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Rove Live (2000–2009)
A less-than-funny attempt to copy Conan O'Brien
7 January 2005
Rove has no original ideas or jokes, all of them are recycled jokes from the American "Late Night" shows, mostly stolen from Conan O'Brien. After watching an episode of "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" I decided to flick to "Rove Live" to see what he had to offer...Little did i know that Rove would be repeating a joke I had just heard on an episode of "Late Night" the day before! And it's not just Conan who is being robbed of his material, it is also Jay Leno. I am under the assumption that Rove flicked to Jay's show, saw the "Headliners" segment and said to himself "Hey, I should take this idea too!", thus causing the birth of "What The?". Rove seriously needs to rethink the whole situation because I think he's beginning to forget that he's not the only one in Australia with access to Jay Leno and Conan...

Rove is HORRIBLE-I'll give him a score of one for going to the effort of plagiarism-1/10
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My Fave Lines from the show...
20 December 2004
MOVING LIPS: "you can't jingle half the've got to jingle ALL the way!" (Making fun of Arnold)

"Of course I threw him off the else is he gonna be gravity savvy?" (Steve Irwin's baby stunt)

"Ooh Conan, you're making bubbles devilish" (Michael Jackson)

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: "My first pet was...delicious" (Star Jones)

THE PROTECTORS SKIT: "The legal age to pose in this magazine is 18 years old. How old were you when you started?" "I was...21" "21? That's not exactly 18, is it? How dare you!'(Barely Legal)

I also LOVE the Walker Texas Ranger lever...Conan's a classic. 10/10
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