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Great concept, cute execution, average humour, poor animation
1 January 2018
The Good: Conceptually, this movie is brilliant. It's high-concept storytelling at its most divine (pardon the pun). The movie's slice-of-life depiction of two of the most celebrated religious/cultural leaders makes for a fun experience.

The movie can feel offensive to those who easily get offended (one must remember - feeling 'offended' is a manifestation of one's own insecurities). If you watch this movie with an open mind, you'll have a good time.

The Bad: As is the case with most Japanese comedy (anime or otherwise), some jokes don't translate well into English. This is important to note since this movie is basically a light-hearted comedy.

The animation could've been better too - the movie has way too many still shots with background narration - at times it feels like less of a movie and more of a slideshow.
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American Gods (2017– )
A visual treat that embodies everything wrong with 'magical realism'
1 January 2018
The Good: A stunning title sequence, sublime aesthetic, and powerful themes.

The Bad: The show is riddled with terrible dialogue, boring sub-plots, and an overdependence on (cringeworthy) CGI & post-production, all of which make for a tedious viewing experience. Another problem is the genre - magical realism - if (literally) anything can happen in the show without any explanation, there isn't a single reason left to care about the show or its characters.

My biggest takeaway from this show is that magical realism is a risky genre for television and should not be taken up unless the showrunners know EXACTLY what the fuck they're doing. (Given that the showrunners have left the show, I reckon that to not be the case.)
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