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Creepy parents not worth viewing
14 May 2006
The acting was very good. The production was good. The story told was simply uninteresting and more off-putting than engaging. Jeff Daniels played his part so well that you just wanted to slap the creep. The mother character is even more reprehensible. These are people I would rather not know let alone invite into my living room. The only redeeming factor of this film is that it may be gratifying to parents watching it that are not screwing up their children as much as the parents in this movie were. If you have teenagers, definitely do not rent this movie. While some R rated movies can be watched by older teenagers with your supervision, this is definitely not one of them!
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12 December 2004
While it has more action than the first two movies, it dragged and dragged and dragged on. This portion of the story could have been told in 90 minutes: the other two hours are there merely to give your subwoofer a work out. The movie does accurately portray the book, which was also exceedingly boring. The story is not memorable. I couldn't remember enough about the first two movies to know what the situation was for the third movie. The highlight of the movie is the boost it gave to the New Zealand economy. It is also a great travel video for the South Island, enough that I may take a vacation there to see it. Don't waste your money on this, unless you need a good nap.
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Network (1976)
The Worst Movie Ever
11 November 2004
I saw the movie the week it came out in the theater. The theater was packed. No one in this packed theater laughed at anything. This was because they did not know it was a comedy. To the audience, the movie was a dud. It wasn't funny, and it couldn't be taken seriously. At the end of the movie, most of the people wanted their money back. The acting was good, but the movie tanked. If this movie was so funny, why did none of the three hundred people in the audience laugh? Dark comedy either works, like Fargo, or it bombs. Network bombed.
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