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Dr. Ken (2015–2017)
As a Nurse....
10 October 2015
The pilot was painful. I couldn't get thru it. Typical sitcom shtick that I am not a fan. I am more of the Arrested Development variety.

However, As a Nurse (if you saw the 2nd episode you might get the reference) I find a lot more humor in the 2nd episode. Perhaps it comes from my being in health-care and seeing the US health-care system and arrogant doctors skewered. The 2nd episode was much more enjoyable.

I'm going to keep watching. I think the early reviewers jumped the gun reviewing off the pilot. Pilots are always rough and rocky. They rarely show the true potential.

I <3 Ken Jeong.
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Oblivion (I) (2013)
Amalgamation of prior sci-fi
22 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Hopefully at this point this isn't a spoiler: If you like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Independence Day, and especially Moon, mixed with a tsp of Sleepless in Seattle and a dash of Mad Max you should like this movie.

I don't think I missed any of the recipe. Maybe a little Tron Legacy for the styling that isn't almost directly from 2001. I almost forgot WaterWorld for the collection of trinkets of the life that used to be.

I liked it, even though it was Tom Cruise. They copped out with the use of the "F" Word at the end. It could have been so much more eloquent, even a "See you in Hell, Sally" would have been better. And I love gratuitous use of the "F" Word (see Ted and The Departed for excellent use of the "F" Word).
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Super Password (1984–2014)
Super Password is out of this world!
9 November 2007
The AllStar Celebrity Edition with Carol Channing, Dick Martin, Betty White and the Legendary Lucille Ball was some of the funniest television I have ever watched and I have watched all three seasons of Arrested Development twice. Anyway, all 5 episodes from their week were on Game show network. It was truly hysterical to watch them all interact and see Bert try to herd them along thru the game. It was like s pying on old friends playing a game in their living room. It was also the first time I got to see Tom, the puzzle changer. That was pretty cool too. I'm sorry I deleted the episodes off my TiVo. It would have been fun to watch again.
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