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The Sixth Sense: Shadow in the Well (1972)
Season 1, Episode 12
Episode was from a short-lived series called "The Sixth Sense"
21 July 2008
The channel "chiller" ran this episode under the title "Night Gallery" and not under the title "Sixth Sense", July 21, 2008. Mary Ann Mobley's character's, "lisa", husband, Daniel, is murdered and she is believing that she is the one who did it. Dr. Rhodes (Gary Collins) is a doctor who is trying to convince her that she is not the one who killed him. The swami, Linchou, the Reverend, Arnold Jordan, and the old lady, Lisa's dead husband's mother, Mrs. Wolfe, are all working on their own motives. Dr. Rhodes is able, at times, to see what Lisa is seeing. This episode was one of the better ones out of the series, which was an off-shoot of the "Night Gallery" series.
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Burn Notice (2007–2013)
Bruce as comic relief
20 September 2007
I love Bruce Campbell in this. He's a joy to watch as he backs up Michael in these things. The last episode, with his strong holdout and funny quips between hits is priceless Campbell at his finest. The chemistry between the actors is very good, the characters are all eclectic enough that they could, on their own, practically carry a show on their own. I love Fiona especially, that woman is demurely scary. That's the only thing that I can say about her. "Mom" is a lot like my own, smokes like a chimney and butts into things because she feels she has a right because she's "mom".

I want the Charger. I cried when they blew it up, shot it up, and tried their hardest to maim it. Leave the car alone, blow up something else, anything else, but leave the freakin' Charger out of it!

And now we have to wait until next summer to find out what happens.

At least there is going to be a "next season". Thank-you USA.
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Magnum, P.I.: Lest We Forget (1981)
Season 1, Episode 10
A Nominated Supreme Court Justice Seeks His Prostitute Bride from Pearl Harbor 1941
22 January 2007
Judge Robert Caine (Jose Ferrer) seeks his long lost wife Diane Westmore Pauley who he lost when Pearl Harbor was bombed. She's hiding a great secret that she wants to keep buried and she believes her "Bobby" was killed on the Arizona. Everyone Magnum asks about the picture of Diane from those days says they don't remember her but Magnum believes they are lying to him.

Footage of the bombing of Pearl Harbor appears to be from the moving "Tora, Tora, Tora".

To complicate matters, someone is willing to run Magnum off the road (and busting up Robin's Ferrari again in the process) and Higgins has roped him into a bridge game.
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Bones: The Boy in the Shroud (2006)
Season 2, Episode 3
They find a dead teen in a shroud in a dump and the search is on
13 September 2006
The boy is found dead. His rich parents blame the girlfriend he has, a girl from foster care. Tempest and Cam clash on what needs investigated next and the "squints" let Cam know where she stands.

Tempest still doesn't relate to people outside of forensics but she is beginning to understand some of it with Booth's help. Both of them have "baggage" which was set up last season and now I think we will see much more examination and overcoming of that baggage.

I love "Bones" for all the forensics stuff but also for the interplay between the characters. One new interplay has started, one that is interesting and bears watching.

There was a song at the end that I loved and I want to know what it was and if it's available on CD. Can anyone tell me?
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Honorarium and a good tribute film
5 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
We saw this in Imax 3D and I have to say it was well done. I would have been happier if the 3D version was done totally in 3D and not just a few "action" scenes. But other than that, I really loved this movie.

I didn't like the third and fourth Chris Reeves Superman movies but the first one was the best. Superman Returns is a direct descendant and a true tribute to that film, from the Williams score (both totally used and "echoed" in other music) to little subtle hints of that movie. Brandon Routh has that same "sparkle" that Chris Reeves had when he first stepped into the cape. Even Clark Kent had at least some of the same feeling.

Kevin Spacey must have either studied the portrayal of Lex Luthor that Gene Hackman had done because there were times when I had a problem telling who was playing the roll, the voice intonations and mannerisms were almost the same. I do think Spacey did a better job staying in a less "jocular" version of Lex than Hackman did (Hackman felt too "cartoon").

Lois was good, much better than Margo Kidder had done in the first movie. I had thought that Margo was hired to be the part of "Gertrude Vanderworth", the voice of the lady as she was dying sounded somewhat familiar and I wondered it was Margo. But when I checked IMDb, I found it to be someone else familiar, Noel Neill, the Lois Lane from the George Reeve TV show in the 50's, which I watched as a child.

The secret of Lois and Richard White, and the smaller secret as well, were well done, "is he or isn't he" was still in my mind up until that one, definitive scene (you know what it was if you have seen the movie). I wanted it to be right and I would love to have some clarification on it next movie (please tell me there will be another...).

Taking this movie as a second installment of the original, with it also being a tribute to the memory of Christopher Reeves (it was dedicated to him and his late wife, Dana, this film lived up to the hype it has had.
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House M.D. (2004–2012)
I am NOT a fan of...
15 March 2005
That new Board Chairman HAS to go.

The minute he came in and basically accused Cuddy of sleeping with Dr. House hacked me off. If I had been Cuddy, my career would have been toast because after I slapped him physically, I would have slapped him with the biggest sexual assault charge in history.

I hope he's only there the 2 episode they are saying he's on. I've not had a negative reaction to a character like this in a LONG time.

Don't get me wrong, I loved him in "Boston Public", as an actor Chi is wonderful and I would like him if he wasn't such a pain in this one. I want him to go.
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