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Worth giving a shot.
17 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I would like to start by saying I enjoy these reviews and the productions the company makes. First the bad things are the tone the narrator uses during the reviews, and the volume of the voice in them. Unless you have a higher volume, its usually hard to hear and sometimes intensely quiet or loud without warning. Most people have trouble understanding whats being said, and tend to get annoyed with them because of this.

I really only decided to leave my opinion after seeing that unfortunate review about how "The star wars prequels are works of art" above me with 3 stars. Its obvious this review wont be winning any awards, but you can at least take note to how many times fans have seen this review; compared to the actual star wars prequels.

The review itself is based in sections, such as characters, story, ending sequencing, tone, and so on. He uses a lot of facts and examples from successful movies in the past and compares them to the style The Phantom Menace was created in. If you saw the prequels when you were younger, and can't tell what you don't like about them, then you might enjoy these reviews. They do a great job at carefully helping people understand the short comings of the script, filming, directing, editing, and screen writing of these movies.
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