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The best form of the tale
9 January 2005
Grew up with B:TAS, unlike the Mike Keaton, and Val Kilmer movies. Kevin Conroy is excellent and will always be the real Bruce Wayne/Batman. B:TAS is the classic stuff you gotta love, and it beats the heck out of the comics and Adam West any day! Can't wait for DC Classic Collections: Volume 2 of Batman: The Animated Series. If you don't already have it, Volume 1 is outstanding, complete with audio commentary and extras. Plus, now you don't have to get up at 2am to watch it on Cartoon Network(if it's on anymore)!! Batman: The Animated Series, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, and Batman: Gotham Knights best series ever!
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Unspeakable (2002)
Best movie I've seen in a while
9 January 2005
Gotta say this is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Pavan Grover and Dina Meyer are an excellent duo, and the story line is incredible. If I'm right, I believe this film is based on a true story, and it is just amazing. Diana Purlow(Dina Meyer), a psychiatrist, must figure out a plan to get Jesse Mowatt(Paven Grover) to confess to a murder that was pinned to an already condemned, innocent man. Using her new technological advanced equipment, Diana convinces Jesse to test for a brain scan, which reveals disturbing evidence of the homicide, and secrets in Diana's sensitive past.

Overall this movie is a definite 10 until and if I see any better flicks. Again, Dina Meyer manages to take a fan's breath away in this sci-fi thriller.
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