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Eric Striffler and Paul Gabriellini Give Us They're Incredible Short Film "It Happens Fast"
23 March 2013
It Happens Fast...quite literally(only about 5min in length but it was perfect), Paul Gabriellini stars as The Inventor, who has created something that may cause terrible things to occur,or maybe they have already started. This is an incredible short film by Eric Striffler,the camera work,the cinematography,the setting,the acting was phenomenal. Paul gives a performance that without spoiling anything,shows us the range he can go forward with and it's not an easy task,and I'll leave it to that. I've actually gotten very interested in doing short films and this helped me see what things I can do and I have nothing but thanks to give to Eric and Paul. I highly recommend that you watch this short film,it's incredible, I'm giving it a 9/10.
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