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NYPD Blue (1993–2005)
Good-Bye to a Great Show
15 February 2005
After reading some of the comments on this board I'm left scratching my head in dismay. How can anyone say that the hate NYPD Blue, it's been in institution in prime time television and I will deeply miss it. Several people stated that the show went down hill since David Caruso left, apparently people are forgetting or perhaps they just did not know. David Caruso left because the producers would not allow him to have 100% control of his character and because the network would not pay him almost double what everyone else was getting paid at the time. Numerous published reports have stated that David Caruso was and probably still is very hard to work with. I for one do not miss him in the least and think the show has done remarkably better in the 10 years or so since he has been on the show. The great thing about NYPD Blue is that it's so diverse in character depth that no one person really steals the spotlight. There are not many shows we can say that about, not many at all.
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Rodney (2004–2008)
One of the Funniest People in America
29 December 2004
I've been a fan of Rodney Carrington for many years. If you've not heard any of his stand-up comedy you're really missing out on one of the funniest people in America. Rodney Carrington has sold out Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY many times along with many other arenas and concert halls across America. As for the sitcom, it's very good, well written and is usually very funny. It places a struggling stand-up comedian in rural America in various situations as he tries to further his comedy career while also working to support his family. Many of the episodes are based on the stand-up comedy of Rodney Carrington and the real life situations he has faced. I've not heard anything about how this show has done in the ratings but I do hope it is picked up for next year. You're missing out if you have not seen this show.
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Making of Fire Down Below
22 December 2004
Not only was this movie terrible, as most all Steven Segal movies have been but Warner Brothers came to Eastern Kentucky to film this movie and they left town without paying several people who worked as carpenters and forgot to pay their bills and local hardware and electrical stores. While they were in town I was able to meet Steven Segal, he actually friendly. The one positive thing that I will say about this film is that Warner Brothers and Steven Segal did do several charitable things while in town. One example is that one of the little girls who was an extra in the movies home burned to the ground while they were in town filming this movie. Steven Segal heard about it and sent her about 300 Barbie Dolls and Warner Brothers helped the family get into a temporary home. In conclusion the movie was bad but most of the people I met on the production staff and the few actors that I met were very nice people.
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