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Only in the 70's
3 January 2017
So this morning I get up and remember I set my DVR for a show called The Girl With Something Extra. I was always a fan of Sally Field and figured I would give this show a chance. You see I was born in 1970 and being that I was just a little to young to remember this show I figured I would give it a try.

What a wonderful breath of fresh air this series is, Sally Fields talents are on display even in the first episode, it really shows why she is such a talented actress. And I must admit I was impressed with John Davidson, I mean I knew him as a singer but never had explored any of his acting credits.

I certainly will be looking forward to the rest of the series now that a network is taking the time to show some obscure series that unfortunately did not last to long. I just wish that there was more then 22 episodes. But boy am I looking forward to them.

Very rarely do I do a review of a series after only one episode but it certainly is a charming show.
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Gilligan's Island (1964–1992)
A Safe Kind of Wonderful...
27 April 2014
I have to say Gilligan's Island for me is one of those shows that bring's out the kid in me still. No matter how many times I see the antics of Gilligan and the group it just makes me feel as if I was a kid again running home from school to catch those reruns that seemed to never go away of Gilligan's Island.

Yes there are people out there who may not understand the show and it was certainly illogical of how many things that would have to of been stored away on the ship for a supposed three hour tour.

But the thing I take away from watching it as an adult now is there unity on the island. No matter what happened they always cared for one another and looked out for one another like a family.

I watched Rescue from Gilligan's Island recently that first reunion movie and took away one thing that was mentioned by the Skipper, he stated "It's not like were on the island where we trusted one another, this is civilization dog eat dog". And that so rang true to me, no it wasn't set in the real world but I think that's what we all look for is to just get along and put all our differences aside.

As much as they wanted off the island I think we as viewers wanted on just for the comfort of knowing that we are wanted.

Russell Johnson stated in his memoirs in a book from the show he wrote several years back that the show was a safe kind of wonderful for it's viewers, I think he was right about how we felt for the comfort of watching Gilligan's Island.

The reruns endure because the show was perfectly cast with Bob Denver as Gilligan, I think we would all like to be that child like still to hold on to it as if it were a warm summer day.

I love this show…
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Shock Waves (1977)
One of a handful of movie's that really freaked me out as a kid…
26 July 2012
Just watched it again today and it doesn't freak me out or scare me but still a very cool flick. The movie has some true atmosphere that so many movies are lacking now. Great electronic music score that just goes so well with the movie.

Saw this movie when I was like 9 or 10 on a Saturday afternoon matinée in around the late 70's when there were only three stations in my area in my small Texas town that I grew up in. After watching it, it completely left me in a sense of dread. I can distinctly remember riding my bike to a friends house and discussing it with a friend who happened to watch it as well and we made up a game long forgotten until today of re-watching it of us being attacked by the zombies and that we had to get away. It was probably during one of my summers off from school. Crazy memory to remember but like I said a long forgotten until today upon writing the review.

What else can I say, Peter Cushing is solid as always. Who else can have a scene talking about the totem corp and how they came to be and make it not sound completely nuts.

The rest of the cast is good, Brooke Adams and Luke Halpin carry the movie quite well.

I think what I truly take away from the picture is like I said it doesn't have the power to freak me out but still creep me out enough that it leaves me with a weird feeling afterwords.

True cult movie if there ever was one....
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Hunters of the Reef (1978 TV Movie)
Nice simple movie...
22 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First off I have not seen this movie since it was aired in rerun probably in the late 80's on TBS superstation or one of those cable stations that still showed the old TV movies of the week. It seems that all these simple movies of the week now are gone and if one comes around it's pretty rare. It took over 20 years of searching to find a copy of this movie and I was lucky enough to finally see it again.

There's no complicated movie here just straight storytelling. All the actors are familiar enough and they do an adequate job. It's the same old story of the underdog going against the rich. When I sat down tonight to watch it I had forgotten how bad of an opening song that it has and I thought OH GOD this is going to be nothing like I remember. But as I settled back and just watched the movie for what it is I really got into it. The movie has a nice laid back feeling to it. The only actor or actress in this case that really sticks out is Mary Louise Weller she was a beautiful woman. All the other actors are good here there's no bad acting. But there's nothing new here that you haven't seen before. Michael Parks plays a ship captain slash salvager of ships and it's a race to find a ship that can be salvaged and of course there are sharks all around. This movie was made a couple of years after another shark movie you may of heard of it, it's called Jaws. Some how I bet you know the movie. Also Peter Benchley's name was used here as far as his involvement in this movie I have no idea. I'm sure they used it to try and generate interest in the movie since it was used as a pilot for an intended series that didn't materialize. The one thing that I was lucky about was the copy that I purchased was quite good considering that this movie is quite rare.

I wrote about another made for TV movie quite some time back that's it's nice to know that some of the simple movies that were put out in the 70's are not lost even if they were put out on TV. I feel that same way here that even though it's no great movie it sure put me in a good mood. I enjoy these simple old Movies of the week they remind of growing up in the 70's when time seemed simpler.
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The Hunted Lady (1977 TV Movie)
The Fugitive with Donna Mills a Quinn Martin production...
30 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well I guess Quinn Martin thought if it would work in the sixties why not the seventies, I can see them now instead of a male lead lets have a female lead character and try to change up the story a little so she's on the lam trying to figure out how to clear her name. Hey that sounds pretty good and lets have her father perish so that gives her the motivation to see it through. Let's find a female lead that's quite likable but tough and head strong, hey with that we should have another hit show on our hands.

Well unfortunately it's all pretty straight forward after that. Mind you this pilot is not bad television making it just comes across as a very simple movie. Donna Mills is quite attractive in the lead role and she is certainly likable, tough and head strong it just never takes off. It must not have of gotten the ratings from it's first run that the series was never commissioned.

This pilot also has some good character actors in it Andrew Duggan, Geoffrey Lewis, Robert Reed from Brady Bunch fame kind of weird to see him fall for Donna Mills character but there all quite good in it. Also anyone who grew up in the seventies will see quite a few familiar faces. The plot is not overly complicated she gets mixed up with the mob they try to kill her and her cop partner and in the end frame her for killing her partner that's why she on the lam trying to clear her name. Her father played by Andrew Duggan winds up getting killed for not giving the mob the information on where she is. The first hour kind of sets everything up and the second hour tells her first story of winding up with characters in a small town where she is supposed to make a difference. The final scene of her walking down the road to what would of been the next town trying to clear her name and set up her next adventure. Well unfortunately will never know but if you run into the movie under it's title The Hunted Lady give it a look, it's above average with some capable actors so I still recommend it.
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Who's that werewolf?
15 March 2007
First off this was a movie I saw very young, I can still remember seeing it at a neighbors house during the mid 70's on a Saturday afternoon matinée and it scared the s*** out of me. The thing is I never saw it again growing up till about 5 years ago because I had forgotten the name of it. All I could remember was the werewolf break and every time I tried to find the name of it by mentioning it to coworkers they looked at me like I was insane and was making it up. So I set forth on my task on finding a copy just to make sure I didn't dream up the whole thing, checking at a lot of second hand stores looking thru videos for any werewolf movie and reading the synopsis on the back trying to figure out the name to this movie I looked and looked and finally while going thru some video's at a video store came across the title The Beast Must Die. Thinking that's probably not it either till I read the back of the box, look out for the werewolf break. I was ecstatic to say the least I found it awesome. I bought it right then and there took it home made some popcorn and sat down to watch it thinking it might still scare me as it did as when I was younger. As I watched it I felt I was transported back to when I first saw it at a young age. It did not frighten me as it did when I was young but it somehow filled a void in my life for horror movies and how much fun they can be. This was five years ago and this has become one of my all time favorite movies. I give it 10 stars because I think it deserves it the entire cast works well together and from beginning to end the movie is just a lot of fun. Peter Cushing is great in just about everything he's ever done and because of this little gem I just love some of the horror movies from the company that made this, Amicus is there name and there responsible for a lot of the horror anthologies that came out in the early 70's TALES FROM THE CRYPT, THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, ASYLUM. Oh and just to let you know a special edition DVD came out for this title and I highly recommend the DVD it shows the movie in widescreen and even shows a little more blood that was edited out of that old VHS copy I found. I still have it just for keeps though.
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The Initiation of Sarah (1978 TV Movie)
Never p... off Kay Lenz.....
23 January 2007
OK, I never saw this in 1978 or in any reruns but because I grew up in the seventies, I have a weird affinity for liking these made for TV movies of the week. This one turned out to be a lot of fun to watch. The acting is pretty good by all involved, Kay Lenz in the title role makes it believable and Morgan Fairchild is good as the queen b....., Morgan Brittany is lovely as ever and Shelly Winters is completely over the top in her scenes especially towards the end of the movie. (SPOLIERS) Story wise it's not strong, the movie itself is a little slow at the beginning of the movie and there are some things left unresolved at the end of the movie such as what happened to all involved but that does not distract from a fun movie. My copy was on an older tape and it was quite granny but it reminded me of the quality of the made for TV movies of the week back in the 70's. I say if your a fan of the TV movie's of the week you'll enjoy this one. OH, and buy the way if you ever meet Kay Lenz be nice to her you just never know what may happen.
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The Rat Patrol (1966–1968)
One of my all time favorite series...
20 October 2006
I am a child of the seventies having grown up in and around the time and as a kid I can remember this being on in the afternoon and played on Saturday afternoon's. Two of my earliest best friends in this world were named Korey and Coy and we would watch this with great enthusiasm being only age 7 to 9 years old. My father at the time owned a jeep and after the show aired we would go outside and play the Rat Patrol. I always seemed to pick Tully to play because he always drove the jeep and we would spend an hour or two just making up our own adventures as we went along. My memories of this are quite strong when I still watch this series as it reflects a time when I had no worries in the world. I am not a violent person because of this series even for all the explosions and gun play it just makes feel good to watch it and because of that it truly is one of my favorite series of all time.
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Not bad at all, and surprisingly spooky...
1 April 2006
Wow, I searched for this movie for quite some time till I came upon it on Ebay and took the time to buy it. I really enjoy obscure movies just for the fact that there hard to find but this one was a real treat. The movie is some what dated, and it does have that feel of an afternoon 70's special but what makes up for it are a simple story at it's core and some strong acting buy it's leads. Lois Nettleton and Bradford Dillman are quite good and bring quite a lot to the movie. (SPOLIERS) The movie starts out a little slow but builds to a nice ending with some nice touches of suggested horror, I like the witch story in the middle of the movie to try to explain everything that's going on, and the doll that the daughter hold's on to in the latter part of the movie add's to some nice atmosphere. A nice surprise ending add to the movie too. If you love made for TV movie's out of the 70's give this one a try.
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Why Bad movies Entertain...
25 November 2005
OK, I know this is no great movie, it certainly is laughable in places. Shatner hams it up so much in this movie it's almost painful. The rest of the cast does an adequate job with the material (nice to see Eddie Albert in something other than Green Acres), but for me this movie works. The story is not strong and they try to fill the movie out to a certain time just so it's at a theatrical length, it probably would have of worked better as a short story probably. The first time I saw this movie was on a Saturday afternoon in the late 70's, I was probably about 8 or 9 and the only thing that stayed with me was the ending, like so many others who have commented on it. With all the extras they had running around in the rain and there faces melting just freaked me out big time. I could not sleep for about a week after seeing it. Now that I'm older it doesn't scare me anymore but it has become a major guilty pleasure. The movie is just a lot of fun, it treads that bad weird movie to perfection and I guess that's why it's so well remembered by so many. Like it, love it, hate it, some bad movies will never die that's why it's still shown and that's why it's a cult favorite to so many.
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Cruise Into Terror (1978 TV Movie)
It's not great but I like it...
6 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, I had not seen this movie in a long time and I found it at a video store and rented it for less than a buck. You can't go wrong for that. Anyway I remember seeing this as a kid in the 70's when it first aired and it freaked me out big time. (Spoiler alert) When the sarcophagus is breathing after they bring it on board the ship and with the weird Egyptian chanting I found myself that frightened little kid when I was 8 years old. I guess it would be laughable to many people but it still worked on me. Anyway overall the movie is not that bad you have a simple plot, it's not overly complicated and you have a lot of familiar actors from the 70's who always brought something to what ever they did. An just to mention you have some lovely young ladies running around in bathing suits how could you go wrong. It's great late night fare when you have nothing better to do.
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Circle of Fear: The New House (1972)
Season 1, Episode 0
Good underrated TV horror anthology series...
25 July 2005
I was a little to young in the seventies to remember this TV series and even as a kid I was never really into horror movies or TV, But I have come to appreciate them as I've grown older. I started researching horror TV shows on the web and came across this series. It seems that everyone remembers the more popular horror TV series such as Thriller, Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits. All great in there own right. But it intrigued me to see some of the episodes of Ghost Story/Circle of Fear since it only ran a season way back in 1972 to 1973 to see if it was any good. So I typed it up on EBAY and low and behold there were episodes for sell. Well I took the opportunity to buy some, four episodes of the TV series and to my surprise they were great. I only have eight episodes total so far of the series run, 23 in all but the episodes that I do recommend that I have are "Elegy for a Vampire", "Time of Terror", "The Dead We Leave Behind", "The Summer House", "Dark Vengeance", and "The Phantom of Hearld Square". It really surprised me how well some episodes were and the guest stars that they got for the series are great Jason Robards, Stuart Whitman, Jodie Foster, Hal Linden, Mike Farrell, Martin Sheen to name just a few. Robert Bloch wrote one of the episodes and the series has a great horror atmosphere. I truly recommend this series to anyone if you love 1970's horror TV.
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Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981 TV Movie)
One of my favorite made for TV movies...
7 April 2005
First off I have to say this is one of the best scary movies ever made for television, hands down. This movie truly scared me the first time I saw it. In October of 1981 when this movie first aired I was staying with some second cousins on there ranch and we all stayed up to watch it. After it was over we watched the local news and went to bed, and boy I hardly got a wink of sleep the entire night. I can remember laying in the bed just staring around the room all thru the night thinking of the ending to this movie. I just kept thinking that scarecrow was coming into the room at any moment. Keep in mind that I said early I was on a ranch were there might actually be a scarecrow.

This movie stayed with me for a long time and I only saw it once more in the early 90's and even then much older I still got the creeps from it. About 6 years ago I was going thru the TV guide and saw that it was going to be on TBS and I took the time to record it. This movie still gets me every time that I see it. There is a great mood that is set right from the start with the opening credits and the music that is playing, and that mood never goes away thru out the movie. It is so surprising that this was a made for television movie. The performances that the actors convey, especially Charles Durning and Larry Drake are great. I mean you truly hate Charles Durning character so much that you want him to die. It shows how great of an actor he is. I wont give away the ending but I just love it, there is a great justice and truth that the guilty parties didn't get away with murder.

This is one of my favorite television movies of all time simply because I will never forget that first time I saw it. I have grown to love horror movies over the years and wish I would have of watched more of them when I was a kid in the 70's. I've noticed that a lot of the television horror movies out of the 70's and early 80's have quite a following.

There are a couple of people who have left reviews who say this movie is terrible and I completely disagree with them. I guess it goes to show that not everyone will love the same movie you love.
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Moon of the Wolf (1972 TV Movie)
I can't get this movie out of my head...
7 April 2005
Just like I said I can't get this movie out of my head.

First off I really enjoy this movie it's not bad at all. I love the way they use the location scenery to great effect. David Janssen was always a good actor and all the other actors do a good job. Of note Barbara Rush and Geoffrey Lewis do a really good job with there characters.

Why I like it so much ....(pondering).... It works, the story is simple it does not get overly complicated there is a nice touch of mystery and you do not find out who the werewolf is until the last 30 minutes of the movie. The only one problem is the makeup of the werewolf is not on the great side but I am pretty forgiving in that because I got into the movie. I love the way they actually took the time to work in some actual werewolf lore that makes it believable. I have to say I got my money's worth out of this movie because I have watched it 3 times since I bought it in the past six months. If you enjoy werewolf movies I recommend this movie to anyone.
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Dr. Strange (1978 TV Movie)
This movie rocks...
7 March 2005
I had first seen this movie years ago on Sci Fi only part way thru and thought of it often but never took the time to try to hunt down a copy. When low and behold I ran into it at a video rental store where you can rent movies for less than $1.00 for three days.

I cant believe how much fun this movie is, I truly love movies from the 70's and this movie has some major 70's fashion going on. I was surprised at how well the cast got into there roles from Peter Hooten playing Dr. Strange and Jessica Walter playing Morgan they both made the movie a lot of fun and the scene's that there in together are great. This is 70's camp at it's very best, the story is not as strong as it could be and the dialogue is a bit goofy at times but the actors bring the movie to life. Oh and I have to mention the lovely Anne Marie Martin she looks great in this movie what a beautiful lady.

There is another review on this movie that states the Greatest Superhero TV series never made and I have to agree. I wonder if the producers were hoping to go to series, because of the way the movie ends. It certainly had some great potential. I hope that some company takes the time to release the 70's marvel movies other than The Incredible Hulk (I do like the hulk to it's just better know than the Dr. Strange and Captain America and Spderman series of the 70's). The kid inside me from the 70's still loves these movies and I hope that some day they can be released on DVD.

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Hijack! (1973 TV Movie)
Not a Bad Trucker Movie...
7 February 2005
I have recently gotten into TV movies out of the 70's and been trying to track them down anyway that I can find them. I was fortunate to run across this on a compilation DVD at Suncoast with some other trucker movies.

Well on to the review, this movie does look dated because it was made in 1973, major league 70's fashion along with clothes,cars and even the eighteen wheelers that were used in the movie.(SPOILERS) The story revolves around two truckers who are offered a substantial amount of money to take a big rig from Los Angeles to Houston, Texas. Along the way a group of individuals try to stop them anyway they can even if they have to kill them to do it. The acting by the two leads David Janssen and Keenan Wynn are quite good and keep the movie going along. I was surprised at how well some things that were handled, along with the photography and stunts. The Dialog is not great but for a TV movie it was a nice waste of time as opposed to some of the major movies that are put out nowadays.

It's nice to know that some of the simple movies that were put out in the 70's are not lost, even if they were put out on TV.

It's not great but it's not bad either.
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Enjoyable after all these years...
5 December 2004
I had not seen this movie in over 10 years and I finally ran across it at a video store and decided to rent it on the hopes that I would still enjoy it. I saw this originally on a Saturday morning when I was still young in the early eighties and found it highly enjoyable. Still to this day I still love it. I know it's not comic genius, the characters are paper thin it is totally unbelievable in parts but if your ever in the mood for a simple movie that has some good laughs this is the one for you. This is probably one of my favorite guilty pleasures movies. It certainly not for everyones taste, but for me it's great. I hope that anyone who happens to catch it enjoys it as much. I hope it's released on DVD someday because I will certainly pick it up. On a side note this movie always puts me in a good mood.
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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (1973 TV Movie)
One of the Scariest movies ever...
4 December 2004
I grew up in the seventies but never had the chance to see this growing up. I have a great affinity for the made for TV horror movies of the 70's. I am so glad that I finally ran across a copy at a video store for less than a dollar. Great deal for a gem of a movie. I can't believe how well done this movie is, it definitely has that 70's quality to it but doesn't lack when it comes to originality. Has some truly creepy scene's and the makeup that they used for the creatures looks great. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves horror movies. On a side note I always watch horror movies in the dark and after it was over I took the time to look over my apartment and I actually got a chill down my spine(NO KIDDING)looking around in the dark. When a movie can do that to me at age 34 it definitely qualifies as one of the scariest movies of all time for me. Hope anyone who catches it enjoys it as much.
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