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Sounded interesting, but actually pretty awful.
26 July 2006
I bought this movie off of ebay thinking it could be a well made viking movie made by actual Scandinavians, but I was wrong. Now I regret watching because it was so awful. The cinematography was uninspired, the acting was OK, and the action boring. Never once do you get to see the harsh and beautiful Icelandic landscape (I've been there), only the shore and the vikings' huts. There are some interesting characters, but they were never developed. The Irishman seems like a sadistic killer since he seems to kill every viking he meets, how could he know which ones pillaged his village? He even throws a knife into a guy's mouth as he yawns, what did that guy ever do to deserve that? The action was also terrible, the Irishman kills by throwing knives and never actually confronts his enemies. The vikings themselves use strange machete looking swords. If I wanted to make a film taking place in Iceland I would first show off the Icelandic landscape, create interesting characters who have motives, and then show more of the viking culture itself: the weaponry and armor, the religion, the sailing, the long-ships, etc. 'Revenge of the Barbarians' fails at all this and was a disappointment. If you want to see the Icelandic landscape I would recommend seeing 'The Viking Sagas,' which is a bad movie, but bad enough that it's entertaining. If you want to see something that's actually an interesting movie, though Hollywood, see 'The Vikings' or for something more lighthearted 'The Longships'. I haven't see this year's 'Beowulf and Grendel' but it sounds like an interesting film. See 'Revenge of the Barbarians' if you want to see how NOT to make a movie about the Vikings.
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Fascinating look at the President's house
10 December 2005
Nice update to the old video. Gives a good overview of the history of the White House and what goes on in some of the rooms that aren't open to the public. I'm not usually interested in history films like this but the White House is the most famous house in the US so it's pretty fascinating to get an inside tour. Lots of old footage and pictures to show the evolution of the house over the decades from its completion in 1800 to the present. Also recommended is "Within These Walls: A Tour of the White House Gardens and Grounds" by the same producer which shows the different landscapings and what goes into keeping the grounds as beautiful as they are. Recommended to anyone who's interested in White House history.
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