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The title is just to fool you into watch a lame romantic film
17 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I only give this a 3 strictly because there were some truly laugh out loud moments in the film, but the ending is just horrible. If you were like me thinking you were about to see a kick-ass action flick the beginning of the movie does the trick. Sitting in your sit like thinking "yeah this is getting good" midway through the film it gets away from all of that and just when you think that there's gonna be like some awesome boss battle at the end of the movie or something the only thing he has to battle is himself and the fight for love. ugh so corny. Great kid's film play it for a little girl or something though because a boy would not like this film nor do I think you would want a little boy to watch this. The female lead is a very beautiful woman. The acting is OK. I'm just angry because it was in the action-adventure section in netflix and i just got suckered into watch a lame ass romantic-comedy-ish film. If your looking for a cheesy action adventure movie do not watch this film repeat DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM IS YOUR LOOKING FOR A SUPERHERO MOVIE. The ending oh my god.. don't get me started. I created this profile just to review this movie and possible save you an hour and a half of wasted time.
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