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Gut (2012)
A slow burn indie film about two friends dealing with their dark & depraved desire to watch a DVD that was left in the mailbox of a real murder.
16 April 2013
"Gut" is a unique New York Indie Horror Film that is unlike anything you have ever seen. Tom (Jason Vail) is a father & husband caught in a dead end pointless job with his immature childhood friend Dan (Nicholas Wilder.) We share in Tom's resentment towards everything in his life, including the people around him. Dan, on the other hand, has a child like sense of wonder at his own lack of responsibility. The viewer will find themselves liking/relating to either Tom or Dan but will end up knowing them both intimately. Dan surprises Tom with an offer to see a new horror film that was left in his mail box. Their childhood love of horror films causes them to relish in this eerie & unexplained snuff video. This secret indulgence causes tension in all of Tom's relationship including with his wife Lily (Sarah Schoofs.) The violence & twisted story line is so tastefully done, it will make the viewer feel like a voyeur as well for watching this film & especially for wanting to watch the snuff video in this film. It is a slow burn horror story that twists are view of what a horror film actually is. It is not a slasher or gore picture but contains disturbing images & ideas that putting it mildly are not for the faint of heart. "Gut" is definitely worth the watch, if you are a true horror fan.
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