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I think the show would look dumb on TV if they aired it today
15 July 2005
I remember this show along with a few other live action Narnia tales. They had many other better shows back then during "kids time" on PBS. "3-2-1 contact", "wonder works", they also had a poetry show where they would tell stories while drawing pictures to them. (I can't remember the name to that one.) I think all of the narnia shows filtered out as one of the dumbest shows aired on PBS back in that time. I think I was 7 or 8 years old back when these shows aired. When watching these shows back then, I never cared or noticed the the bad film quality, it all looked real to me. Some of the scenes and the creatures in these shows scared the "smack" out of me. From the "apple II computer" special effects, to the bad make-up, it all looked real. I recently found (and thought I should restore to DVDR), some old PBS recordings on VHS. I saw old coming attraction ads of these shows for PBS, I think it was the one for "lion, which, and the wardrobe". The show was fake, I couldn't believe I was afraid of them. Other than the Narnias, PBS had a lot of good kid shows back then. Now i'ts nothing but cartoons. Maaaaan, I think thats dumb.
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Fox's Fun House (1988–1991)
every kid has a TV clown
15 July 2005
Every kid has a TV clown. "Tiny" was mine. He was hilarious. I remember in one episode when he dressed up as this female chef, representing some sort of kitchen game theme. A 400 pound dude dressed up as some female cook. He and the cheerleaders are what kept me watching the show. There are a few episodes I remember pretty well, one of which guest starred the R&B group "THE BOYZ". I Remember the prizes. Duuble Dragon II for NES, BK shoes, they also won prizes like a computer, they never said what kind of computer it was. The cheerleaders always announced the cash prizes at the end. I don't think producers would release any "game show" DVD collections any time soon. Even if they did, I am sure it would be a while before they would release this particular show.
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My Brother and Me (1994–1995)
i remember this show
7 February 2005
These were another one of those shows to where they were good back when the episodes originally aired, back when I was younger. But if they ever air the reruns now, I may watch them because I missed them, but I may not like them as much as I used to. Alfie, Didi and Goo were always funny when they were in a scene together. That sister of theirs I thought was fly, but she wasn't that funny, and she wasn't nice. My favorite episodes were "the pet snake", Didi's haircut", and the one where all the kids play tricks on each other, and at the same time the mother is trying to enter the family in a magazine. I miss this show along with all the other nick shows they had back then.
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