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Appleseed (2004)
Humankind has created a perfect society. Can we actually live in perfection?
6 September 2005
If the first 5 minutes of this movie don't grab you, you're probably dead. It has action, suspense and a whole lot of great animation, and thats all in the first 5 minutes. As the story moves forward you'll be hit with plot twists and clean fight scenes. Set in the future when artificial lifeforms are commonplace mankind must rid itself of petty racist views and violent tendencies. Duenan Knute and her companion Briareos must choose sides in a battle for humanity's future. Using a combination of standard animation and CG this movie goes where few have dared to try, there just aren't enough movies, (anime or otherwise) that deserve to be recognized by the major film awards, its a shame this one didn't go to theaters in the United States, the only way to make it better is to have seen it on the big screen. Appleseed rates in the top 3 for me, right up there with X and Armitage the 3rd. I hope to see more anime like this in the near future.
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Storm Watch (2002)
B Movie that turned out better than expected.
29 August 2005
I generally don't watch any movie that hasn't gone to theaters. However, this one intrigued me and I enjoyed it enough that it has become a part of my movie collection. Special effects were very good, the actors played their parts well, and the plot worked well. It did seem similar to a Jude Law flick called Existenz though this was better in my opinion. As a technonerd I found the movie a little less plausible than most might. But taken as a work of fiction it did well in all my categories. Special Effects, Acting, Execution, and Storyline. Terry Cunningham, did an unbelievable job on this film and I look forward to seeing more that he has to offer. Hopefully he'll do some big screen presentations for all to enjoy.
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