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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008 Video Game)
Third installment of a time-acclaimed series
21 October 2008
After a long hiatus, the Red Alert branch of the Command & Conquer series of games is back.

In keeping with the series's trademarks, the Allies and the Soviets are at it again, with well known units such as the attack dog and the Kirov bomber coming back to our screens.

However, this title takes a leaf (or a few) from other titles of the genre, such as Command & Conquer Generals ("General Points" and "General Abilities" mechanics, a third faction, Empire of the Rising Sun). Sea-faring units are back and greatly emphasized, as are the amphibian abilities of many units.

As seen from the multiplayer beta and various teaser trailers, the graphism is very much reminiscent of it's predecessor, Red Alert 2, but the graphics quality is cutting edge, taking full advantage of current High Defenition technology.

The storyline is yet largely undivulged, but promises to be as compelling as any in the series, and, naturally, narrated in several live-action sequences acted out by a star-studded cast.

A must have title for series buffs, genre enthusiasts and casual players alike.
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Great light-hearted, inconsequent, nonsensical comedy
16 October 2006
Those who remember the comedy TV Show "Conversa da Treta" should recognize the main characters at a glance and pretty much know the sort of comedy beforehand. Those who don't will, most likely, be delighted to meet the slob/scoundrels Toni and Zézé, two life-long friends from a lower-class neighbourhood. These two will have you in stitches with their antics, both evading danger and running headlong into it, lined with funny, albeit in a nonsensical way, dialogs, spiced with mispronounced, and often plainly mistaken, catchphrases. Their tale, while having no consequence whatsoever to the world around them, has quite an epic feel, which only helps to accentuate the silliness of the comedy. Not to miss if you're a fan of the so-silly-it-becomes-funny sort of film.
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Shin Seiki Evangerion (1995–1996)
Angels aren't all that angelical anymore...
31 May 2005
Immenselly intricate and often seemingly plot-holed, this is not for the weak of mind. Much is left unexplained, even after 25+ episodes and the movies. Many facts are simply widely believed speculation. Still, a very interesting voyage to the depths of several different characters' minds and psyches laced with often anime-like gruesome action with exciting mecca and preterhuman enemies. After a world-wide cataclysm resulting from a meteorite impact of proportions comparable to that which slew the dinosaurs, only a handful of selected children may command the gigantic Evangelion to rid mankind of the threat of the Angels. Beware, many a time this has been compared to an acid trip.
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O Ninja das Caldas (2001 TV Movie)
Portuguese made ninja/martial arts spoof.
1 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
With a budget of around 40€, you certainly cannot expect much on the technical side, but many a good laugh is in order for this amateurish movie.

First off, if you happen to come across this movie on DivX, which is how this movie was first introduced to the public, rest assured it is, most likely, NOT a DVD rip. The DVD only came out to the public some two years after it began being circulated in DivX. Also if you find that speech and sound effects are out of timing, that is a feature, not a bug, intended as a parody of dubbings gone wrong, especially those of Spanish-speaking center and south American soap operas.

Very poor special effects and bloopers (such as talcum powder being dropped from a plastic bag to simulate mystical mist, followed by the plastic bag itself) punctuate extensively practiced and very well choreographed fighting sequences and taunts nearly impossible to translate. Some, however, roughly mean "You shall know the supremacy of pain", or "Tell me your names and I'll kill you in alphabetical order." Hardly recommended for those who are less than fluent in Portuguese. Everyone else should help themselves to a copy.
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