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Motivating to get off the couch
6 February 2013
a good mix of building up some of the runners to feel attached...then some great coverage of the race on the volcano. there just could have just been a little more explaining on how BRUTAL this race is with some graphics showing vertical topography of the run...and a little more history of the run to even make the suspense stronger. Motivating film! great for ANY athlete. the interviews were just enough to get a feel of the runners. there could have been a bit more info on the area and community. the filming and catching of some of the KEY moments of the run made it much more suspenseful, but there also could have been a little more commentary to where athletes stood in place, if they were catching the leaders and what the final results were like...almost like an Ironman show? (oops, did i just say that?) just coming from an athlete who enjoys the competition. Great Job! where is the next one?
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