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Incredible Melt your heart adventure film
19 February 2020
WOW this another film that just blow me away, seriously if you can not find any heart in this film you have no soul. This is truly one of the most heart felt, emotional funny and damn right Heart warm adventure ive seen in a long time.

The cast of this film with their various role done a great job with the acting, Cara Gee and Omar Sy brought some of the best Heart felt, amazing moments in the film, with some funny moments with buck. Cameo from Karen Gillan who in the film for about 5 mins but the main star Harrison Ford do i really need to tell you, Incredible actor that brought the emotional heart felt to the film with moments that will melt you heart with the special bond with Buck.

This would have never been the same film if they didnt make Buck CGI, because the incredible animation on Buck give him this lovable, courageous Dog with a big heart, you could away tell what buck was thinking with the facial expression the way his eye would look when he was thinking just incredible, its this lovable character you fall in love with straight away from start to finish.

The amazing music and back drop of the mountain ranges and beautiful forest give the film this beautiful visuals that really adds to the beautiful made film, that will make you laugh, feel emotional and bring you to tear in a beautiful told adventure film of a dogs journey to find his true calling.

A film i highly recommend watching if you a dog lover or love these type of adventure film it wont disappoint.

Dislikes: Some may find the back story of why Harrison ford character is their, while it doesnt really effect the film because the film is more about buck, some might find that a direction.

Overall: Incredible heart felt amazing journey of a dog with big heart and personality that will melt you heart.
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The Cave (2005)
Very underrated Creature feature
21 September 2019
The Cave is such an unrated horror film, that revolving around a group of expert cave divers hired to explore the deepest darkest cave discovered under a Churches that was destroyed, only to find themselves trapped and fighting for there lives as the caves there in there not alone.

The Backdrop of the environment gives the film a more realistic tone with cave networks and underwater caravans give a very claustrophobic feel to the film, especial when the film starts to kick in and this is when the film becomes intense. The actual creature design is pretty good and frightening while the film doesn't reveal too much straight away, which gives the feeling of fear as you never know where it is among the darkness of the caves.

While the acting is pretty solid with a solid casting, with the explanation of what going on is great in giving the audience a sense of direction, you come to start feeling sorry for them as their being stalked trying to find a way out. Unlike the descent where that film has a serious amount of tension, the cave does easy up in places giving you a scene of foreboding as you never really know where it is.

While the film is great to watch there is an Aspect which most audience may not like about the film, but the film itself is above average, a pretty good Creature feature that worth watching even for a popcorn night in front of the tv.

Dislikes: I feel the film could have been a little longer, I would have kept the creatures out of sight until the third act of the film. While you dont really get a Full glimpse of teh creature straight away, the film scares are pretty much off the table, though the film is pretty good popcorn film.
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Save the best to last, heartbreaking and brutal
19 September 2019
To survive a war, you gotta become war, what you call hell he calls home. Welcome to the last Rambo film review where Rambo is forced to take on the cartel in the most brutal chapter that almost rivals Rambo 4 brutality.

After Rambo four John we see john finally come home to his family ranch, where he spends the rest of his life in peace raise his Niece Gabrielle played by Yvette Monreal, with her mum, While most review will tell you that this doesn't feel like Rambo because he hasn't moved on from the past, the film clearly shows that John is suffering from PTSD and he trying to let go of the past but it difficult for him.

Even though Rambo might look old now he still shows that he, not a man to messed with, boy does this film get Brutal especial toward the middle of the 2nd act and the 3rd act holy hell. While you might think that the set just comes out of nowhere it has no real direction, the motive is there and its come with a heartbreaking moment, here where we see john just snap into the Rambo we all know and love.

It every word he says you know death is about to be busy because the body count is about to rise. One thing this film shows is just how incredible of an act Stallone is which you only have to look all his film in his career since the 80s, show what a great director he is as well.

Action scene and Chorography of the final battle on the Ranch was just incredible to watch, but if you hate the sight of blood, you're gonna hate the third act, as it gets seriously brutal. Got say for the last Rambo film that I grow up watching for the 80s, this was a fitting ending to the series of films that give a great ending and a send-off to the iconic character John Rambo.

While ive seen most reviews using the political that it's is culturally insensitive to portray Mexico with drugs and cartel, yes im looking at you IGN, clearly you have no understanding that Mexico is basically run by the Cartel because they fear them, so it's not culturally insensitive to portray reality.

Dislikes: The only thing I found was a little pointless was Paz Vega character Carmen Delgado, it's a character that doesn't really go anywhere other than to push the story forward in key places, I think her character should have been writen better to have more involvement with Johnin some way.

Just felt like a throw-away character.
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A better true form reveal than the TV series.
6 September 2019
Im just gonna come right out with it Bill Skarsgård Pennywise Creepy hell out of me, you know what I love it, this is the perfect adaption to a real Pennywise from the Stephen King book. Not to say this was, by all means, a bad sequel this was way above average, I do feel the first film was better on the scary jump points that gave you chills.

Not that this sequel has them, there are a few moments throughout this film that give you those moments of did that just happen and another moment when pennywise is just being seriously creepy to the point it almost like a child with sinister intentions that give you the chills, the film doesn't try to overplay it.

I swear this is the creep part of the film, the casting! When you are watching the character all grown up it really freaky how well cast this film is because each act in this film acted and play the older version of the kids. It like they were cast as themselves in the first film just younger and now playing the older version in the sequel, never before have I seen this in any film, so this is well done by the Cast and director.

The film itself just give some what of a background to it but doesn't really go into too much detail of why this demon ended up on the earth, though Stephen kings book actually does go into more detail which has a connection to another Stephen King book the dark tower.

But as ive said It chapter two is way above average and actually a pretty good sequel, probley by now people are wondering how does the ending happen, that I can't give away because of spoilers, all I can say is it better than what teh TV series of it did, though I do feel it could have been done slighty a bit better on IT true form reveal, but I understand what they were going for with the way it ended.

With talk of a possible third film, to be honest, the only direction I can see them taking is a prequel way before the loser club stumbles on the demonic clown, possible around the era of the circus or further back. It chapter two is worth watching but seriously dont take a red balloon from a strange clown you might just end up floating, as they all float down here.

Dislikes: There are a few slighty pacing issues where scene jump slighty drags the film down, the scary part of the film was a little dull in this sequel which is because we're used to watching Pennywise from the first film.

The big reveal of It true form was good, it was miles better than the original Tim curry It tv series, but I do feel as if it could have been designed a little more frightening, but I understand what they were going for it would have been the same if they had the look a different way.
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Absolute Masterpiece of Jim Henson work
6 September 2019
I just finished watching Dark crystal age of resistance. THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. Jim Hanson would be so proud to see his creation masterfully created and honors the films like this, im actually gobsmack, it following the lure correctly and puppet work and CGI blend perfectly.

The character lure is so damn perfect I can't praise these series enough. The voice acting down to set design to follow the dark crystal film perfect, it like reliving my childhood all over again.

I love how this series Set up the story as a prequel before the film, setting up the character and lure to the resistance against the Skeksis is so perfectly done, which leads to the film beginning perfectly.

If you were a fan of dark crystal and you grow upon it as a child this is a series you should watch, an absolute masterpiece that honors Jim Hanson work.

10 out of 10 for a prequel story to the film. I hope we get a season 2 that follows after the film that would be perfect.
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Crawl (2019)
creature feature with teeth
23 August 2019
Finally got to see this film after it was realized in the US, and in all honesty, this was an absolute Brutal and vicious film that involves one of the best CGI animations from Alligators film ive seen in years, giving them a dark vicious Apex predator hunting anything that moves really give the film that intense and frightening tone.

What you see in the trailer is nothing for what you about to see if you dont like blood or gory this film is not a film for you, I kid you not there is a lot of scenes through this film that when the film kicks in they become extremely Vicious and frightening on a level that this situation can easily happen.

For a pretty short film with a reasonable length time, the pacing is solid along with the acting as well giving a pretty solid film, but not without its flaws. There are plenty of moments through this film that gets really intense with a few jump scare moment, some being so intense as you have no idea where the alligators are under the water, this gives the film a frightening and intense nature.

To make a film work like this as a horror thriller is really hard especial when you have alot of alligators it tends to take away the fear, but with this film they did a very clever thing in only showing the alligators when needed and keeping them out of sight for the most intense parts of the film. This gives the audience a sense of fear as at any moment someone could be grab and torn apart in a bloody carnage of flesh and bone.

The film set mostly in a crawlspace during a hurricane which gives the audience a sense inherently claustrophobic nature, it plays with the motion very well. For a creature feature, this doesn't go beyond absurd, and unrealistic as it gives a very real and not unpossible situation giving that most of Florida's land is Gator country.

So I will say this is a great film, well writen in most parts but a few flaws, but well worth watching for the most intense and brutal moments you possibly see in a film, that should've been Rated R because some scene is seriously brutal.

Dislikes: The one issue I did find was kind of a lazy set at the begin with a certain sign on the side of the road, I think the film could've had a better set up involving a rescue of alligators that went wrong would have been a better set up, but apart from this begin they did the rest of the film was actually good.

The other thing that was mention in the film was being able to swim fast than an alligator in the water, this is virtually inpossible for any human to do since an adult Alligator swimming can reach up to speeds of 20 mph, While 23 time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps topped out at about 6 mph so you can see why trying to swim away from alligator is inpossible.

These are the only two issue I found with the film
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Good film but the weakest storyline of the 3 movies
22 August 2019
This film franchise which is now in its third film continues Mike banning (Gerard Butler) story only this time excused of attempted assassination of the president, im not gonna lie, im gonna be completely honest this film was great, it does have a flaws, but as much as this film was good, ive gonna admit that the story of this 3rd installment is slightly weaker than the other films while still being entertainingly funny in places.

That comes from Nick Nolte character Clay Banning that sound like a crazy old conspiracy theory guy, but these scenes are made funny when mike and clay are surrounded in the wood, this where the film funny moment start happen, even alot of the audience in the cinema viewing I was in was laughing which let be honest was outright Hilarious coupled with the banter which is the highlight of the film.

While the action is a little less than before the film does have a few action scene that was good, the flow of the pacing is solid, while some moments do tend to drag a little, but the film as a whole is worth watching if you're a fan of these films.

But like I said there are a few issues with this film, that kind of do need to be addressed, because I feel this film could've been done better than the first two films.

Dislikes: There are a few CGI moments that make the film really off, it make it really obvious that they are in a studio standing in front of a green screen which really takes you out of the film.

They had to throw that stupid Political message into the film about the Russian hacking presidential race candidates.

As ive said the story is a little weaker than the original two films, this is because the set up of mike banning is way too predictable and find out who it is setting him up cames way to fast in this film. I feel this is what lets the film down and the story down because this reveal could have been kept secret until the 3rd act of the film, instead it was revealed way too early which took away the tension of the film.

The way this should have been done was having the very person that set him up a mystery and hidden from the audience until the third act, this would have kept the audience on the edge of their seat wonder who it was setting him up would have kept the film interesting. this is where I think the story fails why the Original two film was actually better though this film was great to watch.
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The Lion King (2019)
Visual stunning, Great voice overs.
19 July 2019
Since 1994 Dinsey has started taking on their animation film's and adapting them to live-action movies which started in 1994 with The Jungle Book. This started a role of films after with this lion king being the 13th film they've adapted to live-action.

But the question is does the lion king live up to the animated film? to which im gonna say easy and no there is a certain area of the film that I thought kind of let the film down a bit but I will explain that in dislike, but let talk about the good things about this film.

Visual this film is incredible with the Perfect CGI with all the spiece of animals across the plains that plays out a play by play of the original animated film, the cinematography of actually bring these moments to a lve action is breathtaking.

The creator of the film have done an amazing job with the way the animal talk, it's like looking at a Real animal in real life talking in a natural way like they havent done stupid animation for the mouths, they keep the natural animal look and just given slight movement of the mouth when the animals talk, I think this is great and actually works for the film.

From the trailer, I was a little concerned concerning Scar, not with the way he looks because I mean the way he looks was Perfect, its more the voicing. Scar had this Charismatic charm about him which Jeremy Iron voice was perfect for in the original animated movie when I saw the trailer Chiwetel Ejiofor was voice scar at first it showed a little off, but watching the film as a whole Chiwetel actually did a great job with the voice over which I was pleasantly surprised with as he does give this slight evil tone to the character.

The return of one of the best actors ever in acting and voice-overs James Earl Jones reprising Mufasa character just wouldn't be the same without him, He has this Commanding powerful voice of a philosopher that I could listen to all day.

Donald Glover voice over for Simba was brilliantly done, alone with Nala voiced by Beyoncé who has great chemistry with each other in the for the character as well a great singing voice. Few funny moments with Timon (Billy Eichner) and Pumbaa (Seth Rogen) who scene was just like the animated film with a few tweaks here and there.

I can't express this as much as I can this film Monumental Technical Achievement achieves with digitally Enivorment that David Attenborough has spent his life capturing on camera. The result is a jaw-droppingly photorealistic landscape and animal that looks so real you would believe that it's just a film.

It's a film I can recommend watching.

Dislikes: The Critical issue I have with this film is the Musical moments, they feel a little bit flat in the film where the animated film actually had better musical moments, I feel here the music could've been better done in this film.
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Serenity (2019)
Mind blowing and Complex film that beautiful done
8 July 2019
There are not that many films that can truly capture my attention like these type of films that you have to use your brain to figure out what it actually happening. Yes, there is time this film that truly messes with your head, with some crazy moments that come from a typical Matthew film, but if you truly sit a watch this film and Analysis it by the end you should realize what is actually going on.

Ive seen a lot of reviews from the film none of them seem to get this, you probley had spoiler from people saying this film is bad with the twist because they saying that Matthew McConaughey is just playing a character in his son computer game, which actually isnt what's going on in this film.

It's the Complete Opposite, without giving to much away, the human mind is a complex thing. When we go through trauma or mental stress the mind tends to have a defence and we create a safe place in our minds that we go to shut out the world we live in.

It's this very complex story writing that has been mixed into this film, which I think alot of people don't recognize, which is why this is not a film for someone with a Low IQ because you might look at this film and think WTF is going on. But the film story does have a purpose and what your seeing is a subconscious mind in conflict with itself, it's clever and the acting in this film is Incredible.

Most of the story you're possibly getting from the trailer where Matthew plays a freshman that seriously intense at time, his ex-wife played by Anne Hathaway who turn up out of now with asking for him to kill her Abusive husband played by Jason Clarke.

Don't let this part of story fool you, you have to listen to the dialogue which reveals what is actually happen, the ending reveals more than you realize which make this film actually a well-written story, with a mind-blowing theme that will mess with your head if you not paying attention.

Dislikes: I think the Film does reveal a little too much in the 2nd act of the film, but it's not actually what going on so that might fool some audiences.
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Rinse and repeat Spiderboy, cant call this spiderman
4 July 2019
Likes: Right im not gonna jump on the bandwagon of Marvel fanboys who give this film a 10 out of 10, because it's far from a 10 out of 10 films. Let get real im, not a DC fanboy or a marvel fanboy, im someone that just loves movies, what I see from the new spiderman isnt good.

Im not saying the film was Utterly bad there is the area in which this film is good like the acting and visual effects were good, there were a few moments through this film that was generally funny. The film does give some what of explanation to things that happened from the End game events.

Iam kind of warming up to Tom Holland as Spiderman, but there is a lot of issues I have with this film, To be honest, the Film was great it was Meh! Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job with what he was given, Tom acting does portray someone that grieving, the action is great but this is all that good about this film, ending the phase 3, to start phase 4 of marvel it not a great start.

Dislikes: There is a lot wrong with this film, One is a scene when a certain character give a coded message which made zero sense if you watch the end credit scene this was a major flaw in the film.

The other issues where the fact the villian came off very weak written, even though Jake gave his best to deliver, I feel that Myteros origin change was necessary and felt more like a rehash of what has been done before in Iron man 3.

The trailers didnt help the film iver as it shows to much of the film with spoilers, they didnt kind of bring that feminist comment slight in one scene which was a little cringe-worthy, as well as some of the humour which was funny the first time, but then repeating the same joke over and over through the whole film, it was just cringy and started to get boring.

The main issue I have with this film which ive seen in a lot of Marvel movies is this rinse and repeat formula with almost every film ive seen, the only two I havent is infinity war and End game. Because if you compare Spiderman far from home with spiderman Homecoming, it's the same setup and formula as homecoming with a different villian which show a lack in imagination which is why this film came off Meh!

The issue I see is they call this Spiderman, all im seeing is spider boy. There is nothing about this film that screams adult or Peter maturing, he the same kids that just want to have fun and be with his friends, this was all done in spiderman homecoming.

The same thing has been written again with this film, which is a problem for the future of spiderman franchise, They seriously need to bring this spiderman into the adult world grow up and more mature because if they carry on with this childish safe writing for spiderman it gonna fall flat.

We need more of what Toby and Garfield didnt with their spiderman film, not keep continuing this school theme crap, because this is what's wrong with this film, they need to write Tom Holland into a more adult spiderman because so far im not impressed with what I see.
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Child's Play (2019)
This isn't Chcuky at all,Mark Hamil is perfect but the film is lazy
23 June 2019
Likes: Growing up on the Original Child's play films, that gave birth to the Rubber serial killer doll Chucky I was skeptical about this reboot. Apoun viewing the trailer I was really unsure, after watching the film in full I have a serious issue with this film because it is absolutely flawed.

Not that the film has a little bit of entertainment and the acting is pretty solid, Mark Hamil's voice for Chucky actually gives a creepy tone to the doll which is perfect, There were moments in the first half of the film I found funny because the doll was doing some funny and weird things that were hilarious, As horror fans we are getting a few killed that was pretty twisted and inventive, But sadly the film as whole Lets down the hard work that been put into this film that I have to be brutally honest.

If you never have seen the original Chucky films, this film might appeal to you, but the original fans of the original Chucky movie will hate this film

Dislikes: Let me make this perfectly clear this wasn't Chucky, not by a long shot, not where near the concept of Chucky. which make me wonder if the director or writers ever watched the original childsplay movie.

I understand they its a reboot and they need to do something Different But changing the concept from a spirit to an AI just 100% killed the film, not only from making a sequel, it just made chuck unrealistic with no personality.

See the original film was given a personality because it wasn't just a Toy, it had an evil twisted human spirit control the body of the toy which gave chucky a personality and a reason to kill, Here with this film is just copying what other people were saying and it has no motive other than an AI to kill it just feels very lazy writing.

Which is a shame because you have a legend Mark Hamil who has the voice for this film, you could've had him playing a twisted Serial killer in the film almost like the original, with a slight change, with Mark Hamil becoming the Doll, this would have been so much better for the film because his voice is perfect.

Im sorry but that third act of the film was god awful, no shop would sell toys like that, that would have Sharp edges to do what they did, again what was the writer thinking here, very poor and weak storyline that completely kills Any sequel being done

Overall: Blend horror film that could've been done so much better, it like Hollywood has no imagination anymore.
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Flawed but Good.
6 June 2019
Right im not gonna beat around the bush, I know a lot of people say everyone bashes x-men men movies which quite frankly some people have a reason to and people need to stop being wet blankets.

X-men Dark Phoenix is a Good film on it own if it was a reboot style film for the X-men movie which I don't think it was, since it following the story from 2016 X-men Apocolyse film which is why I have one slighty problem with this film.

Yes, there is a slight dialogue exchange of Gender Politics thrown in the film, glad it not all the way through the film. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are brilliant as always bring brilliant performance throughout the whole new Xmen franchise.

Performance wise from the actors and actress is great along with some great special effects which carry this film actually, try and give a more emotional impact with the help of one of the best Movie musician Han Zimmer which gives the film more impact in the dramatic moments.

Ive got, to be honest, Sophie Turner truly carried this film with her performance and delivery on the character she was playing which is the best parts of the film, since her performance as the Phoenix delivers a more emotional and frightening tone of losing control.

This is the whole thing with this film as it feels like Fox know that the franchise might be rebooted with Disney buying them out, they just made this film without thinking because there is one major flaw in this film which I will explain in dislikes.

Not that this film as a whole wasn't Great, it was good but there was a lot of missed thing they could've done with this story, special with how talent and amazing Sophie is with her acting and cast they have in this. So it might disappoint some viewer.

Dislikes: The first problem is the story is slightly bland, it feels safe and I agree with what Chris Stuckman said with this film, I do feel it could've been better with R-rating. It could've explored Phoenix powers more in a frightening manner, that would have given dark phoenix a darker tone especial with the way Sophie Turner looked when she was using the Phoenix powers.

The thing I was on about which is a major flaw in the film is the fact it follows from X-men Apocolyse which came out in 2016. Ya, most people will say well the future was changed in x-men Days of past future yet that film came out in 2014, which mean X-men Dark Phoenix is following X-men Apocolyse.

Here the problem with this, at the end of x-men Apocolyse Sophie Turner Character Jean grey use's the phoenix force powers to destory Apocolyse right, but in X-men Dark Phoenix she only gets the powers from the space mission which is seen in the trailer.

This makes zero sense and has no continuity from X-men Apocolyse which is confusing. It's like they didn't bother watching the last film or didn't care because since disney brought Fox the franchise would be rebooted anyway which seem likely here.
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Swamp Thing (2019)
WOW Swamp Thing First Pilot Episode Blow me away.
31 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Damn this is the first Series to get me Hooked within the First 5 mins of it starting watching it, DC finally done something dark, I do mean dark twist, evil and I kid you not gory.

From what ive just seen it looks like some supernatural force has been in the swamp for years that able to control the Vines and environment that grown bigger in power from some type of Chemical being dumb in the swamp, Holy hell this doesn't hold back on the gory and brutality using the horror side of the supernatural swamp, you can't tell right away this isnt gonna be some light heart.

There a lot of element taking from Man thing with the supernatural side of things from what I saw from the pilot episode, I love the transformation of the swamp thing giving the audience the first look of swamp thing, Ive gotta say this is Miles better than Teen Titans in special effects and the way the drama flows from their character.

It fleshes out characters and introduces you to who they are and some of them have a past growing up with the swamp, Were clear also introduced to the villian played by Will Patton who playing Avery Sunderland all those that have read teh comic books will know who he is.

Introduced to the beautiful Crystal Reed (star of the tv series teen wolf) who clearly playing the love interest of swamp thing Abby Arcane who is a CDC Dr. Doctor trying to found out why people are coming down sick, but clear as thing unfold something else is going on. Andy Bean who the main star of the show playing Alec Holland who will eventually become Swamp Thing which is done in a brilliant way, showing just how swamp thing become the creature.

From I saw there is a lot of history between character so expect drama and well as some frightening dark and twisted moments that's just in the first Episode, I cannot wait for episode 2 this has me hooked. With a strong start like this, I can honestly say this is Mile better than Titans and should be on tv and not streaming service because this has the making of one of the best DC tv series going just by judging that first episode, easily a 10 out of 10 pilot episode.
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perfectly less focused on his murders and on the clever and manipulative evil nature he was.
12 May 2019
You might go into this film thinking that they are just making another glorified film on Ted Bundy, but this is far from the truth as this film is done in such a way not to glorify his murders but to focus more on the man himself and who he was a person.

The one thing this film focus on which is what the whole point of this film was about, begs the question of what made this man tick? what made him do what he did? was he capable of loving someone? The answer to this was no, this was a man incapable of love, the one thing this man showed was to look out for the little things because some people are so good at hiding who they truly are.

This is Done Brilliantly By the acting from Zack Efron that nail the very manor and attitude of who Ted was in the courtroom to the way he was with someone he was with, even in interviews Zack Efron said he didn't want to play this role in a way to glorify Ted but to show everyone who this man truly was. This is a Defining moment in Efron acting career shows just how amazing of an act he is when given the right role in a drama, give him a diverse acting range in his acting skills.

Lily Collins was perfect casting for this role show a wide range of emotions portraying a woman that was close the very dangerous man without knowing it at the time Liz Kendall, but had doubt and start to suspect him toward the end, who still alive to this day living with her family who help Lily Collins and the cast portray this film in the right way.

Though the film lack in focusing on the perspective of law enforcement in the case of the people or the impact on the people affected by this man, while ive seen a few reviews complaining that they should've shown these murders and rapes by the man, I feel this would have Glorified this man even those the film does go into graphic detail of the murders with real footage, the film doesn't show it which was the best way to do this film which Previous films have shown.

The best way I could describe this film was that it was less focus on showing what he did, more focus on his psyche. Though one thing this film failed to show was that Ted was exactly caught way before he was finally stopped, which due to the justice system and the lack of evidence at the time, they didn't realize that had a psychopath on their hand, he was set free which result in other 30 deaths.

Studies on Psychology into the mind of someone like him, the more you understand and recognize the behavior of a person with the red flags which shouldn't be ignored, the better chance of recognizing it in your own life before a murder occurs and thus avoiding a horrible death. The more you Analyse the situation and certain people, you gain a greater awareness of the way people operate to better protect yourselves and the people love.

Out of 69% of all Serial killers, Ted Bundy was one of the most shocking, not because of what he did to 29 women and 1 Child who was his last victim a 12-year-old girl, is because of people nieve nature in thinking there no way this person could've done it, because he came across charming, nice person, yet failed to see the red flags in his true nature it goes to show you can't truly know someone unless you see that person for who they are.

Watching the old Footage of the Real Ted Bundy today the way he looks at the camera and smile, you can see pure evil behind that smile and darkness in his eyes. This film was about showing his murders or the brutal reality of what he did, this is a film that portrays how manipulative he truly was, showing how he used charm with a charismatic nature to lure you in to getting what he wants, you could see how easy it was for woman to fall for it and ultimately lead to their Brutal murder.

This film if you set aside the Expectation and just immerse your self in the story, you will come to realize why so many women that were murder by him that fell for his tricks and the people around him effects by the way he was.

Not a lot of people born after the 90s would know a lot about him as he was Executed on 24th January 1989, Florida State Prison, Florida, United States death by Electric chair. But from February 1, 1974, possibly more the early maybe late 60s Ted Bundy when on rape, murder, burglary and necrophile spree across America until he was finally caught February 15th, 1978 and sentenced to death after confessing for more than 30 murders which the Law previously thought was only 3.

This was a great film showing that you should never trust a person full until you know who they truly are because people that are good at hiding the true nature are clever and manipulative. This is a film I highly recommend watching but waver your expectation and immerse your self in the film story you understand it better.

Dislikes: The only thing this film as ive said doesn't really play into the account of the lives affected by him which I understand because they didn't want to glorify him but I think they could've shown this without doing that.

Overall: Compelling storying from the perspective of the law, Showing the true nature of who he was, and understanding who he was around different people, a truly evil person in nature.
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Hell has no fury like a woman sorned. One of the most frightening and sphine chilling films of the conjurying universe
3 May 2019
As the legend goes the real La Llorona also know to be recognized as the La Malinche of the Spanish conquistadors Cortés' story dates as far back as the 1400s, where people calm to have seen a woman in white crying, but when investigated nothing other than some unfortunate event that happen around those that see her. It's from these Encounters over the years she has been known as an omen of death to those that come in contact with her ghost or hear her crying.

This is what truly adds to this film The Curse of La Llorona because it based on a legend, it truly set an example of hell have no fury over a woman scorned. Even though Michael Chaves who have done for the better lack of word a great horror film here, you can tell it got James wan influence written all over it has he was a co-producer to this film.

The way this film draws you to its dark moody atmospheric nature which really set the tone for the whole movie, especial when it doesn't Ease up on the tension. Because when this film gets really dark and creepy, its truly give you the chills down you spin with small supernatural moments but the lighting effects and use of shadow movement and shadow play as you starr in the darkness give you that overwhelm sense of fear which this film really plays on.

This is how you make a supernatural horror film work when you already show the supernatural spirit, the way they portray La Llorona her self is truly terrifying. It like imaging that you have children yourself you have this complete relentless dark evil twist spirit after them, it how can you protect them from this, when it powerful enough to get you from anywhere.

This is what this great horror film does, it put you in the shoes of the family with a mother trying everything in her power to protect her children from an evil spirit, it gets intense and frightening and the tension builds up. This is a perfect example of how to play with the audience mind draw them in and give them spin chilling moment that chills you to bone and throw in a few moments that scares the living hell out of you.

I love the fact they got an actually Mexican actress to play the role of La Llorona in instead of some model looking woman with a model looks and little CGI which gave appearance more of a real look which made it even more frightening. Give a more Authentic feel of a woman's spirit twisted by Evil over grief and tumoral.

What great also is this film connects perfectly to the Conjuring universe with a certain mention from one of the other events, allow the audience to know that this event happens in the same event timeline as the others. With perfect acting and great moments of frightening scenes truly is one of the most frightening films in the conjuring universe.


Dislikes: Despite this film being frightening and possibly one of the great supernatural scares the living hell out of you film's, there are a few flaws.

1. There were two moments where a certain character trying to make a Joke in an intense moment, they joke kind of fell flat and didn't work.

2. There was one moment that was a little too predictable, which I think the audience will see coming.

Other than that the film was great, one the of the best horror this year so far.

Overall: Frightening, Psychological, Dark twist story, one of the best out of the conjuring universe
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Shazam! (2019)
Comic book accurate and brilliantly balance story writing
5 April 2019
WOW Warner Brothers / DC final have their act together, at first I will admit that from the trailer this film looked like a cheesy childish over the top comedy film, but Boy was I wrong. This film just blows me away with the incredible writing of balance with the dark and light concept allowing all the character to develop on their own which created a brilliantly made film.

It perfect set up the villian played brilliantly by Mark strong, which ive always said should have been Lex Luthor and this role as a villian proves it, this is what brought the dark concept of the film allowing him to be seriously ruthless and dark which is what makes a villain shine more in a film, which sadly the justice league failed on.

Djimon Hounsou more of a cameo but still a major role in this film played a brilliant wizard who gave a back of another well know DC character, Zachary Levi nailed this role as Shazam given the character an emotional development from start like any child would be like using the powers like an idiot and messing around to become a more mature adult when he realize what more important, Sorry ive got to say this, it does something captain marvel failed to do, a hero journey this the way shazam character is written is how you write a hero journey, its not about having powers it about how you use that and how you grow as a hero that matters because if you can't protect your family what type of herp are you.

This is the way this film is portrayed it's brilliantly done in a way they not forced or pushed in your face it a natural progression from child to an adult taking responsibility to not only protect the one you care about but to use the powers wisely. This is how this film come across and you couldn't have made this any better without it being over the top.

Asher Angel as Billy Batson top-notch acting giving a very emotional and powerful emotional journey of a kid that being bounce for place to place while trying to look for his real mother, which give him clarity in the film with his character. Same with the Rest of the cast including the childern played by Jack Dylan Grazer Faithe Herman, Ian Chen, Grace Fulton and Jovan Armand who have must bigger roles in the film that are comic book accurate

The comedy side of the film is great it not forced, though there were a few moments that the comedy didn't quite hit, but most of the comedy was absolute Hillarious, this like I said it balanced out with the Dark tone of the film as well with the 7 deadly sin and Mark Strong character, got say for a 12A they really push that dark side of the film. This is why this film work because of that balance which ive been saying for months and why the justice league failed, To create a balanced film is how can create a character to go through a dark journey into the light and become a hero, So good job with the writing here.

Just a warning though the 7 deadly sins look very dark I do mean dark which could disturb anyone under the age of 1.

Dislikes: there were few comedy moments that didn't hit and a tiny small amount of pacing which didn't really affect the film but was noticeable, but apart from that this film was good.
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Dumbo (2019)
Great remake, slight flawed Tim burton message to disney was funny.
29 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Dumbo directed by Tim Burton of the age-old disney classic dumbo of elephant born with overly large floppy ears that has a talent for flying, Unlike the original animated film Burton in his usual fashion style of filming, has taken a slighty darker tone to this film which surprisingly works.

C.G.I visual effects are amazing done, as well as the acting, though this film doesn't have any talking animals sadly, there are a few nods to the original classic. For a disney film it better than the other film Nutcracker which was released last year, which was a god awful film. So im pleasantly surprised the dumbo rise my expectation even though there were some flaws with the film story.

The character of dumbo and the children of this film is where this film really shines, giving a more emotional and somewhat darker tone that pulls on the heartstrings. Dumbo at its core, tell how a story of being different can cause you to be an outcast, while also delivering the strength to overcome those who might treat you poorly or look to profit at your expense. the film delivers this sweet and simple message in a brief 64 minutes of the movie.

Not only this, god knows how not sure if anyone else picks up on the message, how Tim Burton got away with this message embedded in the film context I do not know but it was the biggest F you to disney when I noticed it I kind of laughed and through wow you actually went there.

But the film as a whole is great, not perfect, but still capture the heart of the story of dumbo pretty well, despite having a few flaws, but it worth checking out.

Dislikes: I felt dumbo character wasn't on screen enough, it felt like what happened with Godzilla there wasn't enough screen with dumbo which the film should have been more focused on since the film is about him, apart from that this was a great film.
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Ok film for the family but historical inaccurate with the sword and oath
17 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The film is an enjoyable film but the PG certification was a little to low for the content of this film, especial with the look of Morgana and the demon knights that may give younger viewers nightmares. Although not historically accurate with the sword and the oath, this film does well with the fantasy side involving the evil half-sister of Arthur called Morgana (played by the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson).

Giving you a brief legend, Morgana was a mage like merin who train her in the art of magic, but Morgana's heart was easily corrupt with the dark arts which quickly turn her evil, which is why merin and Arthur vanished her to the underworld as legends go.

The film does a great fantasy story with a style of Percy and the lightning rod and a live-action style of the sword in the stone, which I think took a lot of inspiration for part of this film. With Rebecca Ferguson playing Morgana she did a great performance in delivering lines of why people are so easily corrupt with power and greed, which added flair to her character's evilness.

The film does touch on a few issues with Bullying and other family matters with does kind of slow the flow of the film down, while the film does a few moments of emotional moments, the film is ultimately aiming for a younger generation as the humour is very cheesy and stupid at times which im pretty kids will love.

The acting is solid though I feel this film will probably flop because there isnt must to this film other than the story and CGI effects which were pretty good. Like I said it not historically accurate so if you can look past that then you may enjoy this film.

Dislikes: There a few moments through the film where the pacing is off it does affect the film slighty. sword and oath its more of a nick pick, as the Latin words were written on the blade and not on the hilt, and the words written translated to one side to rule one side to defend, which this film changed. The cheesy joke felt forced where a little too childish at times, they just weren't funny, may appeal to younger viewers.
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Great film and explaination to the first film but Flawed
13 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film is flawed but it's so nut's to the point that it actually entertaining, like the first film Tree Gelbman find her self thrown into the same situation as before only this time thing's have changed and the rules are different.

Its one of those film's that you will have to watch the first film in order to understand what's going on, as the first film give a sense of mystery and leave you with a sense of what the hell is going on? In the sequel like they promise it does give an explanation in the form of Quantum mechanics which gives the film it's edge in the driven plot line.

Acting is pretty solid through the film, the explanation to Quantum Mechanics is explain well for people that have no clue about it, although there are areas of this film where the plot is weak which I noticed because I know a bit about Quantum Mechanics, Other than it's an entertaining film dare i say a little better then first film.

The comic relief in the film is sometimes funny but it a comic relief that is gonna depend on your sense of humour, which I kind of find funny when the main character flip outs and the interaction with other people are hilarious at times. There a few moments that the film does get emotional, but it more nuts and crazy this time around than the first film which gives it great entertainment.

If you loved the first film that you probably love this sequel, but will depend on your sense of humour and willingness to the flaws go in the film.


1. The biggest Flaw in the plot is the way Quantum Mechanics is used, accord to a theory it's not possible to correct a timeline without causing a Paradox which is the big flaw in this film.

2. Phi Vu charcater Ryan Phan felt more like a throwaway subplot character to continue Jessica Rothe character Tree Gelbman in the film, where the film could've had more focus on Ryan character through the film instead of a side character which the film started off with him as the main character.
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Alita is beautiful, stunning and an incrediable film
6 February 2019
Alita Battle Angel is what happens when Hollywood finally get an Anime film right, ive gotta say James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez should work more together because this film is incredible.

This film had heart and soul poured into its story and you could tell that 1000 of hours of work have gone into making this film. They've pulled one of the best films this year with incredible visual effects and CGI work that give this film a beautiful setting and background.

The visual effect of Alita (voiced by Rosa Salazar) we're incredibly done giving detail in her eyes which made her character on screen look more like an actual human actress. Her character and acting is what made this film, they give her a human soul and a purpose with the writing which is so well done, it gives the audience an emotional journey of a young woman trying to discover who she is.

The love interest side of the film is so done right it doesn't feel forced as well which along with its action sequences as well as it supporting cast was nothing short of perfect. The story does a great job of not revealing too much to earlier as slowly building up characters so you understand the story and draws you into every moment, this is matched by the awesome fight scenes and great formidable villains of the film adding to incredible film.

This is one of those films that deserves a sequel and to be a successful film as of what they've realised here is one of the best live action anime films, with a damn near perfect if it was for slight pacing issue that doesn't really affect the film but is noticeable.

Does it live up to the hype? HELL YES this film live up to the hype this is a must to watch on teh big screen hopefully were see a sequel come from it because it so needs it.

Dislikes: The only flaw I spotted as ive said there was a slight issue with pacing, not that it affects the film in any way but was noticeable.
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Glass (2019)
Complicated twist ending that need you to listen to the dialgue to get.
18 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I'm kind of confused to whether I like this film or not, its good but I kind of found it hard to take seriously because of funny at moment with Kevin, if you every watched split you understand why. Which is why I think James McAvoy is a great actor to keep all those personalities flowing in one shot from scene to scene without break the immersion of his character, which is really hard for an actor/actress to do.

This most definitely not your average or typical hero movie, it more of a psychological thriller with people that can do extraordinary thing with a dark twist style story, that seems familiar with M. Night Shyamalan films. Although I feel this is great there were a few areas where the film could've been improved more, especial with Bruce Willis character who started this trilogy with unbroken as I feel his character was underutilized, could've had a bit more scenes of him save people, though the film felt more of a villian film in a way.

Samuel L Jackson brilliant deception throughout the film, as well as delivering great dialogue which is the keys to what's going on, so it worth listening very carefully to what he saying in order for you to understand this film.

Visual this film is great using the lights to change or switch James character personality which is clever use of getting the right personality out and control them, its most differently a film you should take notices of what's being said, as it the key to what is actually going on rather than just visual showing the audience what's going on, which may be a little complicated for some people.

Even more, the complicated ending which most people might not get, but it was a very complicated and clever twist in an origin story that completely throws the other two film off guard, which may leave people confused but I assure you there is meaning to the ending.

If you like unbreakable and split you gonna love this film, it will depend on whether you get the ending or not because after watching it my self even I could tell it could confuse people, but it has a real meaning to a continuing universe.

Dislikes: Pacing is a bit slow at time and the ending can be confusing to some audiances which might be its downfall.
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Brilliant film based on the one of five books
8 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this with fresh eyes and wasn't expect much, DAMN!!!! This is was incredible with a great pace, good direction and amazing acting. It like a cross between steampunk theme with the cities and small towns and a little terminator with the character strike, who seriously creepy and frightening.

After watching this film I realised the film is actually one of five books entitled Mortal engines which has just come out in the cinema, brilliant film is it the other books entitled Predator gold, infernal devices, a darkling plain and night flights all apart of a continuous story. After watching this I hope the other book made into a film as well because this style of sci-fi is what the cinema needs more of.

This was a simple epic storyline that doesn't have that stupid political agenda crap that most films have just lately, it refreshing to see a film like this as it follows a story of a world on the brink of extinction where people live in mechanical moving towns and cities in a steampunk style universe, which make this film brilliantly done. Especial the beautiful stunning visuals and epic inspiring moments that combine this film in a great storytelling, great acting really brings this film to life.

It has been a long time since ive seen a true sci-fi film actually work, especial something written from a book is very rare to be this good, though I never actually read the books so I could really tell you if it close to the book, what I can say is the film is amazingly adapted from book to film.

I love strike character which is a shame he not in the film for long but when hes on screen his presence is very frightening, with a terminator style concept voiced by the one and only Stephen Lang. All the cast from Hera Hilmar (Hester Shaw) on a path of vengeance, Robert Sheehan (Tom Natsworthy), Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving), Katherine Valentine (Leila George). all the other cast have done a brilliant performance through the film.

If you into the steampunk, sci-fi type of films, your gonna love this film, it's a film I highly recommend watching on the big screen, hopefully, it gets a sequel from the next books like maze runner films.

Dislikes: Slighty pacing issue and the story is predictable but its forgivable with a great story.
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A flawed but Good Horror that didnt need certain scenes.
1 December 2018
The Possession of Hannah Grace is good but flawed in certain areas, not that this was a complete disaster of a film the running time was great for this type of film, the minimal cast works for the film because it gives the feel of isolation and close spaces.

Mitchell role in this film is great in giving the audience a scene of someone that went through a shocking experience which broke her, in order to coupe she applies for a job as a graveyard shift of a hospital Morgue, which turn into a complete nightmare.

She pulls this performance off really well, give us a believable character, as well as the other cast member with their respective roles really set the tone for the film.

Special Effects/Make-up that gone into this film from Grace's body which is crushing to the soul, an amalgam of twisted limbs, horrifying scars, and look that penetrates through your being making you unsettled, unwilling to give you any relief as her eyes follow you across the screen really works to make the audience unsettled.

As it like if though its a film, it like she actually looking at you seating in you're seated, which make it even more unsettling. Special later on which the way they have her move is just the creepiest thing ever make you squirm in you're seat.

The backdrop of the morgue with concrete walls, corners that have a light sensor that you have to walk down for the light to come on really making this film tone unsettling as the only exits is a Lift and a door that leads to the main building. It gives a sense of feeling of being in an isolated area of the hospital with a creepy tone.

The story wise the film is predictable but it's easy to follow and understand on what's happening although there were scenes that I would have taken out and change just to make this film hell of a lot more frightening than it was.

Which is why im saying the film is great but flawed because there are certain areas of the film that kind of make the film less scare and kind of loss the audience toward the end. This is similar in a way to a film called the autopsy of jane doe giving the audience creepy moments, giving that psychological tone which gets under your skin moments, but where this film differs from that film is it kind of losses the audience toward the end although the film has great entertainment.

Dislikes: What this film does wrong is the First scene, this wasn't needed in the film, why? Because the scene after with the body turning up with no explanation, then all of a sudden things started to psychologically happen, this would have given the film its edge and got rid of the predictability of the film.

It should have kept these small supernatural moments all the way through to the third act of the film, see in the third act of the film you would reveal who the body is and what happens, that's when thing would start getting more dangerous this is kind of how this film should have gone, not that it wasn't a good film to watch.
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Widows (2018)
Good acting but sadly doesnt save this film from Poor pacing and bad script
12 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Film based on the 80s series where a bunch of women are left with a problem after their husband was killed during a heist, forcing them into a situation they can back out of to settle a delt.

There isnt anything I can really say that is good about this film, for a thriller ya the acting is good, the plot is ok, but sadly this film is poorly executed on screen. it's a shame because Viola Davis has the acting skill to come off as a hard-hitting woman that can hold her own, through the film she comes off like this but the script is so poorly written it just shame she in this film.

Not a filmi would recommend rushing out to see and wait for it on Dvd or blu-ray

Dislikes: The first biggest problem was the begin with the husbands, again these felt like throwaway characters just to move a story along, this is why this film when downhill from here (for me personally is why I couldn't get into the film).

These are characters that are meant to establish the story and get a sense of what's going on, instead, we know nothing about them other than a point plot twist in the film, which is why this film starts off bad before were just thrown into the main plot of the film.

Yes, its start to build up the woman's characters but its done in such a slow way the after an hour the film start to become boring, as the pacing is seriously at a snail pace. This is bad for the film because of it, not engaging the audience enough, to care about the characters or the film its self. This is due to poor script writing and character development of the film.

Which is a shame since you have some great cast actress and actor in this film but sadly this film plot twist and acting doesn't save this film from its boring slow pace storytelling, which sadly this is the worst film this year, not a film I would recommend rushing out to watch.
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Overlord (2018)
not perfect but ok film
8 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First off there was a rumour this was meant to be the Fourth film in the Cloverfield franchise, I will say now this isnt connected in any way, this is a complete ultraviolent film that is nothing to do with the Cloverfield films.

It's a good film but not original, as this film type has been done before in other films. It's imagination that was taken from Hilters days with the cult. Nazi scientist would do experiments, which is why this film has been done before even though it a good. The acting is solid along with the action which is sometimes intense, especial the beginning of the film as the film starts off by giving the audience intense battle scene in the Air, the film just spirals into mental madness with blood and gore from there.

The film is very brutal I do mean brutal there are scene that a horror fan will love as well as some seriously messed up moments are on the line of being disturbing, with a Wolfenstein style concept which works, J.J Abrams being the producer you can see a lot of his style in this movie, which Julius Avery has done a pretty good job.

It, not a perfect film not by a long shot, just could've been better in places.

Dislikes: For a horror film this was lacking in the zombies and monster that could've been added to the film with a bit more intense with hoarders of them, then this film would have been perfect. This type of concept has been done before which might go against it. There just wasn't enough Zombie creature action, felt too much like a War film than a horror film in places.
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