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The Amazing Spider-Man (1977–1979)
this show should be on DVD
27 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
the amazing spider-man TV series had had 15 episode's all together and did not last that long as a live action series it was shame as nicholas hammond wanted the incredible hulk and spider-man to team up but it never happened, the series did have its comic book moments j.j shouting at parker robert f simon was great as jameson he had the voice. aunt may was played by irene tedrow and was terrible as aunt may in the first episode she is constantly moaning at peter to take his pills for his allergy some of my favourite comic book moments spider-man's web shooter is broken and he goes to a taxi and ask' him to take him home the taxi driver refuses because spider-man has no pockets in his costume spider-man jumps on top of Capt. Barbera's car and puts his head down to speak to him, spider-man gets cloned and at the end j.j is dressed in a spider-man costume and capt barbera arrests spider-man but it not the real spider-man its jameson in the costume
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following the success of the max headroom show
19 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
this show was max headroom's 3rd show what i mean by this is that it was max headrooms own show's but this time it was made by an American TV station cinemax in 1987. This show was a talk show with no music and had 6 shows and max had interviews with William shatner,grace Jones Ron Reagen, the show had a jingle to say what show numeber it was and how many shows are left the jingle went like this its the first guest on the show and 5 more to go these show were funny but not as good as max headroom other two shows which he had out in 1985/86

in 1985 max headroom had a music show with 1 guest on most of his shows and the show was more music based then anything else this show had six show.this show was made in the uk by carlton television on channel 4

in 1986 max came back with a new show and max sings this is my new show and has an audience this show was also made in the uk and max interviewed film stars the first show had michael caine as a guest it was a very funny interview

i hope everything max did comes out on DVD these 3 shows. the max headroom uk movie,the uk movie extended version,the max headroom TV series,the coke ads,the radio rental ads,the David lettermen,terry wogan interview and anything else max did i also would like to see any parody's of max to the best one's i remember is the one's done y bobby davro he looked just like him as for the other back to the future etc are OK but not as good as bobby
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Spider-Man (1981–1987)
this cartoon show should be on DVD
19 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
this cartoon was one of my favorite's in the 80's and still is now i know the show only had 26 shows and should have lasted longer i thought ted swartz was great as spider-man. Dan Gilvezan was'nt that good as spider-man, ted should have been in spider-man and his amazing friends this show had peter working at the daily bugle most of the characters from the comic are in this show. this show had a six part story that had doctor doom being the main villain spider-man teaming up with captain America vs the red skull was a great episode this show has hardly any credit ted gets no credit for being great as a spider-man voice spider-man and his amazing friends was made as a rival for marval against dc comics superfriends spiderman teams up with prince namor captain America and others
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Max Headroom (1987–1988)
every thing max did should be on DVD
19 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
there are so many good shows that should be on DVD and are not why, max should be on DVD this start's of with a remake of the original uk movie which was brilliant. there are two versions of the uk movie the 60 min version and a 100 min version which is the same movie it has more of max and music video's it an half hour show edited in to the movie the 100 min version was made for the us so the us can understand why max had his own show

the remake had some change's one of them is bryce he turns out to be a friend of edison's and not a little brat like in the uk version we don't see big time TV until later, the ending is different max stay's with network 23

its a shame the uk movie was never continued as uk series i would have loved to have known what happened to network 23, max with blank reg and bryce,grossmen or the us version just continue from the uk pilot the series as very good but it lost what the uk version has i think what i liked about it was it was in the future and there are not many shows around like this maybe we might see a new max headroom TV series or movie or even see max v j ing again one day
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every thing spider-man did should be on DVD
19 December 2005
this was good but not as good as the solo spider-man cartoons of the 80s these cartoons we never or hardly see the daily bugle why Ted Swartz never did do the voice of spider-man in this show is strange as this show was i think a follow up to the solo series of spider-man in the 80's though i did like the x-men as guests and seeing spider-man in the danger room other guest stars in show were the incredible hulk Dr strange prince namor captain America, x-men. some of the best shows here are the origin of the spider-friends the origin of firestar the origin of iceman. and my favourite along came a spider(spider-man's origin) for me tells spider-man origin the best out of all the spider-man cartoons

i hope these will be on DVD soon
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Max Headroom (1985 TV Movie)
there is also an extended edition to this movie
16 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
i have two versions of this movie the first one is just the 60 minute version the second uk version is the same movie with extra max headroom dialog and music videos when blank reg firsts puts on max in the big time TV bus max and reg talk and dominique says he could have his own show max starts to play music videos. there are music videos by squeeze,xtc,queen,the vapours, the untouchables, my favourite video here is making plans for nigel, just before grosmen says get me bryce max plays a music video by the untouchables free your self you see more max telling jokes(very funny) and extra scene's of theora and Edison i hope one day every thing max did will be on DVD, its a shame this was never followed on as a uk TV series and let us see what happened to network 23 etc instead it was remade in the us the series was good but the uk stands out far better
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The Max headroom show should be on DVD
10 December 2005
this is max headroom's first show that was made by UK TV station channel 4 back in 1985 the show was on late at night for half an hour every week. max had a guest star on most his show's in the first series of his shows and told a lot of jokes and played music video' guest star's on the show was sting, nick Rhodes Simone Lebon, Roger daltry,boy George, max played some strange video's to like rat on a budget and it had people eating rat burgers, another one was someone singing about Germans,a reggae version to the coronation street theme, other great one were by Paul Hardcastle,Squeeze,this show had six shows.

the second show came out from the UK TV channel 4 in 1986 called again the max headroom show this time though it the show had max in a bigger studio with a audience max headroom talked to them as well. this show was more of a talk show then a music show max interviewed Michael Caine,Howie Mandel,jack lemmon,oliver reed,Tracey Ullman,Jackie Collin's,Rutger hauger,Vidal Sassoon this show had eight shows max did play music videos on this show but not as many as his first show i think the Michael Caine interview is very funny out of all the interviews max did

Christmas 1986 max did an half hour special and had a lot of guests and he did a lot of singing bob geldof,Tina turner,robin Williams guest starred on this show

the third show of max headroom was made by the us channel cinemax this show was called the original max talking headroom show and was not as funny as his UK shows this show had no music and max had two guest on each of his half hour shows william shatner, grace jones, guest starred and this show had six shows

i hope everything max did comes out on DVD which includes these four show's max headroom the UK movie and the UK extended movie, the us TV adventure series, the David lettermen interview, terry wogan interview,the coke ads, the UK radio rental ads,the sweep stakes ad. the music video by the art of noise paraniomia, the red nose night 1989 which max was in

i have all these but i would love to see these on DVD and have them in box set in crystal clear picture and sound with extra's
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