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The Rook: Chapter 8 (2019)
Season 1, Episode 8
X-men without the X
19 August 2019
Well, it was the last episode of the season, so you would expect they would try to tie it up and have a bit of action at the same time. They accomplished that. Do I think it has any reason to be renewed? NO. They rapped it up (whatever it was) nicely, and there's no need for more X-men called EVAs.

One positive note: If we are forced to bear another season of this show about nothing, at least we may not need to do it with Olivia Munn, as she, nor her character added anything to this series, and her character being hopefully extinguished permanently in this final chapter, is the only really good news about this last episode.
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The Rook: Chapter 6 (2019)
Season 1, Episode 6
Rather watch hair grow
5 August 2019
A couple of decent episodes since the opener, but this week was a real barfer. There's 2 left this season that have already been shot. If they're anything like this week's disaster, this show won't have a 9th episode. I see the cast and crew have been voting this show up, because there is no way this episode of an already shaky show gets anywhere near a 7. I don't think the writers nor the directors have successfully taken this unstable concept to viable on going series status.
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Sweetbitter: The Pork Special (2019)
Season 2, Episode 1
To the Producers...
15 July 2019
We all know that the carnivores that eat our animals, somehow divorce themselves from the reality that the animal had to be butchered, hung, and sliced, so they can enjoy their disgusting eating habits. However, "most" would not want to have seen the animal they are eating actually being killed. I'll put money on it.

Today, IMDb wouldn't leave me alone with advertising this series. They shoved it down my throat at every click. Can't really blame IMDb, because they've got to make a buck, so they sold you the ad space, and I would be drawn to critique this series tonight. Within the first 4 minutes of this show, I was bludgeoned visually, and the image you forced on me of an animal being slaughtered so you could fill your shock value quota for the season, will forever be in my memory banks as one of the most disgraceful atrocities I've ever seen on television.

In summary, I'll never forgive your irresponsibility and I hope your show fades away like the dust from the stool that will dry after the animal eaters s**t out that poor pig.
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The Rook: Chapter 2 (2019)
Season 1, Episode 2
All there but the writing...
9 July 2019
All there but the writing, and perhaps the directing as well. Too bad they shoot these a season at a time. They are stuck with a season worth of mistakes they may have improved on if they didn't have a schedule to keep.

I've watched both weeks. I like the lead actress, and I liked her in Shameless as well, although I like her Shameless dark hair much better. As long as the camera is on her, or Richardson, it is somewhat captivating, but the rest of the cast in this show is there just to be weird, or for the politically correct mixed racial sexual relations, and dead bodies on slabs being chopped up for autopsies (shock therapy, sickening, been there seen that), and of course when her memory returns we'll discover she is gay, and happily married to Richardson.

In summary, I think they could have had something here, but instead they decided to go with "HBO like" played out formula baloney, instead of paying a competent group of writers to bring that novel to life. I gave it a 7 reluctantly, perhaps with hope the show improves as it goes along, but a story is only as good as it's writer, and I haven't seen anything creative yet except the effort put forth by Greenwell.
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17 June 2019
And again Hollywood (Epix) brings the slime of the world into our living room. I actually like all of the actors in this mess, however, when I sit down to relax and watch TV, I like to see interesting situations, but I'm tired of situations that involve the lowest forms of life on the planet. The last place you want these sleaze bags is in your house, especially in HD on a large screen.

When I see s**t like this, I imagine some drugged out writer in a low rent apartment in Hollywood, running down to the corner to buy a nickel bag, or a quarter, and then puke his guts out in an alley on the way back. His creative talents ablaze when he returns, alas his sick life and grungy surroundings spit out the slime that he lives in, and then Epix buys it.... at a discount of course, because they must keep him in his hell hole to write more stories about folks you hope you or your family never meet in real life.

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Will never match the previous two
6 May 2019
I watched with an open mind, and hoping it would at least hold a candle to the previous two series: The White Queen, and The White Princess. It didn't. The characters were off beat from the preceding shows. When The White Princess followed the The White Queen, the director, and casting management really did a great job of finding actors that fit the roles of their predecessors. It was done so well, that I didn't even need to hear their name to know who everyone was in most cases.

This latest effort fails terribly in that department, as King Henry is a doofus, and his son is homely, I can't even look at him. The son of Henry should be attractive, as in the prior series the parents were extremely attractive. So, if the idea that the preordained Princess from Spain is semi attractive, and Prince Arthur is homely, is the opening premise for this show, and none of the characters seem to be the same character they were in the previous two series I liked, and the sets are a low budget version of its predecessors, then I will pass on this mess.
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Conan: Conan Without Borders: Italy (2018)
Season 8, Episode 58
Funniest Conan EVER
29 November 2018
Jordan Schlansky tries his hardest to not bust up, but eventually he can't contain himself, and for the first time (after a few wine tasting glasses) he busts up, and tries to put Conan down. I never laughed so hard at any Conan show. Conan is so on the money, tasteless, classless, and the ultimate "ugly American", and these two guys are such opposites, it is a marriage made in comedy heaven. This is a MUST SEE!
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Couldn't be worse
31 October 2018
Anyone that could sit through more than 10 minutes of this disgrace deserves an audience award.

Anyone that laughs at even one line of this drek of a screenplay deserves free lifetime audience tickets to Fox News

Paul Middleditch (director), and Chris Matheson (writer) should be escorted out of Hollywood by a heavily armed security force, with a one way ticket to Bollywood.

Anna Kendrick should seek immediate psychiatric aid for accepting this role, which amazingly even she had no chance of saving. (we won't even speak of Craig Robinson, and the lines he was forced to recite). Ever see Anna Kendrick absolutely lost in a role? Watch this mess.

Bottom line here is: Even if Will Ferrell was cast as the Beast (devil), this flick would never have worked. It was too poorly written. (However, he should have been in that part if it had a well written script; it was perfect for him).

I promise you that if you have an IQ over 60, you will absolutely HATE this 'thing' (movie). Perhaps one of the worst written, worst directed, worst acted, pieces of garbage that has ever flashed before my eyes. I was so embarrassed for the cast, I was red faced watching it.

Do I recommend seeing it? LOL
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Could have been great
12 August 2018
First a few reasons why this movie failed: The director spent way too much time seeing the world through the eyes of a 99% blind woman. That meant that 20% of the film was a blurry colorful mess, because all she could see was light and colorful mush.

The sex was overdone, and felt gratuitous and forced. Foster tried to get Lively to show as much of her naked body as possible, and actually resorted to a body double at one point. We all know that Blake Lively isn't going to get naked for any director, until she is well into her forties when no one will care anyway. So goes the modest Hollywood actress.

Key twist and plot occurrences were under-played and vague, and the editing in general left plenty to be desired. The sad part is, Foster actually had a goldmine on his hands if this movie was done right. The story is very unique: A young blind woman that's never seen her husband, and has never seen what he does when she is unattended, suddenly, through new surgery, regains most of her sight, and eventually gets to "see" the real life she has been living, and the man she trusted as her partner, may not have been the hero she thought he was.

On the bright side, this movie even as badly directed as it was, was beautifully shot, and some of the locations were gorgeous. If you could sit through the boredom of Foster's directing, you would find a real movie, and a great story worthy of a better job. I still am giving it 7 out of 10, because it was such a unique concept, just poorly executed.
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Westworld: The Passenger (2018)
Season 2, Episode 10
Worst season finale in the history of season finales
25 June 2018
Westworld lovers, Don't vote this garbage episode up because you think you're smart and can keep up with this drug induced, delusional garbage episode that was supposed to pull it all together, and make you feel like you didn't waste your Spring Sunday nights in vein. Because, YOU DID. This episode is as bad as the series finale episode of Dexter on Showtime was, AND YOU KNOW IT. In fact: IT's WORSE! There was such pointless, uninspired Mumbo Jumbo in the dialog, you'd have to be Albert Einstein on meth reincarnated to follow it.

hen the voodoo with Delores coming back as Charlotte Hale, and then the two of them together at the end setting up "all the work" she, it,them has to do, was such stupid and lazy writing, I actually burst out laughing while watching it.

Don't you know when you are being treated like an idiot? The producers are saying to you: "We can have Delores, Ford, or any other character start flying around in a Spider-rman suit, and you'd buy it. You are being abused and used for laughs by the writers, because of your 'ever accepting love' for this series.

Don't lick Nolan's rectum when he doesn't deserve it. Between the INSANE editing, reckless, ridiculous story-line, that only worked in two episodes: "The Riddle of the Sphinx", (TRULY GREAT), and the season finale from last year: "The Bicameral Mind" ...Westworld got lost.

This Westworld season finale disaster, is just that: a DISASTER. PERIOD. Live with it. Wake up! "Don't cease all motor functions".....please!
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Real Time with Bill Maher: Episode #16.20 (2018)
Season 16, Episode 20
Both interviews were garbage, and rediculous
23 June 2018
Colion Noir. A missed opportunity for Maher to put the NRA "away". Instead he licked Noir's rectum, and acted like an advocate.

One segment in particular was disappointing: Noir wanted to arm all the teachers. Maher's best response was: "No... because they're teachers". Gee, Bill, how about: If there weren't sick, mentally disturbed kids walking into schools with guns so easily obtained in some cases by their equally mentally disturbed friends and family, and killing everyone, we wouldn't need to arm 'anybody'.

The entire interview could have been better served by a sixth grader, because Maher was too busy telling us he "does any drugs he can get his hands on".

We all know Maher is, as he puts it: a "Drug Nut". However, keep it to yourself Bill, (enjoy your drugs) but, gain some respect from those that use your own words to destroy your credibility. Your drug comedy lines are great for your close friends, but for the conservative right that we are trying to pull over to the left a bit, they are much more scary than funny. Do your drugs Bill, just leave them home when you come to work. Trump trumps the drug issues.

The Micheal Pollen interview gave the conservatives additional ammo on why what Maher says "means nothing", because he just can't keep his love for drugs out of the conversations here. How can someone be so smart, and be so ignorant at the same time?

And finally: A semi automatic weapon is not "all weapons that shoot one bullet when the trigger is pulled one time". You were conned by Colion Noir. Your social ineptitude, is only overridden by your bewildering ignorance.

A semi automatic weapon is a pistol, or rifle, that automatically loads a round into the chamber to be fired instantly as fast as you can pull the trigger. This action is caused by the 'opposite, and equal reaction' of the first round fired, by throwing the slide back, and automatically loading a round from the magazine into the chamber, while keeping the hammer back and ready for an instant repeat. Thus the term: "Semi" automatic.

A revolver fires one round every time you pull the trigger, however, it's certainly NOT a semi-automatic weapon. Extreme pressure must be applied to the trigger with a revolver to turn the cylinder into place, so another round may be set in the cylinder to fire. To squeeze the trigger with little resistance, you would have to manually pull back the hammer before each shot. The semi-automatic weapon will fire with almost "zero pressure" on the trigger, and thus fires much more rapidly. Only a "complete moron" wouldn't do his homework before interviewing the NRA gun 'con-artist' you decided to have as your first guest.

Here's a positive thought for Maher. I won't be pestering him with negative reviews any longer, because I am canceling HBO for allowing this nonsense to happen in the first place.
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Real Time with Bill Maher: Episode #16.19 (2018)
Season 16, Episode 19
This episode took guts
18 June 2018
I'm always cutting Maher's show in these reviews, and in all fairness, I must give it up for a show (mainly Maher's words, his panel was less than interesting) where Maher "told it like it is" in his epilogue of "New Rules". It's not easy to talk about our Police in a direct, factual and honest appraisal.....but he did, and I give him big kudos and renewed respect, for having the kahunas to do it. Way to go Bill...they deserved it...even the good ones, for "not reporting" the slime-ball bad ones they work with.

In my opinion, it's like buying a gun. You want one?, then pass a sanity test to be approved. Same with Cops. You want to be a Police Officer? Then prove you are mentally fit to protect and serve.

Best new rules segment in the history of this show.
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Wasted effort
9 April 2018
All the actors, except Warren Beatty were excellent in their roles, especially Lily Collins, Alden Ehrenreich, and Mathew Broderick.

Warren's performance was by far the worst Howard Hughes portrayal in the history of actors portraying Howard Hughes. He had no chance to compete with the likes of Tommy Lee Jones, and Leonardo DiCaprio, and he is way to old to play the young Hughes as well as the old Hughes. We ended up with Warren being Warren. Not Warren being Howard Hughes.

Perhaps Warren felt he had made a mistake in the 70s when he turned down the role of Hughes, and it ended up going to Tommy Lee Jones, which made Jones' career. However, he waited too many years for the inspiration to write himself into a Howard Hughes screenplay as Howard Hughes.

Also, (and most importantly) why write a "fictional" story about a man whose real life adventures are so much more interesting and complex then this convoluted drek we are given in this disaster of a screenplay? The entire effort was wasted, and sadly, there are many younger viewers unaware about Howard Hughes' life, that will interpret this nonsense as a biography of the man.

The movie might have worked a little better if the story centered around Collin's and Ehrenreich's characters, and Hughes was just in the background. However, no matter how Beatty wants to market or advertise this mess, make no mistake, it's all about Howard Hughes, and Warren's poor and fictional portrayal of him.
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Worst big budget movie ever made
15 March 2018
I loved the 1st one, so the other day I bought the Blu-ray of this one, because I never saw it.

Simply put: If an 8 year old was told to write this script, and then an adult came along and corrected the grammar and spelling errors, but left everything else the child wrote 'as is', the result would be this script. Now, to add spice to the mix, get a 5 year old to direct it, and a 6 year old to edit it. "This movie would be the result of that plan".

If my name was Linda Woolverton, I would commit suicide, rather than admit my name was Linda Woolverton.

If my name was James Bobin, I would ban myself from Hollywood for eternity, and then commit suicide.

I'm not rating the movie, because there is nothing lower than a 1 I can rate it here. It deserves a minus 10. I fell asleep 4 times while trying to watch this 'thing'. 3 times from boredom, and the 4th time from attempting suicide on myself for having purchased this Blu-ray.
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Real Time with Bill Maher: Episode #16.2 (2018)
Season 16, Episode 2
Garbage, and I HATE Trump
27 January 2018
Maher is over the top again this week with his ego and being rude to guests. I don't know why he bothers inviting anyone on in the first place, because they can't get a word in.

He reminds me of a blowhard from the 70s on cocaine. You start your sentence, and then he finishes it. "The show should be called "The World According to Bill Maher".

Then poor Zooey Deschanel comes on to talk about food, and he interrupts almost every sentence with his opinion. I haven't seen him be that rude to a back end guest EVER. He really needs to have his producer give him a reality check.

I promised myself I wasn't going to watch the A-hole anymore, after his stint on Episode #15.18 with Ice Cube. I broke my promise last night, and watched this crappola show. NEVER again.
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Siren (III) (2010)
Now I get it
28 December 2017
I've always found actress Teresa Srbova extremely attractive, so when I found this flick playing on satellite one evening, and saw her in the cast, I had to watch it.

I thought the cinematography was great, but the story was non existent. I was disappointed and gave it a low rating here. Then years later, I found the DVD at a swap meet for $1.00 and thought it would be fun to watch it again.

After the movie was completed, I felt the same way I did the first time until I played the deleted scenes. There is a long deleted scene in special features where Silka (Srbova) is explaining the entire reason for everything happening on the island to the other female lead. I was dumbfounded why that scene was taken out of the flick, because it actually would have saved the movie.

Then interesting enough, I decided to try and reach Andrew Hull (director) to ask him why he removed the most important scene in the movie. It turns out that Andrew Hull was killed in May 2010 in a bicycle accident, and the movie was picked up later by Lionsgate in October 2010. It was messed with, released in March, 2011, and the final edit is nothing like Andrew Hull probably would have finished it.

Who the heck knows who did the final cut of this film. All I can tell you is : if this key scene wasn't removed from this movie by whomever, this film would be sitting here with a much higher rating than it is. Editing tells the story of a film. Too bad for Andrew Hull, that he died before he had the chance to piece his movie together for a final edit that might have told the story he originally had in mind.
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Get Shorty: Blue Pages (2017)
Season 1, Episode 10
Certainly not the Pilot
8 October 2017
I can't say this episode wasn't done well, however, it doesn't even vaguely resemble the pilot, or any of the episodes since, except last week's episode also directed by Adam Arkin.

Are the writers bi-polar? Did the Epix brass instruct the writers and director to take the series 180 degrees from a dry comedy to a serious gangster show? Did Adam Arkin take it upon himself to eliminate all comedy from the last two episodes, by exchanging laughs for death, and tears of joy for tears of sadness and pools of blood? Or, is no one in charge of this flip flop series, and each director makes his/her own version of Get Shorty when it's their turn?

If the show continues down this serious path next season, I'll leave the reviews for those that love serious gangster shows, and can review this series with enthusiasm. However, considering the obvious comedic structure of the subject matter, I don't see how it can continue to inspire serious gangster fans.

As for myself, I was more than just fine with the tone that was set with the pilot: "The Pitch", that got me hooked on this series in the first place, and I will discontinue viewing this series unless it gets back on the pilot's path.

What these last two episodes have done, is left me not caring "at all" what the next episode is about. Bottom line, it is a terrible season finale, especially if you were expecting the usual Get Shorty laughs.

The name of this series should be: "Pot Luck", because you never know what version you're going to get.
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Get Shorty: Turnaround (2017)
Season 1, Episode 9
Get Shorty - Gets Serious
5 October 2017
After two well directed shows back to back, the series is handed over to Adam Arkin for two weeks. Obviously, each director this show utilizes to try and complete its first season has a completely different take on what makes this show tick.

I'm not saying that Arkin is a bad director. He directed the segment with no comedy, and some others before him directed their segments with plenty of comedy. It really does come down to the director....not the script. I'm sure all the directors are handed a serious script with implied lightheartedness. It's the directors job to pull it off.

Arkin took the events in the script, and filmed an episode of Scarface. Nice job if Get Shorty was Scarface.

Get Shorty is a comedy. All of the highest rated shows this first season were shot by directors that implemented even the most violent scenes with humor. You can't expect this series to succeed if no one likes the characters. A viewer can't like the lead characters, if they're all cold blooded killers with no redeeming qualities.

This show has only two likable characters: Shorty and her mother. If all of the directors aren't on the same page as to what they are filming, the next season that Epix has already signed on for will be the last.

Comedic violence and some compassion, forgives the fact that Sean Bridgers and Chris O'Dowd are hit men. The show must never take itself as seriously as it did this episode, or it will fail. Ray Romano can only do so much to add levity to this series. The comedic aspect must be the tone set by each director.
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Get Shorty: Shot on Location (2017)
Season 1, Episode 8
Classic Cliffhanger with laughs
27 September 2017
This weeks director (same as last week's), had to carefully thread the needle between comedy and deadly drama against a backdrop of a movie being shot that is so bad, the only way Miles was able to get it into production was to blackmail two of the studio executives.

He did a great job. I was a bit disappointed at first with the abrupt ending, but then realized it was the only way to move the story along without it getting too serious.

There were some really creative and comical scenes involving the planned but botched killing of the lead actress, the attack on the van with high powered rifles carrying the lead actor, and the usual shenanigans that keep this series top notch.
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Dexter: Remember the Monsters? (2013)
Season 8, Episode 12
27 September 2017
I own the series on Blu-ray, and have watched season (8) at least 5 times. Perhaps I'm trying to justify the last episode in some logical terms I can deal with, because Dexter was my all time favorite Showtime series.

The best scene in "Remember the Monsters" is when Hannah is on the bus and gets confronted by Elway. He gives her his: "This is what's going to happen" bit, then she sticks him with a paralyzing injection in the leg, and repeats his exact words back at him. That was "great writing".

Unfortunately, what follows in this final episode, may be the absolute worst writing in cable/Satellite television history. The writers were cramped in a think tank probably snorting coke or meth, and when the drugs ran out, so did the ideas.

If we play make believe, and take the episode to the spot where Batista catches Saxon in the hospital with Dexter's help, here is how it could have concluded:

I wouldn't have reunited Debra with Quinn. He was a loser from day one, and Debra deserved better than him.

Debra's condition is stable, and we get to imagine that she recovers...or not. Dexter can still visit the jail and kill Oliver Saxton. I personally liked that scene. I would have liked to have seen "dirty cop" Quinn get his justice. Perhaps Dexter discovers evidence while planning his exit from Miami that Quinn removed the blood of Isaak Sirko from the evidence room, and has one more deed to do before leaving town. Dexter doesn't necessarily need to kill Quin, but he could have made sure he was busted. This could have been the revealing turning point to prove Dexter wasn't the same Dexter any longer, and perhaps deserved his new life in Argentina.

The next to last scene could have involved the hurricane, and Dexter trying to get out of Miami on his boat before it was too late, including some suspense whether or not he made it. Then the viewers could have filled in the blanks to suit their fancy.

The last scene in the show should have been Hannah and Harrison in Argentina hopefully awaiting Dexter's arrival. THE END.

Instead, what we were given was a drug induced compromise of how that series should have ended, by a group of burned out writers that had different opinions, and unfortunately left the Dexter fan's feelings, along with any logic, out of the final equation.

Perhaps the absolute worst series finale in TV cinema history.

The lumberjack idea came out of one of the talent-less writers proposing the idea to put Dexter in a situation that was as far from being a forensic crime scene investigator as possible. Showtime producers didn't want to kill Dexter off, so to live with the Hurricane boat wreckage fiasco, they agreed to the last scene with him as an alive lumberjack, rather than a drowned suicide loser.

Personally, I think he is a bigger loser living as a lumberjack with the woman he loves waiting for him, and his only son needing in him his life.....abandoned by his father.
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A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Disguise for Murder (2001)
Season 1, Episode 7
The disguise needed help
21 September 2017
I love this series. It outclasses any other TV mystery show by a wide margin. It is an extremely well done series which utilizes the ensemble cast system, with most of the troop playing in each episode, and everyone is a new character in each, except for the central characters.

However, this is my least favorite episode. Not for the original Rex Stout story, but for A&E's implementation of it. It all comes down to Debra Monk being the absolute worst woman in a man's disguise in cinema history. Her disguise is simply a fake mustache, men's clothing and a men's 50's fedora, and her imitation of a man's voice is laughable. is a Nero Wolfe episode, and since everything else except the victim's description of her killer is up to par, it's still better than anything else TV had to offer at the beginning of the millennium....or since.

However the fact that Mr. Wolfe would ever have 200 people rummaging through his plant room, and at his invitation no less, is complete 'flummery'.

So, 7 out of 10 stars. My lowest Nero Wolfe rating ever.
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Get Shorty: Grace Under Pressure (2017)
Season 1, Episode 7
Back with a vengeance...
17 September 2017
This series goes from The Exorcist to Meatballs from week to week, depending on who's directing. This week the show returned to the original former comedy brilliance of the pilot.

This episode was directed by Daniel Attias, and he also directed next week's show, so I'm expecting the same level of the perfect mix of funny and serious, the ingredients of dark comedy.

Nice job this week Daniel, of blending all the elements of a complex story, comedy about a subject not usually associated with it, and not taking itself so serious that it ruins the original theme of being as interesting as it is funny. Keep it up!
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Real Time with Bill Maher: Episode #15.18 (2017)
Season 15, Episode 18
15 September 2017
The entire show prior to Ice Cube's appearance was completely negated, once the self proclaimed speaker for the entire African American community arrived, and spanked Maher for a comment he had already apologized for many times.

It was a pitiful, and painful scene to watch Maher all squirmed down in his chair taking a worse beating than he ever imposed on those he may have offended with his 'off color N word' remark.

The time would have been better spent discussing the use of the N word by African Americans to describe themselves, if they ever expect the rest of the world to eliminate the word from the English language.

Personally, I have heard the word enough.....from 'both colors'.

This episode was a 'show stopper' for me. Knowing all that Maher has done to help the black community, this show completely ended my Realtime love affair, and I'll never tune in again.
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The Deuce (2017– )
11 September 2017
Who needs this drek?? Whoever sold this garbage idea to HBO should be given the salesman of the year award.

With all the wonders of life there are to explore with the technology of film and sound, why would anyone want to visit a slime crime dirty New York city in the 70s, centered around filth, low rent prostitutes, and gutter rat characters?

We all worked really hard in those days to get the hell out of that environment. No thanks HBO...I don't ever want to go back. Not even to look.

I lasted under 30 minutes before the remote control made its way into my hand, begging me to change the channel.

If you like trash, you will love this.
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A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Christmas Party (2001)
Season 1, Episode 9
One of my favorite episodes...
11 September 2017
If I had to pick one of the 28 episodes of Nero Wolfe as my favorite, it would be very difficult, however, a top contender would be "The Christmas Party". Perhaps it's the fact that Nero dresses as Santa Claus, after playing "Bah Humbug" with Archie, and Fritz when they showed some Xmas spirit. Or, perhaps I really find Francie Swift attractive, and she is especially beautiful in this episode.

Or, maybe it's just a great episode. Either way, if you are deciding on a sample Nero Wolfe episode to watch, to see if you may want to purchase the DVD sets, this would be a great candidate.

Nero Wolfe in my humble opinion is one of the top 5 TV series in cinema history, and it's a damn shame A&E dumped it after two seasons, so they could cater to the Millennium generation. Wolfe was one of the highest rated TV series when it was canceled by A&E at the conclusion of the second season.
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