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21 & Over (2013)
Not So Good
9 March 2013
I swear I've seen this movie before! Maybe it's the similar scenes from The Hangover, or the similar characters from Project-X? Whatever it is, I don't like it. There's no originality in this film. It's probably because the people who wrote The Hangover (Jon Lucas, and Scott Moore) directed this 93 minute comedy. It's about a 21 year old (Justin Chon, best known for Twilight) and his two friends (Skylar Astin, best known for Pitch Perfect, and Milles Teller, best known for Project-X) who celebrate the most important birthday of a person's life. Unfortunately his birthday falls on the eve of a job interview. You can probably guess what they decide to do...
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9 March 2013
You may think you know the story of Jack And The Beanstalk, but you won't know the whole truth until you see Jack The Giant Slayer. Staring Nicholas Hoult as Jack, and Eleanor Tomlinson as The Princess, this 114 minute adventure is for the whole family. It's not as dark as the other fairy tale movies such as, Snow White And The Huntsman or Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters. It's about a young farmer who accidentally grows a beanstalk which connects his world and another world. Not knowing much of the beanstalk Jack volunteers to help. Directed by Bryan Singer, best known for the X-Men films, gets to add another great film to his collection.
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Don't Waste Your Time Or Money
24 February 2013
Beautiful Creatures is a wanna-be Twilight. Instead of a vampire wanting to be all noble and an awkward mortal, it's about a witch (Alice Englert) who chooses good over evil and a corny southern boy (Alden Ehrenreich). They're both in high school with the same interest in literature. It's 124 minutes of romantic fantasy, no action what so ever! I don't know what Richard LaGravenese (the director) saw in this, I think he was blinded by the possibility of this movie becoming the next saga franchise. I'm not blaming the actors, I'm blaming it on the casting. The reason I gave it a 1 and not a 0 is because of the special effects, they were pretty good. The reason I saw it was because a friend told my fiancé that Alden Ehrenreich reminded her of me. The only way you would like this movie is if you're a 12 year old girl who desperately misses Twilight. And if your wondering, I like Twilight.
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Better Than Expected
24 February 2013
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is an action packed film. Based on the popular fairy tale, the director (Tommy Wirkola) brought it to life. Starring Jeremy Renner as Hansel, and Gemma Arterton as Gretel. This brother and sister duo goes from innocent little kids to kick-ass bounty hunters. They travel from village to village killing every witch in their path. As easy as that sounds, their biggest mission lies ahead in the village of Augsburg, a town that has "witch" written all over it. And just because this is a fairy tale, doesn't mean its for kids, it's actually for a mature audience. After you see this 88 minute non stop action thriller you wont look at the fairy tale the same.
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Funniest Movie In A Long Time
23 February 2013
Identity Thief is a comedy filled with exciting scenes and memorable quotes involving two people, Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) and Diana (Melissa McCarthy) that would have never met, until Diana steals Sandy's identity. We all know how important credit is and Sandy is not going to sit around and watch his hard earned credit go down the drain. He travels cross country to bring Diana to justice. Diana is not the kind of person who "rolls over and dies," she doesn't give up without a fight. The director (Seth Gordon) sticks to his style of comedy, like Horrible Bosses, also starring Jason Bateman. Some scenes are drawn out in this 111 minutes, but that shouldn't stop you from seeing this movie. Besides you might learn a thing or two on keeping your identity safe!
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Argo (2012)
Very Good
22 February 2013
Argo is a suspenseful drama, based on a true story, back in 1979, in Iran. Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck), a CIA specialist helps rescue six staff members of the United States embassy from a craze country that just lost their leader. As serious as the situation is, the director (Ben Affleck) is able to "loosen up" the audience with humorous quotes from his cast / costars, John Goodman, who plays John Chambers, a famous make-up artist, and Alan Arkin, who plays Lester Siegel, a famous movie producer. Like most of Ben Affleck's films, Argo is 120 minutes and is timed perfectly with no drawn-out scenes, or rushed actions. Even though this story was told in 1981, on a television-movie, Escape From Iran: The Canadian Caper, you should still see this version.
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