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Interesting Southern Gothic, complete with its clichés
4 April 2007
Why is it that all stories regarding the South have to have at least one character who is mentally challenged? Oh well, at least Jack Warden was convincing.

Predictably dreary directing by Martin Ritt (Hud; Hombre).

Brynner was definitely out of place as the lead, but Georgia native Woodward was right on target.

British actress Margaret Leigton was terrific. She's another reminder that even in the 50's, some of Hollywood's best were skinny, chain-smoking women from across the pond. Some things never change, I guess.

The print I saw on INHD was in excellent shape. I wonder why this hasn't been released on DVD.
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CGI and Cruise save Earth!
29 June 2005
1. Average guy gets dumped by wife, probably because Tom is ambiguously gay. 2. Cruise obtains his own kids from his ex for weekend. 3. Aliens invade. 4. Cruise steals van and scenes. 5. Cruise drives away from aliens. 6. Bodies pile up; CGI takes over the film. 7. Cruise's van gets stolen by a large, angry lynch mob. Tom mutters, "I wish I'd stopped at "Losin' It!" 8. Aliens get closer; Dakota Fanning screams a lot. 9. Cruise builds a tent, which film audience mistakes for a shelter. 10. Cruise converts all the aliens to Scientology. 11. Spielberg recommends Tom see a shrink. 12. Ebert dumps on the film, gives it two stars. 13. Siskel comes back from dead, gives it one star. 14. the end
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Idle Roomers (1943)
Very funny Stooges effort
4 November 2004
This was made right before Curly's health started to fail.

There are several very good moments:

*The "flying" radio. *Curly blowing on a trombone, trying to soothe the beast, only to make it angrier. An entire band sound comes out of the horn. *The wolfman hurling the trombone at Curly. The instrument gets bent around Curly's head from the impact. *Curly and Moe hiding from the wolfman, then getting spooked by some little lap dog. *Curly and the wolfman at the broken mirror. *The Stooges and Lupe flying out of the elevator shaft at the movies' climax.

Overall, typical solid effort from Del Lord and the boys.

Seven out of ten.
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