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Gone Home (2013 Video Game)
Too Short, too underwhelming for an otherwise engaging game
18 March 2014
And intriguing concept that is more or less poorly executed on. For a game that has received overwhelming praise from critics, some calling it an "achievement in gaming", it lacks a satisfying climax and ending (Which I won't spoil here) to tie together all the suspense that it spends 2 and a half hours setting up.

What makes this game interesting is the way it plays on your expectations and horror genre clichés, which always makes sure you are engaged as a player and are paying attention to the story, but overall the entire gameplay aspect of the game becomes irrelevant which is never a good sign for a "game".

Now I'm not one of those people that say "How is this even a game", because as a general rule i like narrative based games, and for the most part enjoyed this narrative and therefore the game.

But the ending was quite possibly the worst ending for any form of fiction I have ever seen. I'm not going to spoil it, because the only reason (literally) to play through this game is the intrigue of the narrative that's it.

The reason why the ending (or later part of the game) sucks is because: -It happens too soon (The game is too short) -Unbelievably underwhelming -Makes you feel cheated for all the suspense lost -Cuts out entire aspects of the game

If I would sum up this game in 2 words it would be "Wasted opportunity"

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Who wrote this
26 December 2013
Completely unfunny, who wrote this? Its just all of the characters in as many awkward situations as possible, which is just cringe-worthy. Ha! This character is eating poo which everyone thinks is chocolate cake and he has to pretend he likes it! Thats funny, right? This is one of many scenes which makes the audience want to turn away from the screen in cringe, but the writers thought was laugh out comedy.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed some parts of the earlier films, which are good if you aren't taking them seriously, but I'm not sure how this is funny.

One of the worst films I've ever seen. 1/10
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