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Ready or Not (I) (2019)
OK horror movie
14 August 2019
You will jump a bit and the story are funny. A lot of blood and also some dark humor parts. But also a bit overplaying and some parts are a bit long. So for me a OK movie.
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The Boys (2019– )
So much fun
10 August 2019
The caracters are complex. The humor and grapic is not for everyone. For me one of the best tv-series in a long time. No superhero tv-series will be the same after The boys. The actors are great. Season 2... come soon! Please.
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Glass (2019)
Unbreakable (and Split) was better
24 May 2019
I liked Unbreakable and also Split. This movie was to boring for me, and I did not feel much for the story. In fact I did not see the last part (1/3) because it was to boring for me.
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Messy and not funny
14 August 2015
This was a movie where half of the comedians from Norway was in the movie. And thats too many. You don't get to know all the characters, there are to much happening, the story goes here and there with "cat" against "mouse" theme. And who is the cat and mouse change a lot... When you have so many fun actors in a movie as in this one you do expect more.

Tha trailer looked very good for this movie. And it made resemblance to a Tarantino-movie. And i love that kind of movies. This is not a Tarantino-movie (faaar from it).

The beginning of the movie is fun, looking at a race between horses. I hope it will be more in that "theme". But thats all about the race. In the end me and my friend just hoped the movie would end so we could watch a random movie at TV instead.
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Moralistic and boring
15 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is not the worst movie in romantic comedy, but its close. What a moralistic movie! Typical US at the worst. A man and a woman that have nothing in common and done like each other move together in a big house since their best friends dies. And off course they get the responsibility as parents for this baby. And they find out that they in fact not only like each other. They are perfect for each other... And a perfect doctor that she before would had loved a relationship with is easily dumped since the passion in a fight is not yet there... The "thing" that they get together as a couple just because they take care of a kid annoyed me, and i had problem watching the last 20 minute of the movie. It was therefor too long. The actors do a okay work. But if you as me hate "moralistic movies" where a child brings together people that are too different - then never see this movie.
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Nice fantasy movie
14 February 2013
Im 33 years old and probably not in the main-group for this movie (teengirls maybe). But me and my friend got a free ticket and went for this movie we would normally not had seen.

But i was charmed. The young actors played well, was cute and had chemistry together. We smiled many times, and the effects was good. The story was OK, and i have never read the story this movie is build on.

This is a good movie i think, and probably they will make more movies so we see how the story will go. I found it fun with the southern small town fun of religious narrowness. And the fight between good and evil is a fight in many of the fantasy-movies, and that was a red line in this movie and worked good.

Fun also to see Emma Thompson, she did a awesome actor-work.
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Headhunters (2011)
This is how a thriller should be
2 April 2012
Im from Norway, and the last years Norwegians movies that are known has been horror movies. So this is a kind of movies we don't get from Norway so very often. That the main actor was good, is no surprise - and he is the actor in many other movies as well. But this is probably the movie i have liked him most. He plays a character that have many flaws, and that does not act like a hero. And the story is a bit twisted - and surprising. I saw it with a friend from Philippines and we both agree that this is one of the best thriller we have seen in 2011. So hurray for this Norwegians movie - and lets hope it will come more in the years that come in this quality.
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Machete (2010)
Fun fun fun
5 December 2010
This was so much fun, and was a typical Robert Rodriguez movie, or a Tarantino movie in many ways. Strong and funny characters, and in this movie with a lot of legendary actors. Here you meet Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, Jeff Fahey and Robert De Niro. All of them are great in this film. In some way this is like "pulp fiction" or "kill bill" if you should compare. Or a bit like "El mariachi" that Rodriguez made 18 years ago.

The ladies in this movie are also something special. Sexy, but also smart and brave. The main character played by Danny Trejo is great. And he use his machete so brilliantly that its hard not too laugh when people are split apart.

This movie does also have some intelligent meaning in the way many see immigrants from Mexico. if you like a movie where you can laugh and have fun, eat popcorn and talk about some scenes after a movie, this is the movie. If you don't like Tarantino or other movies done by Rodriquz this is not a movie you should see. And yes, there is a lot of killing in this movie, but the killings are mostly done in a humorous way.
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Harry Brown (2009)
A bit better than death wish
15 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie remember a lot about the death wish movies. Even if the death wish movies has even more "action", its no doubt for me that this is a better movie. The main reason for is that the main actor, Michael Caine is a better actor than Charles Bronson. But the plot is the same.

The bad people are like 100% bad. There are not any good in them. They are just rubbish that its better too kill them, than too lets say give a new them a chance or let the police fix the problems. So when this elderly man take revenge, you feel no sympathy with the one he wipes out. And as in the death wish movies you are pleased when the scum are whipped out.

Offcourse in the real world its not as black/white as in this movie. But the movies tell a good story about how it is too live in a neighborhood that are destroyed by gangs. And it tells about the hopelessness that a man can feel - and that its this that makes you turn out and do the "right thing".

The movie is good made, and its also interesting too follow the development in the policewoman as well. And as in death wish, they do not punish the man that take away the "scum" by him self.
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Hidden (2009)
A well made horror movie
10 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I think the movie was good. He actor Kristoffer Joner played the role as Kai Koss really good and made us all believe he was terrified all the time. We learn from the very start that his mother was quite the same like Josef Fritzl and he is back home after her death.

The music in the movie is very nice and makes us afraid at the right time. The camera-shots are great and the scene we see in the movie are very well done.

I think the other actors play well also, but it is a bit annoying that we don't learn too understand who they are. Like the woman that works at the hotel. Who is she? We never learn. And why does the policewoman give Kai Koss a new chance so many times and what did she know about his childhood? Who that makes all the murders is not totally clear after the movie. I guess its a bit up to what you think yourself. I have my theory. Thats symptomatic for the movie, because its quite psychological.
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Cold Prey 2 (2008)
I jumped in the cinema
25 October 2008
I jumped in the cinema chair many times. This movie is as good as the first, and that don't happened too often with movies that follow ups. In this movie the horror takes place in a hospital that is shutting down. The "snowman" that we thought was killed in first movie wakes up at the hospital and horror once more brakes out. I think the actors does a very good job, and you get close to the characters just like in the first movie. In this movie we get too know a bit about the "snowman", and if it comes a third movie, maybe we get too learn even more. Who that will survive in this movie you just have too go and see for your self.
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