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Great Movie, but the best of the year? I think not
28 February 2009
Let me start by saying that i really enjoyed this movie, I've always been a huge fan of Danny Boyle's work, and he didn't disappoint. Great feel good movie, beautiful visuals and fantastic performances (particularly from the younger actors). Its a definite DVD purchase. However this years best movie wasn't even nominated in the best picture category - the Dark Kight. I've always disliked the Batman movies, I actually hate the character! but this movie was clearly the years best. Look at the reviews across any of the movie databases, how can it be denied a best picture nomination? This years other nominations are heavy on performances & lacking story/direction or just too depressing to to be considered a contender by the Oscars. The Oscars decided the world needed a feel good movie in the face of the global economic problems and this was also a way to give Bollywood a small slice of the recognition its been robbed of for years.

Sadly, no other movie stood a chance amidst the hype Hollywood heaped upon this movie, a movie which was supposed to go straight to DVD!!!! Oh well, at least Wall-E won, shame this couldn't have been considered under the best picure category as this was also better than Slumdog.
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