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Chris Rock: Never Scared (2004 TV Special)
On children: Even roaches have kids
15 October 2004
Oh dear! a politically incorrect, Politically unfocused and finger-pointing humorist that scathes mostly the black American experience: Well that's as old as riots in the 'hood, and yet his twists and turns of that finger has white folks squirming too. In the wake of 9/11 it is an almost obligatory and disappointing side to his (and others) humour that he qualifies his tirades with: 'I love America......but" and so forth. This is Chris 'fourth HBO outing and he is as provocative and engaging as his fans could have hoped for. Its clear when he's off the mark as the audience waits respectfully for a truer hit. But these times are few and his charming vulgarity wins you over. Along with Richard Pryor & Eddie Murphy he proves to be one of the top three-black - if not American-broadcast stand-ups of today
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But... Seriously (1993 TV Special)
Show it in schools- NOW!
8 October 2004
A stark and brutally funny exposition of life as seen, lived and joked about by Americans. Starting in the midst of a post world-war boom, race, politics, poverty and hypocrisy are given the black & white then full-colour treatment. The use of gentle rebuke and scathing polemics by what must rate as a roll call of Americas finest comic talent is never less than gob-smacking. From Bruce's put downs of segregation and the role of a celebrity wife to Tringle's lampooning the furore over gays in the armed forces. From Eisenhower through to Bush senior, it runs true and righteous as cock- and stitch- and cover- all take on meaningful suffixes.

If you like your humour to be provocative and insightful then this is a must: If you like your humour the far side of "The Simpsons" then this is for you. If you are still in a state of shock over the demise of 'Friends' then- But...Seriously
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