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The Hit Man and Her (1988–1992)
Bump'n grinding...
25 December 2004
Ahhh, so this is what it was called back in the days, for those who don't know, this is not some LEON movie regarding a hit-man and a female, instead it was about music. You know, you got those images in your head but the title is always the one that you always seem to forget! Now we'ved nailed it.

This was a late night music/clubbing show that just basically aired all the latest club tunes that was going around those days - a TV version of MTV's summer beach house but based inside.

Hosted by Micheal stratan and Pete waterman (the hit-man), hence the title - who introduced the latest and erm, greatest acts (at the time)such as Sonia, Sinitta and Yazz onto our screens.

I remember a particular dancer all Kajagoogoo'ed up (remember them?!)and strutting his stuff - scenes of Alan patridge in a thong springs to I really don't know why i watched this series back then, i guess it was just an 80's thing!
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The New Statesman (1987–1994)
Alan B'stard indeed!...
24 December 2004
This is a hilarious political-cum comedy, this series reminds me instantly of the political bits in Little Britain.

Rik mayall at his best, TNS has more of an intellectual side than his usual fast witted comedies boyish humour and innuendo's aplenty, which is quite political correct in this respect! :p

A sheer classic, lots of fun and humor to be had, just don't watch it in front of your inlaws, unless they like the show of course! Beg borrow but don't steal a copy! watch it, laugh it and you're gonna really enjoy it!

In fact, all this talk has got those memories flooding back again, i'm gonna order the DVD set now! ;) 10/10
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Games World (1993– )
The good'o days
24 December 2004
This show was THE show for gaming (providing you had satellite of course!). Had many cool features such as the latest gaming news and previews - it had a certain spark from other games shows - gaming is all about fun, gamesworld made gaming fun. Presented by Bob Mills who later had his own show called In bed with medinner - it also had a load of guest commentators such as computer and videogames magazine editor Tim Boon.

David Walliams (Lance) has since gone onward and upwards, sidekick of Matt Lucas in award-winning comedy series Little Britain.

Alex verrey (Aka Big boy barry) on the other hand however, surprisingly has stuck to gaming and is now working in a games peripheral firm.

Funnily enough, I was interviewed by Alex and was asked to do a review on a certain Atari Jaguar game on the show back then! (Yeah i still got it on video for a laugh!) ;) Ahhh, classic days!
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The Sunday Show (1995– )
Hi, I'm Dennis, so who the hell are you?...
24 December 2004
The show that got Paul kaye (aka Dennis the pennis) into the spotlight.

A Sunday show, hence the title, which talked about the happening events of the media, movies and anything and everything they could dig up and talk about basically.

My fave bits would obviously be the Dennis the Pennis scenes, he mingles with the celebs and asks questions they dread in their worse nightmares!

Presented by Donna McPhail, Paul Tonkinson and US babe Katie Puckrick (who also hosted The Word).

Great show, bring it back please BBC!...
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The Girlie Show (1996–1997)
Now its time for W of the week!...
24 December 2004
These were the days of "Girl power", this show was presented by a load of yep, you've guessed it, girlies! The girlie show was hosted by Claire gorham, Sara cox, Rachel williams, and Sarah cawood.

Broadcast late at night, they had the authority to dig up the dirt on just about anyone and everyone, from TV celebs to singers and anything else you can think of.

The show had special guest appearances. Funnily enough the title of the show also sounds familiar to another show at the time, yes thats right - the Sunday show, which if you like was the cleaner version of this.

TGS was infamous for its celebrity mocking, when the time came the presenters would all chant out "and now its time for the W***** of the week!" Ahhh, happy days...
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