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White Rock (1977)
A wonderful combination of documentary and entertainment
28 May 2006
I saw this film at the cinema, I already had the Rick Wakeman album and needed to see the film that went with the music. It turned out to be a magnificent combination, James Coburn's wonderful narrative, the different events of the Winter Olympics and the musical interpretation of the sports. The film was so memorable that I can still "see" the film when I hear the music, 30 years on. I've been trying to obtain a copy of this film, to no avail, this seems to be one of many minority interest films lost in the dusts of time. If anyone can advise on how best to obtain a copy of this film, it would be much appreciated. The Luge was exciting, I remember leaning in my seat, figure skating was beautiful, RW's music matched to perfection. The bobsled got the adrenaline flowing, I was there with them! I can't remember the ice hockey and the biathlon was OK, the 90 metre ski jump, something else!When one considers that this was made before the modern miniaturised cameras and videotape the effects were all the more enthralling. I still listen to the soundtrack, but it's not quite the same as seeing the film. The combination of an action hero and a progressive rock musician with a sporting spectacle were for me one of the best films of the 70s, I remember it well because it was one of the very few occasions I was tempted to go to the cinema as a student.(The other films were Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, Yessongs and The Aristocats)
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Great Series
5 January 2006
I remember this on TV, is it available on Video or DVD? John Woodvine is an impressive actor. I'm also interested in finding a film version of Arturo Ui, Le Petomane, Mr Axelford's Angel, and many other great films / TV from this era. Remember Diana Dors in Queenie's Castle? Anyone recall the Space Adventures of Don Quick? How about White Rock, commentary by James Coburn, music by Rick Wakeman? Back to Knights of God, not only was John a good actor, the storyline was impressive, one of those that sticks in my memory, like Fatherland, Bedford Incident, A Very British Coup, Defence of the Realm and more recently the Day Britain Stood still, there was also a sci-fi about a post apocalyptic England, No Blade of Grass or something like that.
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