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You are in the middle of 3D horror!
16 January 2009
That's right. The moment you put on those 3D glasses and view the film out of curiosity about how cool this 3D flick could be, you've just walked in the middle of a horrifying two hours taken from your time. Your expressions and reactions to the film may become realistic. If you hadn't flinch, dodge, swing, "touch", kick or what not, then I think you may be Tom...

On the entertainment part, this was great work done to this movie. You just don't know what to expect at any given time. The fun part about having on the 3D glasses is that you're the witness. You're standing in front of everything that's going on. Either you're brave or you can be bold. Or else the horror... will leave you frightened...

Well worth seeing. Watching such a 3D movie is like never seen before. I hope we can get more 3D inspired movies in the future, and hopefully someday, 360-degree movies.
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The 3rd is word.
29 May 2006
Did I regret buying tickets to see this movie? Hell no. Every minute was worth it. Cool characters in this one- Juggernaut and his amazing size, the Morlocks with cool powers and stunts, madding Magneto and the psychotic powers Jean claimed. Oh, goodness! Beast! Let's welcome Beast to the show.

Talk about stunts and effects, this action-packed movie will glue you to your seat out of shock. You'll be amazed by the professional effects that were input in the film.

I like the idea of keeping the characters to their original ways from the comics, it's classic!

Great story, cool characters, fun and packed with action. X-Men III the type of movie you watch over and over.

Come on DVD, I'm ready.
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Def Jam Fight for NY (2004 Video Game)
Great story, sad ending.
8 March 2006
Def Jam: Fight for NY is a great game, and it's not short. Beginning in story mode, you have to train yourself to get stronger and face bigger, better fighters. During the long adventure, you'll start to build fame and gain a good reputation. At the end, those who hated you will have joined your side. To me, the ending feels sad because you started off unknown to the community and you've now became the true warrior- forever, with a well known standing name. Your once enemies are now your troops.

However, I think the producers lacked on the ending. So much movie clips in the beginning and so little in the end.

Graphics- Very clean and smooth. Frame skip is excellent and rarely any slowdowns.

Sound- Ouch! Do you hear all that bone-crunching and snapping? High quality sound effects makes you feel it!

Music- Sadly 25 artist tracks in the game.

Gameplay- Challenging to learn. That's why there's a gym to train you to become a pro in no time.

Replay value- Very high. If you love hip hop artists and movie stars and like to see them fight one-on-one, Def Jam is very fun to play. Over 30 characters and lots of stages to choose from. Some stages got rules like- Ring out, subway match, burn 'em and window match. Can't go bored.

Overall rating- 8/10.
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Train Simulator (2001 Video Game)
Experience the Steam, Diesel, Electric trains.
16 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Alright! So you finally get to sit in front of your computer with all the responsibilities of operating a train, eh? You're the driver, no one else. Make up a schedule, select a route and begin driving.

You can select any station you want to being at. When you start, the train is in park mode- which means you must be familiar with the pressure gauge, brake system, throttle and so fort in order to move the train. There are lots more involved when you're operating the steam train.

Select the time you desire- 7:00am will be sunrise, 12pm will look like it's midday and 6pm will be sunset, etc. The time is clock-based, so you'll notice changes in the day. Drive at 7:00pm for an hour and you'll realize it's getting dark at 8:00pm.

Choose a route or drive your own way. When driving, you are able to switch tracks that takes you to different places. Be careful and look ahead! You may want to avoid switching into a track that leads to a parking lot, which is the dead end. Believe me, I have a lot of fun switching into an express track and drive for some miles into another town.

The sounds, however, are not as realistic as the rest of quality in MSTS. Every sound file are as short as 3 seconds which makes everything totally repetitive and annoying. You can correct these sad sound files by getting upgrades for Microsoft Train Simulator. Some of the trains engines sound okay, but only to a certain point. I'm very impressed with the horns in the trains. You can hold down the horn button forever and you won't hear a bad loop. The horns fade in and out like the real trains.

AI. In some routes you'll see other trains driving by or stopping at stations. You'll also discover the detailed city you're in with moving cars and trucks, planes flying and deer in the tracks. Rail road crossing signs, traffic lights and switch signals are all functional.

Approach bridges, tunnels, subways, uphills, downhills, backwoods, mountains, cross-tracks and lots more. There are lots of activities to do including some missions, favors or just to explore the world. You can connect or disconnect cars from the train and drive a solo diesel. Add more passenger cars for a rush hour service, do whatever you want.

Microsoft Train Simulator gives you a taste of everything!
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Z. Z. Za. Zelda! Game Boy!
6 January 2006
Very big adventure game on a small hand-held system, which is great, because your hands will be glued to the hand-held for some couple of days at a time. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening brings you so much to your hands. Starting from the beginning of the story when Link's boat crashed, you must work your way up to finding a sword and go out on a long adventure.

I remember when a friend from High School introduced this game to me. The day I played Zelda on Game Boy, I had to buy new batteries every other day, refusing to put the Game Boy aside for once. The Legend of Zelda on Game Boy was one fun experience I will never forget.

Gameplay- 8/10 Sound- 10/10; Those lovely melodies will make you remember!!! Funfactor- 9/10
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Super Mario World (1990 Video Game)
Best Mario game, ever!
4 January 2006
Super Mario Bros. (1985) on NES was amazing. Endless excitement through challenging levels and cool music to keep you up and going. The next two sequels were great as well, but it was in 1991 when Super NES gave the opportunity to game designers to take full advantage of better sound and graphics. Super Mario World was one of those games! Super Mario World has outstanding graphics, sound and control in the game play. Much more enemies and traps were added to this game keeping the same world concept of Super Mario Bros. 3, where you are allowed to complete levels in each world and go back. This powerful release on Super Nintendo quickly sold millions as fans had never experienced such a powerful, action-packed Mario game in history.

Introducing, Yoshi. Yep, a green dinosaur who is Mario and Luigi's friend- feed him berries to get bonuses, use him to cast enemies out your way and use Yoshi to walk through hard to reach areas. Alternatively, there are other color Yoshis that do different things than the green Yohsi.

Overall- Super Mario World is great and still holds it's trophies to this day.

Music- Very calming, jazz with a twist of calypso and a dash of salsa. Koji Kondo made wonders in the music of Super Mario World.

Graphics- Excellent background design, character details and smooth motion. All colors are well put in this game.

Sound- No more harsh synthesized lead sounds when jumping or skidding. Super Nintendo allowed quality rendition of sounds, hence, bringing more excitement to what you hear while playing.

Controls- Very convenient and responsive on the call. The two top buttons on the Super NES allow convenient left and right scrolling in the level, allowing you to see what's ahead. Pressing the select button on pause takes you out the level, as a lifesaver. One new feature added to the Mario game.

I love Super Mario World. I will love it forever, and ever. I'll be playing it even when I have great grandchildren.
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Daytona USA (1993 Video Game)
So good, so original.
29 June 2005
I love Daytona in the arcades. It's a quick and easy set up, high-speed stock car racing game. You could challenge up to 8 players. Select three different courses from Easy, Medium and Hard and put the pedal to the metal. Drift corners at maximum speed according to your skill. Gain complete control over your stock car with Manual Transmission. If you're a true pro, you will need no brakes, at all!

I think Sega has done the best thing ever, releasing this powerful racing game that'll attract almost anybody! Race with some friends, crash each other into the walls or if you've been overlapped...make a u-turn and race the opposite direction, hoping to put a stop to the winning racer! Daytona USA is so much fun, you'll refuse to let go the steering wheel without a fight.

In 1994, Daytona USA was released in the arcade. Right after, a port was released on Sega Saturn. In 1995, Sega released a port on Windows-95. In 1996, Japan upgraded Daytona USA to "Daytona USA: Maxx", having all the cars on monster wheels and a turbo feature added. In 2001, a home version of Daytona USA was released on Dreamcast. In 2004, Sega upgraded the original arcade version of Daytona USA into "Daytona GTX: 2004 Edition", with nitro-charged racing cars and a system to hook up your car with points you earned.

Arcade- The best and original Daytona USA, yet. -Graphics: Very smooth run, cars have muscular wheels. 7/10 -Sound: Very realistic roaring engines. 6.5/10 -Replay Value: Moderately High

Saturn- Displeasing graphics, horrible release of Daytona. -Graphics: High in pixels and low in polygons, cars look like boxes. 5/10 -Sound: High quality CD soundtracks. 7.5/10 -Replay Value: Moderately Low

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There Are No Children Here (1993 TV Movie)
A picture of hard life...
22 June 2005
With no help from a working father, a mother of five children is left alone to deal with the hardships and struggles of life in a bad neighborhood.

Oprah Winfrey, as LaJoe, struggles to find a new place and to better the living for her children. Soon she had gotten robbed by a fraud contractor, directing her to a new home address that don't exist. Meanwhile, Lafayette follows the bad road. He hangs out on the street and roles with his gang members. Pharoah, the youngest brother, puts effort to getting good grades and stays out of trouble. John Paul aka. J.P., father of the children, loses his job and requests permission to stay with the family for a few days and trouble arises.

I think the directors of this film had a great concept for this story. Interesting story that takes place in a bad neighborhood. I've watched it many times and I'll continue to watch it.

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As real as possible!
20 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I'm tired of people thinking that MS Flight Simulator is "baah, just a video game. What, step on the gas and lift the plane in the air, wheeeee". Flight Simulator is a realistic, virtual airplane on your computer. Like being in the cockpit, you're sitting behind your screen with all the controls and responsibilities like a Captain.

In Flight Simulator 2004, you select the weather condition you desire. Select the amount of clouds you want, the wind speed, rain, t-storm, snow, blizzard, morning, day, night or real time- whats outside the real world! Select the weather temperature you feel like putting your aircraft through. Hot and cold temperatures effect the engine performance differently, so know how to mix the fuel while flying and how much RPM is necessary. Or you can eliminate all that trouble through options and fly simple.

If you're really interested in flying and learning about aviation, use Flight Simulator as a course. If you think Flight Simulator is some video game, I bet you wouldn't be able to taxi to the runway, take off, and fly successfully. I bet you didn't know that all parts on the aircraft- wing flaps, rudders, spoilers, hydraulics, reverse thrusts, engine fuel mixing, exit doors and many, many more, are fully functional and have effect to your cruising.

Flight Simulator 2004 has a major increase on the previous release (Flight Simulator 2002). Operating the aircrafts has gone far more real and the AI traffic has improved.
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The Grid (2001 Video Game)
The best 3rd-person shooter game ever made!!!!!!
17 February 2005
A 3rd-person shooter game which holds battle in an arena. The arcade control panel is equipped with a trackball on the right hand side, a fighter stick on the left hand side, a button for special moves and a numeric key pad. The stick has a jump and fire button. The Grid is very similar to Doom, Perfect Dark, Quake and Smash TV. Collect health kits, ammo and weapons to survive in an arena of up to 6 competitors. The winner with the most points is qualified to stay in the game while the losers have to put in more quarters.

Every character has their own default weapon and one special move. A special move takes ten seconds to recover before you're able to use it again. Regardless of a characters default weapon, you may pick up better ones laying around the arena. Some good weapons are flame torches, bazooka cannons and flash cannon rockets. These are instant kill.

There are about 15 arenas (to my knowledge). Some arenas have functional traps like a large fan laying in the middle of X-Fan Castle, where a player can find a big switch and step on it. The switch temporarily turns the fan on and any players standing on it will be airborne. This gives a player the chance to senselessly shoot his opponents. Another good stage is the Electro Blast. Anybody standing in the water can instantly get electrocuted when a player steps on the switch. But if you're looking for a real challenge, try Track Attack. A huge ball, probably 30 times your size, is circling on a race track around the entire stadium. Try avoiding this gigantic ball or you'll be crushed.

The fight is managed by "The Host". Despite his geeky appearance, his announcements and commentary during the game is what intensifies the excitement and propels everyone to win. But there may be only be ONE winner. So, if you've gotten blasted by a bazooka gun way across the arena and hear The Host criticizing you "Gerald got smashed!", you'll be provoked for some revenge towards your attacker, wouldn't you? Each time a contestant is defeated, he'll quickly return back to the game in a different location, like Perfect Dark (N64). A defeated opponent leaves cash behind. Collecting cash gives you special powers, like a Super-Charge and The Bomb, which blows up every player in the arena (including yourself) and gives you kill counts. Collecting certain amounts of cash unlocks secret characters.

At the character select screen, there is a unique code system that is used with the numeric keypads on your control panel. There are dozens of codes that allow you to play as secret characters, select arenas and more. You are able to create a personal account with your pin number. Each time you log on that account, you continue from where you left off. This is a good way of building up cash to unlock more characters.

There is a lot of gushing blood, arm and leg decapitation, head rips and torso rips. Even burning victims screaming for their life!

Overview- Essentially a mixture of sports and chaos into one TV show, where the audience watch and enjoy this thrilling war zone in an arena and commentary by a host, known as The Host.

Game Play- Totally awesome. Easy to control your character, spin in a 360 circle to look around, jump and shoot. You also have a map on the bottom of the screen to spot your enemies.

Sound- Very similar to Mortal Kombat 4, screams, grunts and gibberish talk. A loud chime sound plays each time you earn a kill point.

Music- Cool trance/freestyle during the match keeps you hyped. When time's about to run out, the beat sort of speeds up, warning you that the match is almost over. This is where the last fight gets ugly!

Overall- The Grid is a very exciting game that'll keep you drawn to it. You'll come back for tenths...even dozens of hundredths!

Cool tip- Want to unmask the Lin Kuei ninjas? No problem. Enter the code to play as a ninja, then enter a code to use the design team's heads. Pretty cool, huh?
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