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Yet another great movie with an ending to ruin it
11 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I won't really tell many spoilers but I don't know where they draw the line, so the warning is just in case.

This is an incredible movie (and when you read this then maybe you're questioning my decision to put 2/10) HOWEVER the ending was so disappointing on so many levels that I can't see myself giving this a high rating. The whole movie was based around his condition but (okay this next sentence is a spoiler|||) at the end it's just as if he's cured. I can't understand why they'd do that. (|||spoilers over) I feel like the entire movie was building up to something completely different than the end product. The ending was disappointing, it was inaccurate and just simply awful.

The movie until the last 30-40 minutes - 8/10

after the end - 2/10... So if you don't want the experience spoiled then you should just stop watching it by then.
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A great build-up! But should have lasted 3 hours to make it a good movie..
10 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I think the movie is good, even great..except it doesn't really get to the action. This feels like a great build-up for the next movie and i can see a lot of promise but this movie alone wasn't good enough..I would have wanted this movie to go on for around 3 hours. That way they could have added in a little comedy, a little bonding and they should have made the fight with Doom a lot longer and a lot more interesting. I have a feeling they might make up for all of this if they actually make the second movie so..i keep my faith in the guy who brought us Chronicle.

Also I don't know if everyone understood that but they tried to make it different and not follow the comics..they did however slightly follow one version which everyone seems to have forgotten. There are many stories to every comic book hero..

7,5/10 if this is a build-up but 5,5/10 on it's own..You need action in a superhero movie..
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Kung Fury (2015)
so Awful it's Brilliant!
29 May 2015
This movie is like the most extreme American movie with explosions everywhere mixed with a fairly extreme Japanese game. This movie has explosions everywhere, fights who looks like they've been taken straight out of a video game and puns..oh those puns! The puns are extreme in this movie. They are everywhere! Some of them are clever but most are just so bad they're funny. I can't believe how many clichés they've brought into this but somehow I love it!

I'm sure you'll like this movie and if nothing else, you'll laugh about how bad it is. They've picked the main antagonist perfectly for an extreme movie like this and I hope to see a second movie!

9/10, would have gotten a 10 if they had gotten a bit more Nordic feeling into it, I feel that's all it's lacking!
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The 100 (2014– )
Some people doesn't seem to understand this great series!
7 October 2014
I read a lot of the reviews on this before i started watching the series and because of that I thought it would be terrible but it's not! The people who are writing most of these reviews doesn't seem to be thinking about what the series is actually about. It is a Drama | Sci-Fi and a very clear one. There is a lot of drama (but that's pretty obvious when you put 100 young delinquents together without supervision) but the main idea is built around the Sci-fi!

Many are complaining about how the teenagers are acting so stupid but maybe that's because the Earth is nothing like they've been taught it was, and because they've been living on a spaceship for their entire lives! Also most of them are rule-breakers so you should expect some fairly weird and stupid things to happen. Many people seem to get angry about the system that everyone over the age of 18 will be killed for any crime but that is obviously because they didn't have room for that many people and in a small space-station you can't afford to have thieves!

Please give this series a chance! If you look at the reviews most of them are 1/10 but this series right now has an average of 7,5 so...there has to be a large majority who really likes it like me! A perfect balance of Drama and Sci-fi (coming from a guy who usually hates Drama :P )
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Mixology (2013–2014)
I wish more would have given it a chance!
20 July 2014
I would have given this series a 9,4 out of 10 because of the smart and enjoying comedy. We all have these friends or we are like these people so we recognize things about ourselves in them.

This is a series about people trying to get laid in a bar. They all use different methods and all have different personalities but the bottom line is to get laid before last-call. So if we go through the men, the series has one guy who doesn't know anything about women, one who thinks he knows everything, one who truly believes you can find "the one" (and he has many times...), one hot bartender who simply lives without thinking because there's no need and one rich guy who lost most of his money and is now doing online dating. They all choose a girl fairly quickly but no one is sure since they seem to find a connection with other people as well. So some guys seem to get more than one girl and some seem to get none and we'll see who ends up with who.

(didn't feel like going through the girls since they are too complicated)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011–2014)
An incredible work that now continues
14 May 2013
This is a really fun and entertaining Anime that's all about one kid called Gon who is looking for his dad and the paths his dad laid out for him are truly incredible.

He gets stronger at such a strong rate but the series always shows that there are way stronger opponents so he always has someone to fight in the way that his father laid out.

This series shows a lot of fighting to get stronger but it also show that some people are meant to do incredible things. It's also a series that make you laugh really easily with all kinds of spontaneous and stupid humor that i love.

The old one was as great, the only differences are that in this one Killua looks even younger and the last one ended at one moment where something happened that could have ended the series but in this one they continue from that moment.

Watch this series, I beg you, and you won't ever regret it!
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