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The Morning Show: Lonely at the Top (I) (2019)
Season 1, Episode 8
Flashback Episode: A Day In The Life Of Mitch Kessler
7 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the latest episode

Since this episode took place all in the past, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) is absent from the episode, the void is filled by a great performance from Gugu Mbatha-Raw (who I watched in Motherless Brooklyn yesterday) as junior booker Hannah Shoenfeld, who has an encounter with Mitch in Las Vegas.

We needed this episode!! We finally learn a lot more about Mitch Kesser (Steve Carrell) for me it's been hard to see him as the shows bad guy. Yes, we've HEARD about everything he's allegedly done to and with women around the office, but we haven't actually SEEN any of it.

That changes in this episode, which is a look at the better days at TSM - back when men joke about inappropriate topics openly, and women laughed and went along with it.

Here's a day in the life of Mitch, pre scandal. Wake up; drink coffee made by his distant wife (who knows he was cheating on her) get driven to work by a chauffeur; arrive at work and be showered with praise; joke about seeing a woman colleague naked; make your producer and ex-lover feel uncomfortable in the hallway; go home; ignore your wife; play with your kids.

So his day is full of locker room talk, favoritism, and backstabbing (he's secretly planning to take Alex Levy's (Jennifer Aniston) juicier segments). But it's what happens in Vegas that esculates things, and is going to be a huge point moving foaward.

With only two more episodes left, I can't wait to see how this season ends, and bring on season 2!!
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Ed Norton Is Always Great
6 December 2019
I just got out of Motherless Brooklyn

Annoyingly there were 45 minutes of adverts and trailers!! That had to be the longest ever.

I love the forgotten genre of the private eye!! I love Ed Norton and he is great here!! Come on it's Ed Norton... When is he not great?? (ok, The Italian Job) Willem Dafoe and Alec Baldwin are great, also. Bruce Willis does not have a great amount of screen time. Booby Cannavale pops up too. But for me Ggugu Mbatha-Raw was a real stand out.

It's script is pretty generic, one of the twists was predictable and it has serious pacing problems. Whilst being a tad too long but it has a great jazz score!! It's a such great score!!

Overall, I enjoyed it, It is probably a great book!!
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The Irishman (2019)
Pesci Steals The Movie
4 December 2019
I just watched The Irishman

I really enjoyed it, possibly a Top 10 of the year for me, but it is more than a tad self indulgent. It's ridiculously over long, it could have lost half an hour (if not 40 minutes) and it wouldn't have missed a step. It shows a lot of similar scenes a few times, just to hammer some points home.

Robert De Niro is great!! its not one of his best ever performances, but he is the best he has been in years. Joe Pesci is wonderfully understated, he has lost none of his acting ability during his retirement, and is awesome (I think only the sheer amount of competition could keep him out of a best supporting actor nod) and like De Niro, Al Pacino is the best I have seen him in years (although I think Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is the only movie I have seen him in this decade) I think him and Pesci have the best chance of Oscar nominations, and I'm surprised that I'm saying that, as De Niro is great!! But again, I think the amount of solid competition, could keep him out.

The Deaging is not up to the quality of Michael Douglas in Ant-Man or Smith In Gemini Man (except that awful last scene) which for me is the high bar set for deaging!! For me, it is not THAT distracting once you are into it. What is a bit of a problem is they still move like (and have the hands of) a 70 year old man. It is very apparent in a scene where De Niro beats someone up early on.

Harvey Kietel is simply window dressing here. I think he has three scenes. Bobby Canavale is also under used. Someone I did like was Ray Romano, he surprised me with a fine dramatic turn. As has been mentioned a lot, Anna Paquin does not have a lot of lines. I think she only spoke once. But she does a lot without talking!! Stephen Graham (an actor I like) is solid too.

Mesmerising at times, dragging it's feet at others!! There was a period of about 60 minutes where I was busting for the toilet, but I don't want to pause it lol I do not get why it was hoping all over its time line, if he is telling the story, it should have had a more straight narrative line, but its so good seeing De Niro and Pacino in something good again, as they have both being coasting/sleepwalking through their movies, but here they knock it out if the park!!

The soundtrack is not on par with Scorcese's best, far from it. La Vie En Rose and In The Still Of The Nights are the only tracks I noticed and the score didn't register for me.

For me it's behind Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed, as it's pacing really bogs it down, but I enjoyed it.
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Attrition (2018)
Seagal's Best Movie In 16 Long Years
30 November 2019
Continuing my plan to watch every Steven Seagal movie in order, I just watched Attriton (2018)

WOW this one went quick!! With Seagal writing this one, I knew that this wasn't going to be a 20 minute cameo or him sitting or standing in the shadows, while younger actors did all the work, and with the exception of a few stunt doubles during hand to hand combat, he is doing all his own work!! No ADR dubbing, no stand ins, no walking doubles, its all him!!

Seagal is front and center of this one, he is mostly slapping people around, peace preaching before a machine gun shooting spree and a sword fight in which he dispatches the bad guy without so much as breaking a sweat, let alone anyone landing a successful punch on him, before it all ends with an On Deadly Ground style speach!!

We also get lots Seagal hand signals that really just show how awesome he is!! My son laughed every time he did it!! Obviously he gets his obligatory love scene with an asain chick, sort of!! He starts having wet dreams about the kidnapped girl (so she is topless in front of or on top of him in bed) there was some awful awful CGI blood too!!

Seagal's effort to recruit the bad guy's right hand man to his side that ended up with Seagal insulting the guy and then beating the crap out of him with ease is laughable!!

Speaking of laughable, Seagal sings one of his own songs (sat down) in a nightclub while the cast and extras are (probably) forced to Pretend to enjoy it as the closing credits roll is bizarre!! I couldn't actually make out whether he was in character or was just being himself, but then I realised, I can never figure that out during his movies anyway!!

Overall, it's much better than what Seagal has been doing the last decade or so. I'd rate it above the better movies of his goatee era, like A Good Man and Maximum Conviction and its more enjoyable than A Dangerous Man and The Keeper!! So I'd say it's his best since Half Past Dead back in 2002, 16 long years; and a whopping 36 movies ago!! It's not a good movie by any means, but (like with the recent Charlie's Angels) I didn't hate it!! I was entertained for one reason or another for 90 mins, and that's all I ask from a DTV Seagal flick.

On more to go, and my nightmare is over.
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Nick Nolte Raises The Quality
30 November 2019
I just got out of Angel Has Fallen, I must say I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this film. The plot is totally predictable and there's a handful of dodgy special effects... But I found myself thoroughly entertained by the peril, violence and non-stop action... I do not really like Butler.... I do not know why, I just do not connect with him.. Also, Nick Nolte is absolutely AWESOME in this! Where has this old my friend been? He absolutely killed it!!! Actually brought a small tear to my eye... The end credit scene is hilarious!!! There is also a scene with a crying baby I found really unsettling

So all in all, this flick is actually pretty entertaining
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The Morning Show: Open Waters (I) (2019)
Season 1, Episode 7
Winston Smashes It Again
30 November 2019
The Morning Show is so addictive, I just ended this episode and I immediately wanted to watch the next one!! Sadly, I'm watching it weekly, so I can't binge it!!

Billy Crudup is great as network executive, Cory Ellison, though disappointingly there was no Sweeney Todd number in this episode. Reese Witherspoon is tremendous, but Jennifer Aniston is again a revelation as the co-anchor who may or may not have been complicit in the #MeToo scandal on her show, She goes through a whole host of emotions and she hits every single note. She truly is an incredible dramatic actor, who sadly has been lost in sitcoms or romantic comedies for most of her career.

I can't with to see where we go next.
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Kristen Stewart Steals The Show
29 November 2019
I just got out of Charlies Angels (2019)

I went into this movie (like I do with Steven Seagal movies) with rock bottom expectations, and I have to say I didn't hate it, it's not a good movie, by any standards, its very cringey especially during the first act. The big twist was ridiculously predictable and I never believed the red hearing they tried to throw us. It's very feminist driven dialogue is eye rolling at times, as is how men are portrayed in the movie. But I expected that going in. The violence to men (security guards, just doing their jobs at a research lab) including one who died (which got a laugh in my screening) was a bit jarring. But he came off as a bit of a sexual pest, so it's ok, then!!

Of the acting, I hate to say this, but Patrick Stewart over acts awfully here. Naomi Scott (who I like in Aladdin) is guilty of not being totally convincing at times especially early on in the action scenes, Ella Balinska was ok and handled her action scenes ok, although I think if she was punched in the face as much as she was in her final fight, she'd have more than a bust lip lol Elizabeth Banks was fine.

Banks direction was fine, I didn't have a problem with how she handled the action scenes, the comedy elements or the more serious ones, although I spotted a couple of goofs, which you should never pick up on a first time viewing.

Now, I can't believe I'm going to type this, but I really liked Kristen Stewart in this!! She is not an actress I like (despite my eldest son telling me she is a good actress, if I bother to watch some of her little indie movies) I have always found her bland and unappealing, but here not only does she look good, she is funny and she made me laugh or smile on a few occasions!! She looked like she was having fun and it was kind of contagious.

Funny thing, there were 29 people in my screening, only 3 females but unusually there were no ads shown and only two trailers (Cats and Bombshell) before the movie started there were only 5 men all over 50 all sat on their own and two teenage girls!! All the rest came in after it had started. Normally you have half an hour of ads and trailers.

Have people being pulling their ads and trailers from being attached to this movie??

Overall I don't hate it, Kristen Stewart was the best thing in it and it will probably not make my top 10 worst of 2019 list
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Cartels (2017)
Luke Goss Is The Best Actor Here
29 November 2019
I just watched Killing Salazar (Cartels)

The long fall from grace for Seagal continues. Since 2003, he has appeared in almost 30 STV movies. That's two dozen more than the 10 pictures from 1988-2002 that were box office hits. In the last decade, things have grown worse for what is left of his fan base, as he is now a supporting player (some times not even that) in his own movies. That's the case, once again, in this tripe, but it was strangely enjoyable tripe. I can't quite put my finger on why I found it semi enjoyable, I think it was because of Luke Goss, he was the best actor in it and i enjoyed his performance.

It looked like it had the biggest budget for a movie featuring Seagal for a long time, but for me Seagal was the weak point of the movie, he is a constant distraction every time he comes on screen with his bloated face and jet black hair and goatee. There were times he didn't even look like he was putting the effort in to realistically hold and fire a gun, let alone hit anything.
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Knives Out (2019)
Johnson Subverting Expectations Again!!
27 November 2019
I just got out of Knives Out, it was a packed screening at 11am on a Wednesday.

Once again Rhian Johnson pulls the old bait and switch, I went to see one movie, but got another!! Oh how this guy loves subverting expectations!!

It's hard to say if I liked it or not, as I was disappointed to not get the all star, murder mystery ensemble I had been promised in the trailers, but I did enjoy what I got though, and I laughed a few times. I'd say it's a thriller more than a murder mystery. Oh and it has a political message too!! They are not subtle undertones, they hit you over the head with it.

All of the big stars have don't have that much screen time, Daniel Craig probably has the most, whilst Jamie Lee Curtis has the least, Ana de Armas gets the most screen time, and she is hardly in the trailers.

The cast are all having fun in their roles and its hard not to enjoy yourself when they are in screen, but I'd have to say Ana De Armas is the best one here.

I can't get into what I didn't like too much without going into spoilers etc, but all in all I enjoyed it for what it was, instead of hating it for what it wasn't.
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27 November 2019
Continuing my plan to watch every Steven Seagal movie in order, I just watched China Salesman (2017)

As usual with this type of dtv fare, the cover and trailer make it look like Steven Seagal and Mike Tyson are the leads, and both men are barely in the film.

This is terrible, and not because of the lack of Seagal and Tyson, no it's because of its woeful (supposed plot) cliche dialogue and is awfully acted!! I didn't even make it to the 40 minute mark.
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Top 5 Movie Of The Year
26 November 2019
I just got out of Le Mans '66 (Ford V Ferrari)

I'll admit, right off, I do not like racing movies for two reasons 1, I have no interest in motor racing and 2, the movies always have the same problem, boredom (the cars go round and round) and predictability (the hero wins) but i'd heard good things about this one and it's James Mangold (Copland, Logan, Walk The Line) so I went to see it.

First off, it is not really about the company of Ford versus the company of Ferrari, maybe that's why it is called Le Mans '66 in the UK. Carol Shelby (Damon) is hired to create a car to win Le Mans '66 by Ford, he insists on having Ken Miles (Bale) help him and be the driver. The suits at Ford do not want Miles driving and attempt to drop or undermine him every chance they get, as Shelby and Mild try to design said car in 90 days en route to Le Man's '66. So really it's Shelby & Miles versus the suits of Ford, whilst Ford wants to beat Ferrari.

I loved the performances, Bale and Damon are both great, Bale just steals every scene, he is the heart of the movie, you root for him, he is the underdog, because Ford don't want him as the face of the company!! You never root for Ford, truthfully, I never cared about the Ford V Ferrari thing at all. I just wanted Bale and Damon to succeed. Despite being nasty to the Americans at the beginning, at least Enzo Ferrari cared about what he was doing and the sport of motor racing and he had some honour. Henry Ford didn't care about the car or the sport. He just wanted to turn around decking sales and was mad at Ferrari over an insult.

I think I enjoyed it so much as it didn't really focus on the racing aspect, if you are expecting a racing movie, you will be disappointed. It focused more on the making of the car and the various relationships. You don't need to know about racing to enjoy this movie, it's about the characters.

Everyone knocks it out of the park!! Not just the main actors the supporting actors too, Josh Lucas is in this and of course he is a d*ck, isn't he always!! I mean I really hated him, I couldn't wait to see him get knocked out!! Ray McKinnon is great too, every time he was on screen, I was trying to place him, an IMDB search reveals he was Bradley in A Perfect World.

If I had one complaint, and it's only minor it's Jon Bernthal, he is great, it is his idea for Ford to enter the world of racing, he chose and is Damon's biggest supporter and then he just disappears or is relegated to the background or if he is in shot not speaking , he is an important part of the first half of the movie then he doesn't speak for the second!!

Top 5 movie of the year for me.
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Life Is Too Short
23 November 2019
Asian Connection (2016) . The gist of this pile of trash is two guys rob a bank and get away. A nasty bad guy (Seagal) is none too pleased about his money being stolen, send his right hand man to track them down and make them pay, instead he betrays Seagal and has them rob more banks, that hold his money!!

Seagal does not do much, except sit around whinging about his money being taken, don't fear though, he still has his awful scenes with much younger women.

I actually turned this one off. Life is too short for this tripe.
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21 Bridges (2019)
Stephen James Really Stands Out
22 November 2019
I just got out of 21 Bridges

It's predictable (The twists are obvious) the dialogue is also routine and predictable (my son was saying some of the lines before the actors) but overall, I enjoyed it. A decent enough way to pass 90 minutes

Chadwick Bosnan is an effective leader and JK Simmons offers solid support but the always awesome Kieth David was under used and whilst the rest of the cast (Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitch) is all fine, it Stephen James was the stand out for me, I actually wanted him to get away at times.

There were only 19 other people in my screening
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The Morning Show: The Pendulum Swings (I) (2019)
Season 1, Episode 6
Jennifer Aniston Knocks It Out Of The Park
22 November 2019
WOW!! Jennifer Aniston knocks it out of the park here!! Watching her emotional breakdown is heartbreakingly sad to watch!! At times her character is difficult to like, but you cant help but feel sorry for her.

I was waiting to see what Steve Carell did this week, but he is absent from the show Chip Black (played by Mark Duplass) shows he has a darker streak than has previously hinted.

I can't wait for next Friday.
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Carrell's Moment To Shine
22 November 2019
I really like this series and the direction it is headed. So far. It has been Aniston and Witherspoon who did the heavy lifting, this time around Steve Carrell really gets his chance to shine and I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve.

I've been singing the song from Sweeney Todd ever since I watched this episode
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Surely, Seagal Can Not Get Lazier, Sillier Or Sleazier Than He Is Here
22 November 2019
I just watched The Perfect Weapon (2016)

The Hitman meets Blade Runner, think it sounds promising?? You'd be wrong! Johnny Mesner is no Timothy Olyphant and Steven Seagal is well, Seagal!!

The guy is so lazy here, he gives an aikido lesson sitting down!! Yep. Sitting down (he sits behind desks and tables in a lot of his later movies) then, there's the funny flashback of a young Seagal who is played by a stunt double with his face hidden in the shadows while he kicks someone's ass. God forbid he'd have to stand up for anything. As usual, we even him in a bed with a naked Asain chick too. In this one, he again faces off against the hero, and just to placate Seagal's ego, we see he's a much better fighter than the man we've been calling a "killing machine" for the entire movie. He literally kicks the ever loving out of Messner, who doesn't land a successful punch or kick on Seagal. He's just extra creepy here too, for this Zoner, he seems to be playing himself. He also has a brief monologue while massaging a naked lady to add to his creepyness.

The only thing worth mentioning is Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop) and Vernon Wells (commando) pop up and DAMN.... Sasha Jackson is hot!! Seriously check her out.

This had the potential to be good, but it's just dull Once you have seen Seagal on giant video screens talking to the city, you think you have seen it all!! Then comes the ending!! Just WOW!! I am assuming it was meant to set up a sequel that never came.

I gave it 3 stars one for its effects, which are pretty decent for a dtv Seagal flick, one of the stunning Sasha Jackson and one for the novelty of seeing 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger bad guys in one movie
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The Aeronauts (2019)
I Enjoyed It
21 November 2019
I just got out of Aeronauts

I was having some lunch with my son, when we decided to go see a movie, I'd not even heard of this movie, let alone seen a trailer (I seemed to miss this thread) or read any reviews, so I went in 100% cold, except knowing it starred Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

I'll just say this, if I had watched the trailer, I would have not have gone. As I spent the majority of my time, gripping the arm of my chair, or shaking with vertigo!! Ever since I suffered a brain injury a few years ago, I'm awful with heights.

I was surprised to see it was made by Amazon Studios. I have to say this is the kind of adventure tale that isn't made well that often anymore. When it focuses on its main plot, it's an effective movie of two people who did the impossible, when it shows flashbacks, it gets a little flat.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Redmayne, I find him really likeable and I enjoyed Jones in Rogue One and The Theory Of Everything, they do have good chemistry, even though there is no romantic relationship, here. Himish Patel (Yesterday) was solid supporting too.

With great cinematography and a truly engaging performance from its female lead, this one surprised me, and if you have a chance to see it in theaters before its eventual Amazon release, you should take it.
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Code of Honor (2016)
Didn't Have The Imagination Or Balls To Have A Decent Twist
21 November 2019
Continuing my plan to watch every Stephen Seagal movie in order; I just watched Code Of Honor (2016)

Seagal does Death Wish, sort of, except it's not just muggers he kills; he actually blows up a strip club, where I'm sure there were innocent workers and customers in there!! The explosion at least looked real, unlike the rest of the CGI on display here. As for Seagal, he is as bland and uncharismatic as always; and I don't even think he even spoke until almost an hour in it. His character is as awesome and brilliant as always, the way he is spoken about is laughable!! Craig Sheffer comes off as a girly fan boy gushing over how awesome he is, there is a hint of it in the trailer, but the full thing is longer.

The movie hinted at a HUGE twist which actually peaked my interest in the final act, but then it didn't have the balls or imagination do it, so I was just left annoyed.
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End of a Gun (2016)
Another Stinker From Seagal
18 November 2019
Continuing my plan to watch every Steven Seagal movie in order I just watched The End Of A Gun (2016)

Another turkey from Seagal. The story was a mess and some stuff here made zero sense.

Seagal isn't dubbed this time, and I wish he had been!! He mumbles his way through the movie, you can barely comprehend what he is saying and he displays zero personality. The fight scenes as are mostly done with doubles and aren't impressive in any way making it all feel boring.

The babe this time is former Sugababe Jade Ewen.

Overall, I'm already bored talking about the film.
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OK, But I Wanted It To Be Better
17 November 2019
I just watched Murder Mystery

I loved Adam Sandler back in the day and truth be told I'm probably still in love with Jennifer Aniston, but this wasn't the home run I was hoping for

Thanks to the genuine chemistry between Sandler and Aniston and its relatively quick pace its own ok watch, but I wanted it to better.
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Seagal Needs To Stop With The Sex Scenes!! Bork!!
17 November 2019
Continuing my plan to watch every Steven Seagal movie in order, I just watched Contract To Kill (2016)

This is my second of Seagals 6 movies, yes 6 movies released in 2016. All released in the May & September of 2016.

This is another one that sucked, It's plot of you can call it that, was insanely hard to follow. Why is this story so complicated? I have no idea. I eventually lost interest before I started looking at my phone.

The only other thing I have to say about this movie is, I think it's time Seagal stops having sex scenes in his movies. Watching him fondle a much younger hot babe is about as awful as it gets, and his sex scene with Dallender is just vomit inducing. The scene might have worked if Dallender and Seagal had actual sexual chemistry (Like Eastwood and Russo in In The Line Of Fire) but since they don't the whole thing is just horrible to watch and at this point I turned it off.

This movie is a waste of electricity.
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One Of My Favourite Movies Of 1986
16 November 2019
I just watched Ruthless People

Hands down, this is up there with Stand By Me, Top Gun, Aliens and About Last Night in my Top 5 favourite movies of 1986.

Bette Midler is a delight, over acting like this, is hard to do, without being really annoying or looking really bad, but she pulls it off delightfully. Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater are also great as the wronged would be kidnappers, why didn't either of those two have bigger careers?? They are great. There is also great support from Art Evans, Clarence Felder (an actor I always enjoy seeing on screen) Anita Morris and Bill Pullman with blonde hair.

But the movie belongs to Danny DeVito!! If you don't buy into his character the movie does not work. If we believe he really wants to kill his wife, then we can believe he would not pay the ransom if she were kidnapped, which is the main plot of the movie!! It is so hard to play a lovable villain, and DeVito does it so easily. He is a joy to watch here.

They don't make em like this anymore.
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Excellent Use Of George Michael's Song Heal The Pain
16 November 2019
I just got out of Last Christmas

There are several laugh out loud moments in this and my audience seemed to really enjoy it, but it didn't always work for me.

George Michael's music is the highlight of the movie. They especially use the track Heal The Pain really well, even more so than the use of Last Christmas.

Emilia Clarke (Danaerys Targarean from Game Of Thrones) is an actress I have a real soft spot for, and she does well here, probably the best I have seen her in a movie since Me Before You. Henry Golding is fine as the male lead, Michelle Yeoh made me smile a few times, but for me Emma Thompson got the biggest laugh in the movie.

Clarke's character is not particularly likeable to begin with, she is a selfish, promiscuous, heavy drinker who constantly upsets her friends and does not seem to care about her actions. You know she will have changed come the end, as in all good Christmas movies, but if anyone but the loveable Clarke played the role, if have had a hard time caring about her.

It is more than a tad predictable and is heavy on the foreshadowing and at times hits you over the head with its message, I don't think it is designed to be a Christmas classic, but it's an ok 90 minutes, especially if you like George Michael's music, Emilia Clarke or Emma Thompson.

My cinema was pretty full, And they seemed to enjoy it
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Genric DTV Action Flick, But Neithef Seagal Or Van Dam is The Main Star
15 November 2019
Continuing my plan to watch every Steven Seagal movie in order, I just watched Sniper: Special Ops (2016)

This is another bad one!! Seagal is only in this movie for about 10 minutes (despite being the only actor featured on the cover) and he mostly just sits about. Rob Van Dam is not the main star either, he is the right hand man to the main guy who is played by Tim Abell.

Seagal is actually playing a decent man here, not like some of his previous characters. I have to hand it to Rob Van Dam, he didn't suck, I thought he was going to, but he was ok. Outside of that, I am clutching at straws to come up with something worth mentioning about it.
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Mercenary: Absolution (IV) (2015)
Mann & Jones Try Their Best, Seagal Drags It Down
15 November 2019
Continuing my plan to watch every Steven Seagal movie, I just watched Mercany: Absolution (2015)

A total mash up of dtv cliches. Vinnie Jones plays The Boss (that's his only name) and Steven Seagal plays John. "The only man who can get the job done" Alexander (Is this a sequel to Force of Execution and A Good Man, where he was also named Alexander??) the writers worked over time coming up with those names

This is one of the worst from Seagal!! There is a LOT of stand ins, stunt doubles and ADR. I'm pretty sure unless you can see his face, it's not him in every other frame. What makes it worse is they do not even resemble him most of the time. A decent Martial Artist named Byron Mann picks up Seagal's considerable slack. The movie could have just starred Mann and been perfectly watchable, in fact is have preferred it. Seagal and his doubles make this movie worse. I'm not sure who watches these movies, but considering I still have a fair few to get through, there must be an audience and they must be mostly profitable.

Seagal is just bored here, he brings nothing to this movie, he mostly avoids eye contact with co-stars, has no energy, no effort, in most cases no presence and except for the odd amusement at his jet black hairline and jet black goatee, he just brings the movie down. Jones does ok with what he is given, but he doesn't stand out like he should, but at least he is trying.

Watchable for Mann and Jones, but despite the editors best efforts Seagal drags it down.
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