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Awesome show. Great acting. A must view for comedy lovers.
4 June 2013
Awesome show! I have never seen the acting of Henry Zebrowski (the actor who plays Gary, the main character) but I was amazed at his abilities and the subtle movements and faces he makes that really sells the jokes. The back up cast of Matt Servitto (the devil), Dana Snyder (Gary's old roommate)and Craig Rowin (Gary's intern) really complete the ensemble of excellence this show has achieved in my eyes. I am a huge fan of the work of Dana Snyder, and it is great to see him on the screen as a person, rather that a squid, a milkshake, or some weird programmer in a viking hat (code monkeys). I really hope this show lasts for more than one season, and that Henry Zebrowski gets the recognition he deserves out of it. The first episode I watched about 5 times in a row, and didn't get sick of it. I was fiending for episode two and was not disappointed when it finally came to air. I am now eagerly awaiting episode 7, and will loyally follow this show till it's end.
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Allen Gregory (2011)
Awesome Show!
30 May 2013
Allen Gregory is a hilarious show! I don't understand all the bad ratings. If you haven't seen it, watch it! If you liked things like Sealab, Frisky Dingo, Archer and others along those lines, then you will like this too. Jonah Hill's character Allen is so funny; The way he acts towards his schoolmates along with the staff is hilarious and original. I hate when awesome shows get cancelled before they even have the chance to gain a loyal following. It happened with Family guy, it happened with Arrested Development and both have made it back on TV. Bring back Allen Gregory please! And long live "You're pretty face is going to Hell" (the next great TV show that probably won't get the chance either)
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