, a trial capital city is built using the Sibyl System. The problem is local government having to fight rebels outside the capital area, the worse part the rebels seem to be trained by the runway enforcer Shinya Kogami. Enter Inspector Tsunemori, she goes in to resolve the past as well as the present. The story is great, lots of intrigue and suspense all throughout until the end.

The animation itself is amazing, better than the series. The artwork is gorgeous, especially the ones showing the temples of Siem Reap and the jungles of Cambodia. Also, the fight sequences are crazy awesome, the group of mercenaries are bad ass fighting machine.

I enjoyed the movie, although its more action focus than Sci-Fi story driven.
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13 January 2018
I have been hearing of One Punch Man on social media for quite some time, there has been a lot of hype surrounding it, finally got to see the anime at last, got to say initially I was confused, was it a parody on other anime's or an genuine original take, either way I was disappointed. I felt it is mediocre at best, the story-line was lacking emotions and the gags were few and far in between. Yes the concept is cool, a superhero who is so powerful he defeats bad guys with a single punch, he is bored with all the easy fights and so was I. Also, the way the story kills cities and thousands of lives without any remorse from even the Heroes just didn't add up for me, I just couldn't get attached to these characters. The animation itself is good, just I didn't enjoy the storytelling.
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Entertaining Shonen Anime
10 January 2018
Wow, really loved the anime, been sometime since I have gone back to watching an action shonen anime and guess I have missed the simple comedy adventures and heartwarming storytelling. The plot is simple, a world where 80% people have quirks or what you may call superpowers, the strong ones work as hero's to protect the society against evil super villains. Our protagonist happens to be among the 20% of the population without powers but hopes to still become a hero and wants to enroll in a superhero school. This is his story of perseverance and determination, on how he goes about achieving his dream. The anime and sound itself are of good quality.

Season One: The highlight of the first season was the emotionally rich story, world making and fun characters along with the nice fight sequences. It worked for me as more focus was given on storytelling than on action. All the 13 episodes were great from start to finish, superb pacing. (9/10)

Season Two: It has 25 episodes, although I feel it hit its climax mid-season itself, the last few episodes while fun felt repetitive, the pacing wasn't the issue, just I wanted more head-on confrontation from the bad guys. (8/10)
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Haikyuu!! (2014– )
Excellent Sports Anime
8 January 2018
Really enjoyed this well-made anime on Volleyball, I didn't know much about the sports and its rules, didn't realize so much strategy went into it and how important team play is. The plot is your typical shounen sports stereotypes, an underdog who excels with determination, along the way he makes friends and each one in the team is a standout specialist. The anime is well paced and keeps thing exciting all throughout, there is lots of humor to give you big laughs. The storytelling utilizes the full spectrum of emotions from losses to win, from giving up to never giving in, from timidity to overconfident, from solo play to teamwork, it covers each aspect of the gameplay with relevant emotions. Another good side to the anime is the realistic game play, no over the board plays and super moves. The characters are all likable, one of the few anime without having any evil guy in it.

The anime itself is really good, got great art and colors. Did feel the music could have been better, nothing of it stands out in mind after a week of watching the anime.

It was enjoyable enough for Binge-watch, so hopefully, you get the idea. I am looking forward to Season 2 getting dubbed.
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Arslan Senki (2015– )
Beautiful Medieval Theme War Drama
1 January 2018
I really enjoy medieval themed animation and as it is there are very few of them around, so got into watching Arslan Senki with a high expectation and it didn't disappoint. The story is full of intrigue, huge military battles, tactics and twist and turns. I loved the culture setting & geography, the civilizations and culture were similar to Persia and Indian Subcontinent, an area mostly ignored by the animation industry. The plot revolves around conquest of a kingdom by use of treachery and a little bit of magic. Add to it hints of regicide, fratricide, conflict between father, son, nephew and other multiple sides in wanting the throne of Parse, we have a Game of Thrones kind of situation only suitable for the 15 years age bracket. The focus is on a timid prince who gets support from heroic personalities of the kingdom due to his kind-hearted characteristic.

The supporting characters are varied and nice, the protagonist has a lot of character development over the seasons making It feel right. The camera angles used in battles are masterful, taking in the whole battle from bird-eye view to one person action, the action sequences and tactics feel realistic. The animation itself is decent, not the best I have seen but good enough. The music, on the other hand, is soulful, perfectly complimenting the different situations.

I really loved the anime only problem the second season had ended in cliffhanger without any new stories to come yet.
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Yuri!!! On Ice (2016– )
Beautiful Anime, Fun, Entertaining and Quintessential
28 December 2017
I didn't expect I would enjoy a series based on figure skating so much, just started watching seeing its high rating on an anime site and I was hooked. Initial episodes won me over with its innocence and charming humor, the funny take on the world of skating was hilarious to watch. The animation itself is very good, more like a work of art. Professional Ice skating scoring is done both on technicality and presentation, this meant the skating presented in the animation was beautifully choreography along with great background music. The characters present in the anime are fun, loving and entertaining, only the positive side of people are shown without one negative or bad thought, unrealistic in the real world but a beautiful take on an ideal world.

I did feel the show kind of got repetitive with the skating in the last 1/3rd of the 12 episode series, by now we had seen the same performances on the same music many time overs. Still, the final performances were special. I did feel the ending was perfect.

The show is not for everyone, its male themed and there seems to be clear sexual tension between the guys, the gay theme was unrealistic as the world shown here is discrimination free. I took it as hilarious as it was kept ambiguous till the end, no clear scene, just emotions, but don't know how it would sit with others.
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Not worth the time
26 December 2017
I am new to the fate series; it took me 2-3 episodes just to get a hang of what was happening. Simply it's a war between two factions, red and black, each having 7 mages who summon a hero each from legends/history to a battle royal, the winning pair gets granted there wish. The concept sounded interesting but what it meant was keeping track of 28 people!!! Luckily the anime does not throw them all at ones on you. Still, the ones introduced are hard to keep track off and everyone's role felt rushed considering there are only 12 episodes. Would have enjoyed the plot if they had concentrated on the heroic figures past and the reason they agreed to be summoned as in what was that wish they wanted to be granted for which they would agree to be reborn as a weapon of war. Instead, we are left with only battle scenes and lots of fan service, the way they go about destroying a legends characterization is horrendous. There is a hint of a backstory, the reason why this is happening which we get to know only at the end of the season and it's not worth sitting through the 12 episodes for. The animation itself is decent, not bad, not good, just decent.
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The Defenders (2017– )
Even with its many flaws, the show has more good than bad in it.
26 December 2017
I was really looking forward to this team up of my favorite television heroes, all the Marvels Netflix heroes in one series, this was going to be the Avengers of the small screen, well it was mediocre at best, seemed I had too high an expectation.

Don't know where the flaws where but I didn't seem to enjoy it as much as I would have expected to. Maybe the story was too simple, maybe too much of dialogues with the best ones already shown in trailers. Or it might be the pacing issues or the lame supervillains group Hands, but I feel the biggest issue was that of identity, while others single hero series had a theme complimenting them, this one couldn't find its own. Revolving the plot around Rand Enterprise with the Hand being a business enterprise didn't help either.

The stand out performance was by Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra, we get an interesting and intriguing adversary in her for the defenders. Problem is while others have had cooler powers or action sequences she had only screen presence, it was all talk and no show. Another performance which was compelling was that of Elodie Yung's Elektra, she was a total bad ass with an unstable emotion touch. I loved Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones with her snappy dialogues, she was spot one. Matt Murdock the Daredevil is my favorite Netflix hero, he is good but never really gets to shine same for Mike Colter's Luke Cage. Finn Jones Iron Fist is still the weakest link, he is kind of dumb. Still, there is chemistry between them which makes it work.
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Inhumans (2017– )
Start was Horribly, Ending Mediocre
25 December 2017
The show started off terribly, the initial episodes were among the worst stuff I have ever watched. The plot, script, props, characterization, acting, you name and it was awful. The show felt like it lacked vision and more importantly budget. Seemed all the money was spent on making the CGI teleportation Dog who at least was cool. First few episodes were a big let-down as was expecting a lot especially after superb song selection for the trailer.

Some of the actors did start getting better as the show progressed, probably there stay Earthside made them more human as their emotions came out better. The first one I started warming up to was Medusa, played by Serinda Swan. She was the best performer of the lot. Ken Leung as Karnak added both humor and cool action sequences. By the end of the season, even Anson Mount made the role of Black Bolt as his own. Rest of the cast was horrendous, even Iwan Rheon who should have been the best part of the show and turned out to be the most stupid one.

Still, by the end the show had started taking redeeming steps, won't mind future season considering the intriguing ending
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The Punisher (2017– )
Big opportunity wasted.
25 November 2017
This was so slow and boring, I had loved the Punisher's outing in Dare Devil(DD), he was all explosive there, gory and fun were his trademark. Well, we do have gory here but it's not very often. It's the pacing and script that I have a problem with. The show had good materials for about for 4-6 episodes but they dragged the series up to 13 episodes with tedious pacing and unwanted fillers. The stupid script kind of destroyed the cool image of Punisher, DD had built up. This was supposed to be the most realistic of Marvel's series, with no superpowers and the action sequences being believable, well DD & Jessica Jones were more convincing.

Jon Bernthal shines as the Punisher, he is perfect, he is the only saving grace of the show but by himself not enough. The rest of the casting was mediocre at best, some of them were outright terrible.
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Ajin (2016– )
One of the better Shounen Anime.
28 October 2017
Really enjoyed the anime, it is a shounen anime (aimed primarily at a young male audience, typically characterized by action-filled plots). It had its share of issues but overall a good watch.

Storyline: Standard run of the mill story of Human vs Something Unnatural, Ajin in this case, a human which can't be killed, they also have a ghost-like companion which they can call to do there bidding. What it had working for it was the constant development of characters focused plot and the fast-paced storytelling, time was not wasted on useless drawn out fight sequences. Love a Shounen anime which is story driven. (8/10) Animation: Unlike other anime, this was a 3D CGI, would say decent most of the time, but at first it felt too erratic and took time to get used to, most of the times the body movements felt slow and unnatural, only during action sequences there was smooth flow. The biggest reason why people will not like the anime is the animation. (4/10) Action: Really enjoyed it, the fight sequences were tactical based and not simply overpowering someone mindlessly. Good use of mind games, strategy, ability and modern weapons. (8/10) Characters: One of the few anime where the bad guy was more interesting and intriguing than the supposed lead. There is no clear good vs bad here, survival, self-motivation is the biggest driven forces. (8/10)
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Sherlock (2010– )
Brilliant Adaptation on Sherlock Holmes ( The Detective)
25 October 2017
Really enjoyed the crime drama series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories, it's a modern take on him. With the high quality of the writing, performances, and direction it's a great watch. The plots are loosely based on the original stories while changes have been made in keeping up with the modern time. As the original was based during the Victorian time and this series is based in present day, accordingly, instead of pipe the modern Holmes is a drug addict, Dr. Watson writes a blog instead of a book etc.

The first season is an instant hit with its amazing plot, pacing, humor, and charms.

The first episode, "A Study in Pink" introduces us to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, we get to see the scope of Sherlock mental capability with his deduction sequences. The plot is really good and entertaining, got me instantly hooked to the series 5/5.

The second episode, "The Blind Banker" was nice but the plot and storytelling felt mediocre in front of the electric first episode. 3/5

The first season concluded with "The Great Game", the episode introduces the character of Sherlock's archenemy James Moriarty. The intellectuality game between the two is a marvel to watch. The plot and storytelling the best, ending with a cliff-hanger it's a 5/5.

The second season continues to entertain us with intrigue, great plot, lots of humor and a shocking end.

"A Scandal in Belgravia" is the first episode of the second season, it introduces us to Irene Adler, the closest Sherlock gets to have a love interest. The cat and mouse game between them is a treat to watch, great script and plot. (5/5)

"The Hounds of Baskerville" is the second episode of the second season. It is the most famous of Conan Doyle's story and the revision done on the plot to give it a modern outlook is excellent. It's full of mystery but the end is not as satisfying as season starter. (3/5)

"The Reichenbach Fall" is the third and final episode of the second season, it's the final confrontation between Sherlock and his nemesis, the plot, storytelling, pacing, and performance is brilliant. It could be considered the best episode of the Sherlock series. (5/5)

The third season is more focused on the characters then the cases, more on emotions then thrills. We get to see the human side of Sherlock with the adventures taking the lower stage. All this does have a purpose as we discover in the season's climax.

"The Empty Hearse" is the first episode of Season 3, the episode can be divided into three parts. The first part is about explaining how Sherlock Homes get back from death, many different theories are thrown in. The second is about the emotional turmoil Watson goes over on accepting Sherlock's return and the last about the detective case itself, which kinds of feels ignored on the overall scheme of things. (3/5)

"The Sign of Three" is the second episode of the third season. Its theme is the Watson wedding, with a crime to be solved in the wedding itself. The case plot is not the highlight instead it's the clever witty humor of Sherlock, a bit erratic and not the finest out of the detective. (3/5)

"His Last Vow" is the third and final episode of the third season. The finale ends the season on high, among the best episode of the series. All the build-up on showing the human caring side of Sherlock and the special relationship of his with Watson comes into play here. The strong plot got a creepy & dark feel to it, the storytelling and pacing are perfect giving us an unexpected non-Sherlock ending. (5/5)

The fourth season made me feel Sherlock has run out of steam.

"The Six Thatchers" is the first episode of the fourth season. By now it feels like the writers have run out of good source materials, the plotting is mediocre at best. (3/5)

"The Lying Detective" is the second episode of the fourth season. This is a perfect sum total of all the Sherlock episodes till now, we have a great plot, lots of intrigues, unexpected twists, loud emotions, tons of fun and great performances still somehow not able to eclipse the season finales of previous years (4/5)

"The Final Problem" is the third episode of the fourth season. Among the worst episodes of the series, too much over the top stuff happening, well it was always over the top with Sherlock but at least it used to be fun. While the plot premises is intriguing the way it went about execution was not Sherlock like. (2/5)

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (2015 Christmas Special). The special episode depicts a Victorian Sherlock Holmes, a mixture of fan service and social commentary. We do get loads of witty humor and intrigue but by the end, I was ready to get back to the Sherlock Homes of our time. (3/5)
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8 August 2017
It's been 15 years since the release of the anime series, I only got myself to watch it now. Got to say the production values, animation, voice over and plotting is still top class even now. The setting is about a 21st century society where cyberization and robots are common day features. Accordingly terrorism, blackmailing and other crime waves are more futuristic like hacking into people's brain to making clones and such. The series focuses on a group of detectives/counter terrorist who are elites in solving such crimes, one could say modern day FBI.

Each and every episode is a gem, initially each episode seem to be a standalone case, it seemed the focus was to introduce us to the modern society, only by the end do we realized its all tied up to a mega case. The story is now only about showing great animation fight sequences is the case with other similar anime instead it makes you ponder over complex questions.

The animation is top class, the fight sequences are still a treat to watch, from the conceptions, to the detailed sequence, to the smart follow through. The same can be said for the sound.

The characters, each and every one have their own story to tell, while the star of the show is Major, the supporting cast is well developed. Another stand out figure is the enigmatic Laughing Man, even when you don't see his face he leaves a lasting impression.

One of the best though out and executed anime I have come across.
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Iron Fist (2017– )
Below Expectations
21 March 2017
It is the weakest of the Netflix Super Hero series, the plot, the script, the fight choreography and the acting were very average. Each of the series before had some hallmark freshness to them, this time around felt Netflix went back a decade to old superhero series like Arrow, only more mediocre production budget. The pacing was terrible, there was not enough suspense or shock creation, some of the actors felt like noobs fresh out of collage but I think the biggest fault would goes with the direction. Still it is entertaining and I did binge watch it a day, just not to the standard I was expecting.
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Luke Cage (2016– )
Mix Bag (Review of Season One)
12 October 2016
First half of the series is amazing, second half equally lame.The series starts of great, with the character of Luke Cage already been establish in the series Jessica Jones, time is given to establish the place – Harlem, its culture, its music, its sole. The way each episode have its own stand out musical performance, along with the 70's feel is awesome. The series got excellent casting & performances. The direction & writing were excellent in the first half of the series and takes a nose dive from episodes 7. The initial episodes while the villains were never a competition to Cage, they fitted perfectly with the theme of the Harlem. The later episodes tends to go away from Harlem & focuses more on Cage's Nemesis. The bringing of a bigger villain to face off with Cage frankly didn't fit well with the word of Harlem.

Mike Colter is great as Luke Cage, he brings the power man image out with his attitude and his physic is natural perfect fit for the bullet proof man. The supporting cast were a mix bag, while Mahershala Ali's Cornell 'Cottonmouth' Stokes & Alfre Woodard's Mariah Dillard were great as Harlem muscle/political manic, the characterization of Shades & Diamonback were lame, mind you it's there characterization and the script they got which are terrible and not there acting. Same is with the NYPD, I initially enjoyed Simone Missick's Misty Knight, a strong women character but felt her to be weak & useless as the series progressed.

It's a great show just the writing teams in the second half were really bad.

The first half of the series were 9/10 series, the latter half a 4/10 for an average of 6.
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The Pacific (2010)
Bleak side of a war
1 October 2016
I was really excited to watch the series knowing this was a Companion piece to Band of Brothers (BOB) covering the Pacific Theater of Operations during WW-2, the series covers 1st Marine Division's battles on islands such as Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa. As a standalone series Pacific is excellent, but BOB being there a comparison had to be made and when done I felt Pacific to be a notch lower in almost every department. It's a different series than BOB in covering more on depressing side of the war than the heroic side.

The series visualizes the war from the view point of three individuals of 1st Marine from very different backgrounds, getting into their private life. Its show how normal citizens become hero, some are heroes by action during battles, some by just surviving the war and not turning into monster. A lot of time is spend away from action, an episode covers a year spent in Australia, one recovering from battle trauma, another on finding love & getting married. The series focuses more on individual emotions & bonds, frankly the time spend away from action is not entertaining as mostly it covers the gloomy side of war, the damaged soldiers & there condition. The sad part is the time spend on war also gets repetitive after a time with most of the islands being similar in nature, the jungles with its malaria, rains, heat & the unrelenting japs.

The action shown in the series is more gory then heroic, the series probably sets out portray wars as grim thing and not grand stuff and is successful at it.
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Best War Drama Mini-Series (actually the best series ever)
30 September 2016
The series is based on Easy Company, a part of the 101st Airborne Division during World War Two. The ten part series covers the company from the start of the war till the ending, there training in USA to their jumping into Normandy followed by another jumping into Holland, their participation in Battle of Bulge to them entering Germany. It's a facts based picturization covering all the major & minor details of the time and events.

Many of the episodes are shot from the point of view of individual character to give the storytelling continuity, the episodes have been covered from the point of view of the commanding office, the NCO, the medic and the other notable trooper.Some of the performances by the cast are outstanding, Damian Lewis as Major Richard "Dick" Winters is superb, he is the lead for the series being the commanding officer of the company. Other notable performers are Ron Livingston as Captain Lewis Nixon, Major Winters' best friend & Neal McDonough as First Lieutenant Lynn "Buck" Compton. The series got superb casting, few of the minor roles starer went on to become big name in Hollywood. Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, James Mcavoy, Simon Pegg & Colin Hanks all played minor roles and this was among their first break on television.

The direction is great, being ranked No.1 TV Show on IMDb is the testament of that. With a budget of about 125 million (this is 2001), it's got higher production values than most Hollywood movies at the time. The accuracy in details of weapons and costumes seem authentic.

This is my third watch for the series in the last 15 years and I believe I may end up watching it again in another 5 years' time, this miniseries is that good.
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